Summer Is Almost Here! 10 Denim Shorts For Trendy Looks

While the spring season is all about the denim pants, the summer is made for walking about in shorts. Shorts of all kind have been in style, at different lengths, but mostly very short indeed. Denim shorts are most definitely the garments of choice for the warm weather that comes during the months when school is out and we have time to kill until the next batch of classes begin in September. Shorts are awesome for many reasons though. One is the fact that they are really easy to slip into. Honestly, no matter what material they are, they slip on perfectly, moulding onto your body. The denim versions offer a longer lifetime as well. Plus, even if you rip them or somehow manage to wear them out, the looks are still in because it will just fit into a different category of jean styles. This season, there have been quite a few twists on the classic versions as well, like neon lace appliqués and structured Friday Night looks. There is a denim short created for all occasions so you need not worry about finding the right one to fit in with. When it comes to gorgeous denim shorts for summer 2015, here are a few of our biggest picks!

Summer Is Almost Here! 10 Denim Shorts For Trendy Looks

1. Going Flowery at Christopher Kane

There is something about flowers this year that has all the designers going crazy with creating the perfect floral looks. Here at Christopher Kane, they come in gorgeous summery colors of pink and orange and yellow and white. With darker stitching adding to the embroidery, the cut offs look pretty awesome. The high waist counteracts the short crop nicely, while the coup in of itself is a comfortable fit that should mould itself onto the body rather nicely, no matter the size. Though at $2,095, one would expect no less than perfection itself.

Summer 2015 Trendy Denim Shorts: Christopher Kane Floral Shorts

2. Mid-Rise Cut Off Denim Shorts by Topshop

It appears that one has taken scissors to denim pants and come up with these shorts but they look perfectly awesome just for that fact. The shorts are the perfect length, long enough to cover the tops of the thighs and encompass your backside, but short enough to really show off those legs. The rise is a mid-length, now too low to make it uncomfortable, but not too high to sit at the waist either.

Summer 2015 Trendy Denim Shorts: Topshop Denim Shorts

3. Fun Sailor Shorts at Chloe

Comfort, style, and a whole lot of fun is to be had with the Chloe sailor shorts which are the perfect short length, made of softer slightly shinier denim and with a good amount of stitching lending it added beauty. The pockets are an interesting addition, while the comfort high waist with the triple buttons gives it an old-world-meets-modern flair. These ’70s denim shorts scream wealth from far away and are nowhere near as common as some of the other designer denim versions appear to be. Even the wash and material is of superior design. This is a pair very much worth investing in.

Summer 2015 Trendy Denim Shorts: Chloe Denim Shorts

4. Retro Valentino Denim Shorts

There is something very retro about the bright powder blue shorts available from Valentino. It has a very distinct Baby feel to it, from the “Dirty Dancing’ movie. It also has a taste of the 1970s emanating from it, reminding us that 2015 is almost fully inspired by that particular decade. With a high waist and longer hem on the legs, it’s stylish and demure, shorts that are meant to be functional ad fit to the body instead of baring too much and having you wonder at modesty. It may be on the pricey side, but it is a pair that will last you for quite a while.

Summer 2015 Trendy Denim Shorts: Valentino Retro Denim Shorts

5. Going Funky with Pierre Balmain Denim Shorts

Using the distressed look to the tee, the low rise denim shorts by Pierre Balmain available at Net-A-Porter feature a concealed zip under a reptile skin loin region, with a hook and snap fastening in front. It is 100% cotton, features frayed cuffs and multiple pockets and made to wear with a bikini at the beach or with a jersey tee. It is a pair that will probably set you back just under $525.

Summer 2015 Trendy Denim Shorts: Pierre Balmain Denim Shorts

6. The Coolest Cut Offs at Citizens of Humanity

Ava denim shorts are totally cool at Citizens of Humanity when we see longer shorts in the form of the coolest cut offs appear at There are raw and frayed edges, a comfortable silhouette, an authentic denim appeal and the perfect blue wash that catches the light but offers a touch of contrast throughout. The pair is a mid-rise, while the hem falls to just above mid-thigh.

Summer 2015 Trendy Denim Shorts: Citizens of Humanity Denim Shorts

7. Keeping it Distressed at Rag & Bone

Somehow the distressed denim looks are totally in once again, which makes this pair of Rag & Bone jean shorts rather enticing. The light wash Mila shorts have that lived-in look that screams comfort and daily use, complete with the frayed hem and looser fit. The material is soft to the touch, in 100% cotton and the designer wash is that of Moss. This is the perfect component of a laid-back outfit, perhaps with a Western flair and paired with some fun cowgirl style ankle boots. A fringed bag and totally 1970s accessories also come in handy for finishing off this look.

Summer 2015 Trendy Denim Shorts: Rag & Bone Denim Shorts

8. Nothing Better than a Levi’s Denim Shorts

The Levi’s brand is known for denim. It is a label that embodies the style from top to bottom, hair ends to toes. The Levi’s Vintage Clothing’s denim shorts are actually based on the original pair od the 501 from back in 1954, with a nice high waist for added comfort and a cool, almost worn look that brings the past into the modern reality. It has frayed edges, patches and paint-splash detailing, making the distressed just under $270 denim shorts a total must have for the summer season. Plus, we simply love the longer legs that, combined with the high waist, add an immense amount of height to your silhouette.

Summer 2015 Trendy Denim Shorts: Levi's Denim Shorts

9. Playing with the Twill at Rag & Bone

There are two Rag & bone shorts on this list, but we must say that the white Japanese twill is this pair is simply to die for. It is, without a doubt, one of the best summer looks to be had, with the designer color of Bright White giving it the sun scorched air that does much to captivate the senses. It is made for comfort, easy movement and the slightly loose fit allows for a more casual feel. It looks great with a T-shirt and a pair of the latest trending white sneakers, the deconstructed hem giving off an edgy feel. At just over $200, it is a great addition to your wardrobe. Your summer will only look better when you have an awesome pair of bright white Japanese twill shorts to show off that incredible tan in.

Summer 2015 Trendy Denim Shorts: Rag & Bone White Denim Shorts

10. Floral Appliqued Denim Shorts at MSGM

We love floral looks. It is a huge trend for the whole of the year and we would have been sorely disappointed if we did not see it appear on the denim shorts that have been made available by designers on retailers such as Net-A-Porter. For about $370, the love-worn and boyish shorts in the light powder blue shorts with the pretty sequins and the crystal floral appliques makes for an awesome piece to wear all summer long on the beach and while out on the town. It has a nice high waist that helps bring in more comfort, while the longer hem that shows gentle signs of distress and fray is a welcome change from the cuteness of the floral on its own. With golden stitching against the light blue coloring, there appears to be an air of luxury, though the distressed look has it pinned down as a piece that is well loved and well worn throughout the years. Soft and pretty, this is one pair that we can certainly see ourselves enjoying our warm vacation days in.

Summer 2015 Trendy Denim Shorts: MSGM Floral Denim Shorts

Photos courtesy of Negin Mirsalehi, Net-A-Porter

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