Tricks for Applying Mascara To Get Pretty Bambi Lashes

We all know the story of Bambi, the lovely Disney movie that had us crying in so many scenes that we can rarely remember our lovely little animated deer without getting tears in our eyes. What we do remember best about the show, other than the poor mother’s death and a cute little bunny named Thumper, is the fact that Bambi had some pretty long lashes. Actually, we are probably still very envious of those lashes and that kind of jealousy over an animal, a 2 dimensional cartoon animal at that is rather unhealthy, really. That won’t be stopping us from trying these mascara tricks to get the perfect Bambi lashes for ourselves though!

Tricks for Applying Mascara To Get Pretty Bambi Lashes

As women, we always seem to have to look our best. It’s probably only in some Asian states where it’s considered normal for a man to be wearing makeup on the streets as well. Or you have to be part of the Emo group. You can also be a whole slew of different things, from an actor or model to a rock band member, but chances are that the average man will never be caught dead walking about with mascara on, let alone trying to perfect its application. Women, however, are a whole different breed and those without the mascara are often viewed as lazy or unfeminine, often not even considered sexy or pretty. Mascara does much to amplify the effect your eyes have in captivating those around you, so women are taught early to master techniques that would certainly give them those perfect Bambi eyes.

There are many ways to ensure that you get flawless lashes every time, and it has little to do about the mascara that you use and a whole lot more about how you apply the mascara itself. You can use a voluminous one, or one that doesn’t clump, you can go for a lengthening version and add conditioner underneath for plumper strands; you can do a whole lot with picking the product itself but there are quite a few hacks that work with any mascara you own to help you sate your need for Disney-perfect 2D cartoon style Bambi eyelashes.

So what mascara tricks can you use for better lashes?

1. Give the wand a near 90-degree bend: This helps with easy application, as you bed the tip while pulling the wand out of the tube. It should thus be perpendicular with the handle and become a lot easier to control, getting into harder to reach areas. It also helps reach all the little hairs when applying multiple coatings.

2. Use waterproof over regular mascara: Okay, this has to do with the product itself, but it is a neat trick! The waterproof layering over the regular mascara keeps the gunk in place, while the regular under the waterproof ensures your makeup is easily removed at the end of the day. This is a win-win situation and your Bambi eyes will be thanking you for it profusely.

3. The way you hold your brush changes your final look: If you hold in a horizontal angle, you can be sure that you will have thicker lashes. For a more natural, Bambi like finish, you can always turn the brush vertically and apply thus. This second way gives you longer lashes, while the first turns more voluminous by the end of the application.

4. Soak up the tube before application: This might sound funny, but it helps immensely to have the tube soaking in a cup of hot water before you decide to put it on. When you use this hack, it ensures that the formula is more liquid and thus thinner and easier to apply without any undue clumps. Plus, this loosens any dried up pieces along the sides of the tube and gives you the opportunity to use it as well. Just be careful how long you’ve had the mascara tubes. You don’t want to get yourself an eye infection.

5. Spoons come in handy: Did you know that by holding a spoon under your eyes while applying the mascara you prevent getting the black streaks on your skin? Plus, it offers a smooth, slightly curved surface for you to easily lengthen the lashes. You can use it on both lower and upper lashes, though the former is more common.

6. Cotton swabs come in handy for mistakes: When you want to remove a mistake you made with your mascara but have already spent a long time getting your eyeshadow right, you should use a cotton swab and spin it around until the spot is gone. You should only do this when it is dry, for it will only smear when wet, making the whole ordeal worse.

7. A toothbrush also comes in handy: If the clumps on your lashes are driving you crazy, then you should take a clean toothbrush, probably one you use only for this, and comb through your lashes with it, from roots to edges. The bristles of the brush will grab all the extra product, effectively giving you perfect Bambi eyes.

8. Heating the curler: We all know that curlers are necessary to give your lashes that perfect shape, but what makes it curl easier and have the shape hold for longer is when you heat up the tool with the blow dryer, the metal picking up the heat and transferring to your lashes. It has pretty much the same effect a curling iron would have on your hair.

9. You do not have to use the brush the mascara comes with: You can use an eyelash comb to put on the mascara. Since they never really work the way you want them to, they can be used to apply the mascara instead by having the product placed on the ends of the comb and then used to both separate the lashes and make them darker at the same time. This is a very cool trick that prevents clumps and gets every side of the lashes coated.

10. Use a diagonal method: While up and down works good and all, the diagonal method gives it a lovelier feel and a more real rather than cartoonish look overall. This also gives you wider eyes that are flattering all around the world. Spend more time defining the outer corners and you will love the final effects of your diligent efforts. The way you apply the mascara ultimately changed the size and the shape of your eyes as well, including with combination efforts that somehow create anime style pretty saucer eyes.

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Written by Tamar Najarian
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