10 Hot Weather Hairstyles to Beat the Heat

While we all love the hot summer days, we certainly do not love the idea of having our hair and our backs dripping wet from all that sweat, the humidity creating that unwanted frizz in the locks that we would rather have tamed, and the pretty strands sticking to our foreheads and necks, down our backs. On the other hand, nothing beats incredible sunshine, a day spent on the beach, cycling through the crisp clean air, and simply enjoying a walk down the main street of downtown wherever you are. It is such a pleasant feeling to have the heat surrounding you, ice cream in your hands, wearing a skimpy bikini or simple shorts and a tee, being totally you in as little clothing covering you as possible.

Summer is all about fun, but sometimes that fun can find itself ruined when your hair is not looking right. There is something about a girl and always looking incredibly beautiful, so when she looks less than such, and that because of the intense heat wreaking all sorts of havoc on those locks of hers, we know she’s going to be furious and running into the coolest place possible to escape the mess that is made of her head. Truly, however, she can merely change her style and enjoy the warmth with as much gusto as any other person. That’s why we have come up with 10 awesome hot weather hairstyles that will make your summer looks a total breeze.

1. Look Incredible with the Everyday French Twist: This style is actually perfect with hair on any day, no need to have it a fresh wash. That in turn makes it super stylish with hot weather as well, when your scalp is sure to begin sweating and your hair will be oily much faster, much sooner. This is a simple ‘do that looks positively chic, especially if you tease at the crown first and make it all messy and full of volume before smoothing it out slightly and gathering the hair from the sides to the back. Pin this in place, giving your crown a nice poof. Pull your hair to one side and pin over the first few pins. Now take that hair like in a ponytail and wrap around your hand, roll to your head and secure it into place. Pin inside the roll so it looks sleek from the outside.

10 Hot Weather Hairstyles: French Twist

2. The Perfect Messy Bun: This is a really fast bun that you make on top of your head, literally taking less than 10 seconds once you get the hang of it, and one that has such a chic easy and effortless look about it, you cannot find any fault here. Second or third day hair is best for this look as the added texture adds to its appeal. Comb your hair up into a ponytail with your fingers and not any other tool, before using two fingers to loosen up the hair at the place where you are holding it instead of a band and allow for more fly away pieces. Using the band to pull over the ponytail, but do not go in all the way, bunch up the hair into a ball and shove it through the band. Pull the hair tie over the knot that you’ve made and that’s it! Use a few bobby pins to keep it on place but that’s about all you need. You can add a bandana or faux flowers into your hair to spruce it up as well.

10 Hot Weather Hairstyles: Bohemian Messy Bun

3. The Messy Fishtail Braid: Fishtail braids are pretty awesome in general and it is a great way to pull your hair away from your nape. Two large pieces of hair in front of the head should be left loose, one on either side of the temples, while the rest is pulled back into a low ponytail and tied off with a clear elastic band. The ponytail itself should be separated into two pieces. Start braiding down your back fishtail style and tie off the end. Loosen each loop of the braid for a more effortless feel to it, before taking each of the strands left in front and twisting them, pulling them back and coiling around the first clear elastic band. Leave a few tiny strands to frame your face that you curl up nicely so that they give you a more innocent look overall. Voila!

10 Hot Weather Hairstyles: Messy Fishtail Braid

4. The Dutch Braided Updo: This is a quick style for those with curly hair as well, who want to keep the strands off their necks and backs. Dutch braid is great when the font looks good but the back is a mess. This braid just tidies things up nicely it seems. Make a deep side part and leave a few strands in the front to work on later. Take the section from the right side and split into three, beginning the Dutch braid, which is the opposite of the French braid. You do not cross over with this one, but go underneath. Keep adding hair to the sections you are using as you twist it under, angling it diagonally across to the side of the neck. Make sure you are not pulling too tightly as you want a more effortless and looser feel to the style. Finish it off as a regular side braid, fold it underneath and arrange for the small tendrils left loose to fall all around your face. This is especially nice when working with curls for the texture it gives, while you should make sure not to brush before you begin working on the ‘do.

10 Hot Weather Hairstyles: Dutch Braided Updo

5. The Fun and Flirty Double Braided Messy Bun: This one is positively gorgeous, albeit taking a bit more of your time than the rest explained here, but really it is still very quick. It works on fresh or super greasy hair, where you pull your bangs into a pompadour or just leave them down, as you wish. You should move in an inch from your front part, bring the line down diagonally. Dutch braid the bottom section and then turn into a regular braid when you reach the center of the head in the back and tie it off at the end before fluffing it out. Repeat with the top section of the hair as well, before you pull the ends as well as the rest of the hair into a pretty diagonal bun off the side of the head.

10 Hot Weather Hairstyles: Double Braided Messy Bun

6. The Chic Rolled Updo: This has to be the simplest of simple summer hairstyles there. All you really need is a headband you like and that fits your head comfortably, preferably with a wider elastic side to it. This gives a 1920s or 1950s vintage feel to any woman wearing it. Brush hair back and part it as you like it, place the headband over your head, pushing it down so it sits low and then begin taking 1-2 inch sections of hair and tucking underneath the headband, starting around your ear and moving to the center and to the other side. Bobby pins might help keep it in place.

10 Hot Weather Hairstyles: Rolled Updo

7. The Summer Braided Twist: This is an awesome look that is perfect for the beach or a stroll about town, even on a date! This one is best on medium cut hair, straightened or left wavy. Section of some of the hair from the middle of the part and begin a Dutch braid from one side, tying off with a clear elastic band. Do that again with the remaining hair underneath the first braid and then take the rest of the strands and twist over the two braids, securing with bobby pins and twisting around the ends so they are facing upwards or to the side, whichever way you like it best.

10 Hot Weather Hairstyles: Twisted Updo

8. The Volumized Ponytail for Short Hair: When you have short hair, there are not many summer hairstyles you can opt for. That is where this gorgeous look comes in handy. Second day hair is actually most ideal for this look, as you tease your crown and towards the sides of the head. Smooth out the top layer of your hair, hiding the rat’s nest before pulling up half your hair and pushing up from the back to create even more volume and criss-crossing bobby pins in place before tying off the rest of the little bit off hair. Loosen the sides and enjoy the retro look.

10 Hot Weather Hairstyles: Ponytail for Short Hair

9. Go Pretty with a Braid Wrapped Ponytail: This one is a really great side ponytail that is fun and trendy and totally alluring. Brush the hair to the side you want the ponytail to hang from, take small sections of hair from underneath, right on your hairline, sweep the rest of it back and split into triple strands to create a regular braid. Secure the end with a clear elastic band before bringing the rest of the hair forward and wrapping the braid around to form a pretty side ponytail. It is a very easy style that looks great and the braid can be held in place with two bobby pins if need be.

10 Hot Weather Hairstyles: Braid Wrapped Ponytail

10. The Elegant Twisted Updo: This one literally has you twirling hair strands around your fingers and coiling them in a pile at the back of your head to create a pretty updo. When pinned close together, it looks like you have created something really intricate but all it takes is 5 minutes and some bobby pins. Wrap a section of hair around your finger, keep twirling around until the root is reach and then you just wrap that twirl around itself and secure. Keep doing the same thing with all your strands and you will have a gorgeous look for the summer days to be partying in.

10 Hot Weather Hairstyles: Double Braided Twist

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Written by Tamar Najarian
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