Tom Ford Soleil Summer 2015 Makeup Collection

The sun is up and shining bright these days while the scents of summer get stronger by the moment. It has been too long since we felt the warmth of those rays against bare skin and our skin has suffered for it already. We lack color and we lack shine, we lack the vitamins and the gorgeous flush in our cheeks that prove we are alive and well if not positively healthy and gorgeous. This is why we are quite intrigued by the latest in makeup collections presented by a top fashion designer and American film director, Thomas Carlyle Ford (also known simply as Tom Ford). He has made it big in the world of arts and fashion for turning around the house of Gucci and bringing it back from its landslide, as well as for directing the Oscar nominated film A Single Man. At age 53, the proud Texan has much to offer us other than his latest in clothing and accessory collections, this time turning to the cosmetics aisle and producing the Tom Ford Soleil summer 2015 makeup collection.

Tom Ford Soleil Summer 2015 Makeup Collection

We needed the right type of summer makeup as it is. We have shades of nude and rose along with the warmth of the hues that bring life back into our cheeks, the metallic finishes completing any summer outfit to the tee. The palettes offer an exotic range and the sun-kissed looks we end up with are incomparable to any other summer collection revealed as of yet. There is something utterly sensual about a summer look and the Tom Ford Soleil makeup line for summer 2015 captures that as part of its very essence. Between smoldering eyes, luminous skin and warmth radiating from the lips, we can be sure that this is a collection we definitely want to invest in.

Tom Ford Soleil Eye & Cheek Compact Palette ($95.00 / £68.00) (Limited Edition)

There will be both a new and limited edition to the eye and cheek compacts using summer shades inspired by soft and naked glamour enjoyed with sun-kissed skin. The eyes are given a veil of violet while the cheeks are highlighted with golden rose. Even the casing is chic enough for any woman to feel like Venus herself.

• Pink Glow

Tom Ford Soleil Bronzing Powder ($95.00 / £68.00 (Large) | $65.00 / £56.00 (Small))

There are two shades to the Tom Ford Bronzing Powder; they are silky to the touch and lightweight against the skin so you feel fresh and clear instead of bogged down with powder. The formula includes a mineral blend of sunstone, amber and black tourmaline crystals combined with unique pigments. This serves to give a flawless highlight and amplify the skin’s natural radiance.

• Gold Dush
• Terra

Tom Ford Soleil Summer 2015 Makeup Collection

Tom Ford Shimmering Body Oil ($70.00 / £68.00) (Limited Edition)

A limited edition item within the collection, the Tom Ford Shimmering Body Oil has quite the sultry effect on the senses, captivating all that catch a whiff while allowing eyes to feast on the sun-kissed skin it produces underneath it all. The fragrance emanating from you would be one of clear sensuality, while scorching eyes will follow every move the goddess you are makes. The skin is illuminated perfectly with this oil that is light in weight and shimmers in the sun like gold and platinum leaves. The fragrance alone is a captivating one of white flowers in a golden, with amber and sandalwood key. It is a tempting scent that reminds us of the longing we have for white sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, as well as the perfect glowing tan.

Tom Ford Cream Cheek Colour ($65.00 / £46.00) (Limited Edition)

Another one of the limited edition items, the Tom Ford Cream Cheek Color offers an instant brightening factor to the face, ensuring the visage presented to the world is one of health and with its own natural burst of color. The glow it brings to the apples of the cheeks is unparalleled while the pearly peach-pink shade means we will be flush with a gorgeous lustre and a stunning radiant finish.

• Pink Sand

Tom Ford Cream & Powder Eye Color ($60.00 / £46.00) (Limited Edition)

There are four hues to the limited edition two-tiered eye color products, using two different formulas. The look is certainly one to covet as it ensures that the shimmering shine is brought to lids that have been starved for the golden effects of the sun. They look sexy, a little smoky and positively lustrous with gold as powder and cream are combined for a magnificent effect. The metallic creams are meant to glide on smoothly with a rich base for the shimmering powder that is brushed on top in order to intensify the allure the look holds in general. The product might cost you a pretty penny but the effects after the fact are beyond spectacular.

• Black Oyster
• Golden Peach
• Midnight Sea
• Naked Bronze

Tom Ford Soleil Summer 2015 Makeup Collection

Tom Ford Soleil Summer 2015 Makeup Collection

Tom Ford Lip Color Sheer ($50.00 / £37.00)

We are glad to see that at least the lip colors are not in limited edition and may be obtained at any given point throughout the year. Called “Lip Color Sheer’ for a good reason, these tubes of lipstick bring a lustrous sheen of color to the lips that looks rather perfect with the skin that has been given a lovely tan. It not only looks amazing but also protects from the sun and nourishes that pout of yours with a decadent mix of vitamins C and E, alongside Shea butter. This helps keep those sexy lips of yours constantly saturated in moisture and looking quite inviting. Even the casing it is offered in presents a pretty picture we so very much have fallen in love with. Available in four different colors, we are sure that at least one will match our personal tastes and characteristics to the tee.

• Paradise
• Rose Soleil
• Sweet Spot
• Skinnydip

Tom Ford Soleil Summer 2015 Makeup Collection

Currently, the Tom Ford Soleil makeup line for summer 2015 is available for pre-order from, while it is expected to hit Tom Ford counters within the United States come May 2015. In the United Kingdom, the collection will be available at the House of Fraser and online at different department stores starting from April 27, and will hit the international market later in the month of May.

Photos courtesy of Tom Ford

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