’70s Hairstyles: 10 Ways To Master The Fringe This Summer

The year of 2015 with all of its seasons has thrown us back into the 1970s decade, an era that was ruled by fringe and denim, suede and bell bottoms. We’ve been soaring through the different styles that have taken over the fashion runways and the shelves in every store, bringing back the times of peace and flowers and cowboy magic. We have fallen in love with that time period once again, and those of us born later on in the ’80s and ’90s stand astounded with the vintage feel that has taken hold. While garments are totally ’70s, it does not end there! We also have the retro ’70s hairstyles coming in to stay a while, among the season’s fashions being the incredible fringe in all its glory. While we love the leather and the suede, the camel hues and the open midriff twin set outfits, the hair really does us in with the gentle sway and the cutesy attitude. There is just something so very “Sweet Valley High’ about sporting those bangs with aplomb. Since fringes are totally in, we thought we’d supply you with a master list of 1970s hairstyles with bangs that will help you really rock the look over the summer months that are currently peeking around the corner. After all, we can always use a fresh take on a classic look, no matter how perfectly in the retro look may happen to be.

'70s Hairstyles: 10 Ways To Master The Fringe This Summer

Blunt Textured Bangs

The combination of blunt bangs with a loose ponytail with a whole lot of texture was seen of late sported by Cynthia Bailey as she attended the American Heart Association Go Red for Women event. Her fringe was in a bit of a disarray, nothing close to perfect on its own but matching the general style of the ‘do perfectly well. There is just something about having the strands bend any which way, just as if you got out of the shower and didn’t care to straighten the blunt locks on the forehead.

1970s Hairstyles With Bangs: Cynthia Bailey

Wispy Straight Bangs

A look that really goes great with pin straight hair is that created by Azealia Banks for the Nasty Gal Melrose store launch of late. She looked positively stunning with her hair loose and the bangs kept wispy, falling to her brows and looking feathery despite the thick mane of thick black hair. Have the hair in the back, starting from the crown come in from a center part was a great choice as well. It just adds to the strong female look.

1970s Hairstyles With Bangs: Azealia Banks

Go Casual and Cute in the Bangs

Casual and cute is just how one would describe Jessica Hart with her ’70s hair with blunt bangs and her slightly dishevelled look worn to the Bergh Ball within the last bit. The waves in her hair were quite lovely, but the bangs are what keeps the picture of Hart appearing all over the place. A curtain from the center of the top of the head is a great way to add to the volume of the fringe, as well as thickening it up where necessary.

1970s Hairstyles With Bangs: Jessica Hart

A Bit More Subtle

Pixie Lott should be known as a pixie herself, even if her hair is long and wavy. She wore her mane artfully done in a dishevelled manner, subtle bends in the strands with wispy bangs at the Olivier Awards. From the crown of the head fall the pieces into just around the eyes that have been perfectly lined with all the right amounts of kohl. She looked adorable in any case and so can anyone trying to emulate the design.

1970s Hairstyles With Bangs: Pixie Lott

Extra Long Strands

For women like Naomi Campbell whose foreheads are really high, the long wavy hairstyle with the bangs is a great option. She wore her hair thus, the bangs falling from further back and catching the light as the black strands shine nicely, showing off her still killer moves. The edges graze the tops of the eyes, but the stylist cut at just the right length to look positively fashion savvy. We do love the straight black hair though, with the slight wisp giving it a bit more of flair. This is one of our favorite looks overall among all the different ways to master wearing 1970s bangs. The longer the face, the better this look will suit the bone structure, particularly with the longer, sleeker strands.

1970s Hairstyles With Bangs: Naomi Campbell

Subtly Wavy Baby Bangs

An absolutely gorgeous look to pull off is that by Caroline Sieber worn to the Chanel fashion runway show held in Paris. She wore her hair down in a subtly wavy manner at the ends, baby bangs swept slightly to the side being the hallmark of the design. The side sweep is deep and means a triangle open spot to one side of the forehead. Plus, this look only makes it appear as if your hair is thicker if it was thick enough to begin with.

1970s Hairstyles With Bangs: Caroline Sieber

Edgy Bangs

Alexa Chung knows just how to play up the tousled ’70s look that is pretty in the style loop these days. She had her slept-in waves looking divine during the Annual Night of Stars, her bangs slightly wispy and so very much on the edgy side. Her medium length cut only adds to the demure status while unsuspecting individuals are left beguiled throughout.

1970s Hairstyles With Bangs: Alexa Chung

Beachy Blow Dry

Lea Michele knows just how to rock the full bangs with the slight split in the center, completely amped up with the highlights and lowlights that are brought to light. She looked positively adorable with her hair waved for a beach girl and her bangs skimming the tops of her eyes as she made her appearance at the “Sons of Anarchy’ movie premiere. Her long hair certainly added to the spicy creation.

1970s Hairstyles With Bangs: Lea Michele

Eye Grazing Bangs

While some of the ’70s fringe hairstyles have been geared towards a more natural amount of hair in one place, Miroslava Duma defies that and ensures to cut the bangs from further up on the crown, bringing the fringe down like a curtain and looking so very cute with the eye grazing bangs sported to the Stella McCartney fashion show. This look is especially beautiful with chestnut hair that catches the light.

1970s Hairstyles With Bangs: Miroslava Duma

The Dishevelled Chic Fringe

Positively alluring is the dishevelled look in all manners, which Suki Waterhouse loves to sport constantly. Last we checked, she was wearing the chic ‘do at the Burberry Brings London to Shanghai event. Her eye grazing strands were brushed to each side, a wide gap left in the middle as the light reflected off the honey and the lighter blonde of the bangs.

1970s Hairstyles With Bangs: Suki Waterhouse

Photos courtesy of Stylebistro

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Stylish Ways to Wear Bangs In 2015

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