6 Easy Hairstyles for Casual Spring Days

With the days warming up and the fields abloom with a myriad of colors, the trees sprouting leaves and the land of green replacing all that snow, we, the female population, face a big problem: just what are we going to do with our hair? The air might be a touch humid, with a bit of a chill still out, the rains are a common thing while we want to be feeling fresh and ready to take on the year. In order to feel ready for the warmer months, we need to come up with simple ways to style our hair as we leave our home in the morning, whether it is for work, school, or simply because we want to. To create the atmosphere, we’ve looked to celebrities to inspire us and boy have we fallen in love with a few of the simplest but most chic casual hairstyles they have been sporting of late.

6 Easy Hairstyles for Casual Spring Days

The Loose Ponytail

Cate Blanchett cuts a lovely figure as she attends the Australian premiere of “Cinderella’ with her hair done in a relax yet elegant manner, having pulled it back into a ponytail that is loose enough to soften it up. Her hair is textured, pulled from an uneven side part and the shorter tendrils fall as long side bangs while the ponytail itself is slightly pulled to one side. Worn with a focus on the lashes and soft pink lips, she is the beauty that so many aspire to be like. This is perfect for just about every occasion, including a movie premiere it appears. Plus, this is a look you can sport in and out of the house, as are nearly all of the looks on this list, since they are some of the easiest hairstyles you should be able to pull off without a problem.

Casual Spring Hairstyles: Cate Blanchett Loose Ponytail

The Simple Ponytail

If you have thick bangs, you are going to love this look very much. It is as simple as a simple ponytail, pulled up halfway in the back of the head, though you can wear it higher or lower as you wish at the moment, the bangs brought forward, cut blunt and blow dried into slightly curling inwards tendrils, the rest of the hair slicked back from the center of the crown. You can leave your edges slightly wavy, the way Jessica Hart wore it as she looked like the perfect girl next door with her pony and bushy bangs, attending the Vanity Fair Oscar party. Add liner, light shadows to highlight, thick mascara coatings, a touch of blush and almost nude lip gloss and you have a rather pretty look that can easily be sported by every single female, young or old, working or stay-at-home mom. Elven style cuff earrings only add to the charm and we shall be sure to try and get our hands on a pair soon enough.

Casual Spring Hairstyles: Jessica Hart Ponytail

The Loose Bun

If you want a really carefree look that is extremely easy and actually shows little effort while still maintaining a stylish edge, the loose bun piled high atop your head is your best bet. At least we are sure of this due to the darling Aymeline Valade attending the Stella McCartney fashion show with such a hairdo, made up for with bold red lipstick that really made her stick out from the crowd. The hair looks like it is fanning at the back of the crown and the tendrils can be played around with to suit your needs, either left more in a messy manner or with the ends tucked in for a more polished appeal. Add a single earring, as is the latest trend it seems, and only a touch of mascara to the eyes and you are done! How is that for an easy look?

Casual Spring Hairstyles: Aymeline Valade Top Bun

The Mid-Length Bob

Honestly, the easiest look is not doing anything at all but just making sure that you are following the latest fashions and have opted for a mid-length bob, just like Alexa Chung was wearing as she attended the Elle Style Awards. Add some bobby pins here and there to pull the tendrils away from your face and voila! Instant beauty in literally under a minute. We have to admit that chopping your hair is possibly the best way to reduce the amount of work you have to do with it, though we warn you away from this idea if you are prone to depressive bouts and staring at photos wherein those locks were nice and long. It is always nice to try on something new and hair seems to grow at a tad faster rate in the summer anyhow, meaning you will have that gorgeous mane back in no time at all.

Casual Spring Hairstyles: Alexa Chung Bob

The Long Wavy Cut

Well, if you plan on leaving your hair down, one of the easiest ways to wear it long is to have it beautifully waved with a simple curling iron, leaving some straight in the front, particularly the short pieces, while making them curl up loosely in the back. Lily Donaldson wore this look tremendously well, parted from the center, worn on blonde hair, with her striking blue eyes peeking through beautifully. It’s such a romantic look and needs but a few minutes of your time only to get it done perfectly. A touch of eyeliner, bold on the mascara, light dusting of blush on the cheekbones and a pretty light pink color for the lips and this is actually a pretty beach ready look that you certainly should be wearing as often as possible.

Casual Spring Hairstyles: Lily Donaldson Wavy Hair

The Messy Updo

The last on our list is the positively captivating Poppy Delevingne look that seems to have a bit of a rocker chic style glamorous feel to it. The messy updo with its dishevelled appearance and the texture really giving it its biggest appeal was worn by the model to the Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty private showing, looking to be in her prime and, as always, making many of those women around her seethe will jealousy. Poppy is gorgeous, and the focus brought to the eyes while keeping the lips nude and slightly shiny makes for an interesting next-day look. It would be nice to pull it off ourselves as well and we can do so with relative ease it seems since we need not may much attention to the center part, nor the tendrils falling all over the place.

Casual Spring Hairstyles: Poppy Delevingne Messy Updo

Photos courtesy of Stylebistro

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Written by Tamar Najarian
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