The Coolest Summer 2015 Sunglasses to Invest In

The sun has begun to shine bright with all its might and our eyes are beginning to feel the effects of the flaring rays without their proper protection. We love summer in general, with the warmth and the clear weather, the lapping seas in the distance and the rolling green meadows beckoning us towards them. We want to frolic in the flowers and smile as brightly as the sun over our heads. What we do not want is to have those eyes of ours harmed by the rays instead. That is where style melds with functionality and the latest in eyewear becomes our go-to for both comfort and fashionable accessorization. As such, we have combed through some of the best summer 2015 sunglasses available from the best in fashion houses that will help you look positively ravishing as you shield yourself from burning gazes, adding some style to your ‘do.

The Coolest Summer 2015 Sunglasses to Invest In

Going Cute as a Diva

• Prada

Studded cat eye glasses are exactly what you need from Prada, finishing the summer off on a more luxurious note, the silver tone of the studs really making the eyes pop against their black frames. You can wear these sunnies with a whole lot of attitude as well, cherry lips giving it the right amount of pop needed to make you into the cutest diva around.

Coolest Summer 2015 Sunglasses: Prada

• Bottega Veneta

Cute and diva may not always go together in the same sentence but Bottega Veneta’s square sunglasses certainly do meld both features together. With brown lenses and a purple frame, these oversized pieces are perfect for the sun-drenched beaches on your destination vacations this summer.

Coolest Summer 2015 Sunglasses: Bottega Veneta

• Miu Miu

Glamour can be quite nostalgic when considering the gorgeous diva looks that are so very adorable from Miu Miu. The tinted gradient glasses with the glittery rounded frames with the golden arms are simply perfect for any woman channelling the goddess inside while lounging on a beach.

Coolest Summer 2015 Sunglasses: Miu Miu

• Elizabeth & James

Fillmore cat eye sunglasses look pretty awesome with an edge of downtown cool, the black and white plastic frames allowing for the pinkish purple lenses to shine through, offering 100% UV protection. The gorgeous silhouettes are bold and slim and simply perfect.

Coolest Summer 2015 Sunglasses: Elizabeth and James

Sophisticatedly Sexy

• Sun Buddies

Combining a translucent frame with a classic round pair of lenses in a pretty purple rose tint was a spectacular idea, keeping things retro and in line with the 1970s era style of the season while still giving in to the sleek sophistication that allows this rather affordable eyewear to stand out in the sexy category.

Coolest Summer 2015 Sunglasses: Sun Buddies

• Linda Farrow

The larger cat-eyed Linda Farrow elaphe and acetate sunglasses are crafted beautifully and very much worth the price they are going for. The subtle gold accents have it appear as more pleasing on the eyes, while the classic shape serves to flatter the cheekbones incredibly. With 100% UV protection, you cannot go wrong with these specs.

Coolest Summer 2015 Sunglasses: Linda Farrow

• Cutler & Gross

These pairs are made in Italy and look so very sophisticated with their perfectly round frames and lenses, the gold plated monel, tortoiseshell acetate and brown leather, appearing as totally inspired by the 1970s as anything else. Between the location of manufacturing and the hand stitched leather on the arms for added comfort, the price is quite the steal.

Coolest Summer 2015 Sunglasses: Cutler and Gross

• Victoria Beckham

Sunbeam square sunglasses by Victoria Beckham are essentially the embodiment of the oversized trend this year. A super chic accessory themselves, we can well imagine every sophisticatedly sexy woman donning this pair with the gradient tinted lenses and the luxe finishing touches in gold toned hardware.

Coolest Summer 2015 Sunglasses: Victoria Beckham

Simply Pretty

• Dolce & Gabbana

These specs are ornately embellished and so very chic, playing on the square frame style and adding Swarovski crystals for some spectacular blooms along the sides. It speaks of elegance and wealth, of extravagant luxury and the price tag certainly attests to the pair’s superiority in the eyewear market.

Coolest Summer 2015 Sunglasses: Dolce & Gabbana

• Oliver Peoples

These Alisha sunglasses are so very pretty, the It group’s choice of eyewear when it comes to shielding your eyes. Between the retro appeal and the lovely appearance, this is one awesome way to look perfectly glamorous this summer.

Coolest Summer 2015 Sunglasses: Oliver Peoples

• Anna-Karin Karlsson

Rose rouge D-frame leopard printed acetate sunglasses are totally worth the pennies pinch to buy it. The bespoke eyewear is certainly good for London’s elite but it also looks incredible on the world’s ladies looking to look especially pretty. The red rose detailing and the contour feel of it make this a unique piece of pretty specs to add a unique touch to the summer staples.

Coolest Summer 2015 Sunglasses: Anna-Karin Karlsson

• Ray Ban

The dainty silhouettes of the coral hued beach style Ray Ban sunglasses are a must to have, particularly with its affordable pricing. The mirrored shades of orange are gradient and look incredible against the gold toned frames, ensuring this will be perfect under sunshine or on red carpets alike.

Coolest Summer 2015 Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Showing Off the Sporty

• Acne Studios

The “Mask’ sunglasses are a gorgeous take on the ski mask, a statement style from Acne Studios that we cannot help but love. It’s the coolest pair of eyewear around for summer 2015, with gold tone frames and green lenses, giving the sporty chic a sense of adventure come the summer months.

Coolest Summer 2015 Sunglasses: Acne Studios

• Chloe

These cypress sunglasses are a gorgeous take on the aviator shape, bringing a cool sophistication and fondness for action to mind. They are timeless pieces that come in ombre lenses with a purple ladylike tint to them, the designer color being light gold with black. These are a steal for what they are.

Coolest Summer 2015 Sunglasses: Chloe

• Gucci

Aviator style ’60s inspired sunglasses crafter out of light blue acetate and offering 100% protection are offered from Gucci and come in two colors. The light blue version is the coolest form though, with skinny silver arms and detachable blinkers for extra appeal.

Coolest Summer 2015 Sunglasses: Gucci

• Illesteva

The Alina sunglasses with the rounded frames are handcrafted in Italy and designed in New York for a truly global fashion feel. Lightweight and fresh, this pair with the silver metal framing and the 100% UV protection is just what the doctor ordered for both its usefulness and style.

Coolest Summer 2015 Sunglasses: Illesteva

Photos courtesy of Negin Mirsalehi, Net-A-Porter, My Theresa

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