15 Trendy Jeans for Spring/Summer 2015 To Get Now

Jeans… we love those awesome pants with their soft and comfortable bodies and the stretchy elements that allow us to ride horses, run for miles or simply get along with our days looking fabulous without feeling overdressed or even underdressed for the most part. There are so many ways to wear those jeans as well. Jeans suit all tastes and all types of bodies, appearing in different styles and tailoring, waist heights and washes. They can literally suit nearly any occasion as well, depending on how you dress it up. This spring and summer season of 2015, they are literally the staple to be had. There is no escaping it. The relaxed looked with wide legs is back in style and the bell-bottoms seen at Saint Laurent and Stella McCartney have us drooling already. Cropped above the ankle, wide legs in general appear at Gucci and MM6, while we seriously consider buying new pieces that include big pockets (for those iPhone 6 phones, of course!), those with lots of patchwork that would once have been seen as the showing off of the poor child and special washes that come in matching tees and blouses, worn with sneakers or even hells to balance it out. There are so many different styles of trendy jeans for spring/ summer 2015 to choose from, but we have decided to pick out 15 of the best overall and present them on a golden platter for your viewing pleasure.

15 Trendy Jeans for Spring/Summer 2015 To Get Now

1. J Brand Jeans

If you love high waists and bell bottoms, looking tall and slim, then the lightly worn at the knees version of the J Brand jeans is the right fit for you. It can be worn with heels as well and a sexy blouse for an exceptionally good party look while still appearing low key enough to blend in wherever you happen to be. It is the perfect young adult look that shows off the fact that you lived through the ’90s and are now the lady in her ’20s experiencing everything rather quickly in life.

2. Levi’s Jeans

Levi’s has a name in jeans and with good reason. Of course, not every one of the company’s denim products is as good looking as the rest, but sometimes the slouchy, above the ankle cuffed straight legs are a rather good option. Add the comfort of a high waist with a shirt tucked in for a masculine meets feminine effect ruling the runway for this year and you are good to go!

3. House of Holland Jeans

Not all jeans pants come in high waists this season either. For the spring and summer, you might want to show off some midriff, which means opting for a lower cut waist that barely covers up part of your love handles. This is certainly not the style for the girls with the junk in the trunk, but for the more petite ladies or those with smaller bottoms in general, the flower power mania at the House of Holland is a great choice.

4. Citizens of Humanity Jeans

Honestly, we are not sure what we love more about these jeans, the color, the wash or the bell bottoms. As we mentioned the flare at the ends makes the woman wearing them look taller and thinner overall, balancing out her shape, while the higher waist adds comfort, removes unnecessary bulges and adds a little bit more height to the legs it accentuates. The wash is a lighter one with a touch of grey while it appears worn out over time, a look that is quite sexy since we all love a woman who can get down and dirty at a construction site.

5. Frame Denim Jeans

Long legs galore! If we thought that flared bottoms alone could make a woman look taller, with the high waist adding to the look, we failed to mention that a darker color in denim would only add to the affect as well, especially in a sleek single wash. The pockets are made big at Frame Denim, the thin belt cinching in the waist and an open V neckline down the chest is the perfect look to any shirt worn with this pair.

15 Trendy Jeans for Spring/Summer 2015 To Get Now

6. H&M Jeans

If you want comfort in style, then the slouchy, straight legged jeans at H&M will do the job. With a high waist and cuffs at the ankles, the lighter wash of this pair is enough to bring Sunday after comfort zone to mind. It is the new pair of mom jeans that can be worn by teenagers and all other women alike, no matter their status in life. Just add a latte to complete the experience.

7. Zara Jeans

Really wide legs falling to the floor is what we see at Zara these days. They do look really good and the waistline neither sits too high nor too low. The problem is, if a girl has love handles, she’s going to hate looking at herself in the mirror. We love the really wide legs though!

8. Fendi Jeans

You will look amazing in these Fendi jeans, that is a given. With a high waist, a lighter greyish blue wash, a classic cut and a straight leg, it is rather clear that this is one fashion house that understands the combination of style and comfort. Plus, those cuffs around the ankles are way too cute to pass up on, particularly when worn with platform heels.

9. Benetton Jeans

The ’90s are brought back to mind with the bell bottom jeans and the low waist, along with the lighter wash in front from the tops of the thighs down to the knees. They are comfortable in general and the hems fall low to the ground, to be worn with awesome white sneakers that are totally in style for the 2015 seasons, spring and summer as well as fall and winter.

10. Balenciaga Jeans

These pieces actually remind us a bit of Levi’s, with the slouchy looks and the cuffs at the ends. They come in darker colors though with better fabric that looks almost silky to the touch while still keeping its denim material. Worn with thick heeled sandals and a shirt tucked into the high waist, this makes for a great work attire as well in the middle of spring and summer, looking sophisticated and laid-back all at the same time.

15 Trendy Jeans for Spring/Summer 2015 To Get Now

11. Acne Studios Jeans

This one is definitely one of the best looks to be found on the runways and off. The light greyish white wash of the pair sits perfectly on the body, walling with a straight leg but slightly slimmer than most. The ends are cuffed just above the ankles while the waist is high and sit flat against the belly, the white t-shirt worn tucked into the waistline. It makes for a fantastic look and one that screams chic and comfort in the same sentence.

12. Victoria Beckham Denim

Many fashion houses will have the same styles of jeans in general, but you can be sure that the Victoria Beckham versions will have you fully entranced. Think long legs, flared bottoms, high waist, silver buttons and dark coloring. Now add seams from the knee down to the end and pockets in the classic style so as to accentuate the look of the hips. It uses material that stretches around the thighs perfectly before falling to the ground in a look that is part professional, part casual. Think of it as the perfect Friday pants to wear to the office this week, or even next.

13. Topshop Jeans

Topshop takes denim to the next level by bringing it out onto the runway in a crisp white coloring with a matching jacket for the perfect denim on denim trend setting outfit. Add the white sneakers in an equally crisp white make and you have a rather intriguing getup. In order to separate pants from shoes, cuff at the ankles and show off a small sliver of skin, while a black shirt is worn under the jacket to add a sufficient amount of contrast. Consider this the nurse’s out-of-hospital look that is both sleek and chic while maintaining an air of nonchalant sophistication.

15 Trendy Jeans for Spring/Summer 2015 To Get Now

14. Other Stories Jeans

Patchwork on jeans is not a typical look. Then again, this is not a typical year for the fashion industry. We’ve seen a remake of all the different eras in a single year, which makes the patchwork design on the Other Stories jeans rather intriguing. Lighter wash jeans have a slightly darker shade added to the knees, technically stretching from mid-thigh to mid-calf. The jeans themselves are cropped at the ankles, which just makes it even more perfect to wear with platform wedges or more in terms of chunky heels. It comes with a high waist and a slouchier cut, which makes it comfortable and easy to wear out, no matter the occasion, so long as it is mostly a casual one. Tucking in a black shirt will do the trick as well, particularly when worn with black velvet platforms of any kind.

15. MM6 Jeans

If there is any design house with a penchant for the fun and wonky, it certainly is MM6, particularly where the jean pants are concerned. Cropped mid-calf because the cuffs are actually folded up to just under the knees, lots of stitching that reminds us of patchwork but uses the exact same color and material, and a patching pair of extremely high platform sandals with ankle ties makes this look all the more intriguing. From the handbag to the short worn with these jeans, we can safely say that MM6 has one of the best styles on the runway to be seen of late.

15 Trendy Jeans for Spring/Summer 2015 To Get Now

Photos courtesy of @ChiaraFerragni, Net-A-Porter

Written by Tamar Najarian
Tamar is a psychologist, teaching and heading into the business world with a prospective MBA. A silly lover of books and words, she generally loves to seek out new adventures, getting her toes wet and her hands dirty. Having moved to Armenia nearly two years ago, she feels like the world is at her fingertips and anything is possible so long as you take a step in that direction.