10 Denim Pieces for 2015 You Should Not Go Without

The all American clothing realer known as Nasty Gal, with its edgy sense of style and bohemian flow offers exactly what we need as we begin to stock our closets with festival ready outfits. Denim is key when we are out for a casual night on the town, when we run our chores or sock out at a festival, no matter what the theme may be. From jeans to jackets, shorts to shirts, Nasty Gal is offering a wide array of its own denim pieces for 2015, as well as garments from other well-known American designers who know exactly how to dress up a girl these days. While some of the denim pants are a little too distressed and ripped up for our liking, others are the perfectly chic and positively fun and flirty that we were expecting to find within the line-up. High waists and low, cropped pants or skinnies, everything is found here with Nasty Gal, giving us the perfect opportunity to jazz up our denim section in our wardrobes.

10 Denim Pieces for 2015 You Should Not Go Without

Of the many listed to choose from, we have come up with a list of 10 must-have denim garments for 2015, no matter what part of the body they are meant for. Do not forget that denim on denim is still in for the spring season, making the look something we covet dearly these days.

1. Pearl Boss Boyfriend: The first on our list is an interesting one. Cut off at just above the ankles, the cuffs are actually lined with faux pearls on this pair of jeans that has a waistline that rises to mid-level but might be the cause of love handles if your body isn’t slim enough to allow a comfortable fit. Paired with a lacy crop top, a comfortable cardigan and pretty platform sneakers, this is a look you should definitely opt for when you want to look for glammed up and dressed down at your next outing.

10 Denim Pieces for 2015 You Should Not Go Without: Jeans

2. RES Denim Kitty Cutoffs Shorts: While short shorts are sexy and all, they look even better when you add length to the body by bringing the waistline up higher to side over your belly button. Worn with a tied up tank top, this is an awesome look for any woman who wants to show off legs, hide any extra curves and elongate her body.

10 Denim Pieces for 2015 You Should Not Go Without: Denim Shorts

3. Citizens of Humanity Rocket High Rise Skinny Jeans: We love skinny jeans! There is just something about it ending on the ankles, sitting tight against the legs and showing off incredibly lovely bodies that we cannot get enough of. Here, we have a nice high waist for added comfort, a tank top tucked in neatly, while the wash is a lovely slightly greyish blue, and the worn look added by a the small tear on one knee.

10 Denim Pieces for 2015 You Should Not Go Without: Skinny Jeans

4. Blank NYC Cry Baby Denim Skirt: Not all of the denim pieces need to be jean pants or shorts. They can also be skirts, which we find we are completely in love with here. The midi length coupled with the high waist elongates the legs beautifully, while the white top is tucked in neatly for the perfect outing ensemble. This is a great date outfit and lovely to wear to a festival.

10 Denim Pieces for 2015 You Should Not Go Without: Denim Skirt

5. Neuw Studio Denim Shirt: If you are going to create the denim on denim look, or even opt for the denim tucked into leather pants ensemble, a gorgeous denim shirt is necessary. Considering the fact that undone buttons are huge throughout 2015, you can create the plunging V-neck by keeping the chest open down to the abdomen. It is rocker chic and perfect for any occasion.

10 Denim Pieces for 2015 You Should Not Go Without: Denim Shirt

6. Weekend Runaway Overalls: Ah! With the weekend here, all we want to do is relax. While it may not be the first choice to wear to a festival, overalls are awesome any time of the year, particularly if you plan on enjoying yourself away from home. At a cottage perhaps? Or maybe you have work to do on the house and need something where you don’t have to worry about your midriff being bared every time you stretch about. Light blue overalls come in very handy in this case.

10 Denim Pieces for 2015 You Should Not Go Without: Denim Jumpsuit

7. Nasty Gal Slit Personality Skinny: You have a high waist, a gilded buckled belt, chains hanging from the waistline and slits up the side of the pant legs to the center of the calf. You have awesome skinny slit personality jeans that look incredibly sleek with black pumps and a gorgeous stark white blouse tucked in for that chic effect. This is the date night look, the sophisticated festival look, the sexy partner in crime look. It is beautiful in many ways and should be worn often enough.

10 Denim Pieces for 2015 You Should Not Go Without: Black Denim Pants

8. After Party Vintage Wanted Denim Jacket: Remember the 1970s denim jackets? Yeah, they are back in style and we certainly recommend you invest in one of these lovelies. They have a tendency to come and go in and out of fashion, but they make for awesome spring jackets no matter the case. They have a light blue wash, a straight and slightly masculine tailoring, vintage style and a nonchalance about them that is rather sexy. Pair them with a nice blouse and a darker shade of denim or throw on those leather pants of yours with a rocker shirt and you have yourself the perfect music festival look.

10 Denim Pieces for 2015 You Should Not Go Without: Denim Jacket

9. One Teaspoon Bandit Shorts in Black: Bandit shorts can be worn in all washes in jean colors, but the black versions are some of the best. They are those scrunched up mini shorts that are barely there, cut higher at the sides of the thighs and show off a lot of leg. They are best worn with boots and an oversized short that may be partially tucked in at the belly button region, while the hair is expected to be left wild and free of any constraints. Bandits like anarchy, not society rules.

10 Denim Pieces for 2015 You Should Not Go Without: Black Denim Shorts

10. The Short Fuse Shortalls: Overalls may be great, but shortalls are the way to go and they are back in style. The best part is, you can dress up or dress down with shortalls with ease, depending on your footwear and the blouse worn underneath. If a simple tee and sneakers, it’s as casual as you can get, but should you opt for heels and a fitted crop or anything of the like, we’re thinking it goes nicely into the sexy category. Add the latest trends in sunglasses and chop your hair nicely for an awesome spring look that is perfectly versatile.

10 Denim Pieces for 2015 You Should Not Go Without: Denim Romper

Photos courtesy of Viva Luxury, Nasty Gal

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