How Different Successful Fashion Bloggers Make Money

Making money on a good day is not an easy feat when you are going about it online. Blogging is probably one of the hardest manners by which individuals are able to make a modest living, and that only after becoming well known for their original content. Now narrow down that category even more and find the niche of fashion blogging, of which there are many sites with many writers and try to think about how you would be making money off of it. It is probably one of the hardest markets to wring of coin and we know it well. But how do fashion bloggers make so much money just posting their stylish outfits and earning millions just like Chiara Ferragni does?

How Different Successful Fashion Bloggers Make Money

Chances are that if you are a fashion blogger, you are writing pieces for your own site which includes information about the fashion industry, clothing and personal style. You can be writing about specific items or about overall trends, celebrity fashion choices and street styles in general.

Fashion bloggers cover everyone from the biggest names in the industry such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Valentino, Burberry and all to the smallest of Indie designers on the market. While some are more like shopping cards and offer consumer recommendations, others are more of fashion advice, fashion insights and debate on fashion related controversies.

Fashion blogs actually have an extraordinary effect on the business of the designers by sending things viral over the Internet. There are those who have claimed that fashion blogs have democratized the fashion industry, allowing it to evolve from an aristocratic space to one which is open to all human beings, male or female, adult or child.

Fashion blogs are actually more interesting to read these days than the fashion magazines since they offer updated information sooner than normally expected, while also being much easier to access, free to read through and a lot more personable in the long run. They grant people with a computer unlimited access to the fashion world, while fashion magazines are so last decade.

They also help share information about and promote new designers who are up and coming, giving the people a louder voice through it all. Furthermore, they are written in the language of the people and have little to no restrictions placed on them, meaning that readers get a fresh perspective in real-time quite easily.

We know that the fashion blogging world is essential, particularly because most of the coverage of the Fashion Weeks around the world is found through their medium, even before a given show wraps up sometimes. Today, there are millions of fashion blogs out there, some extremely actively; some more like a hobby, but quite a few that use the online medium to make a considerable amount of cash.

But how exactly have they managed to create a full time job out of their blogging work? Do pretty pictures of DIY makeup tutorials and showing off brand new clothes really pay that much money? While it may sound like the perfect job for a stay-at-home mom, there is a lot of work that goes into creating the perfect blog.

Sometimes bloggers even turn their blogs into the kind of work where they rent an office space and pay salaries to employees. According to the founder of Blogoola, the blogs about blogs, Kara Morrison states that there are nearly 54.9 blogs only on Wix and WordPress platforms today… that is a whopping number!

What makes these two so popular is the ability one has to design a website without professional help or knowing how to code properly.

Even more spectacular is the 7 digit figures that some of these bloggers make, literally scoring in the millions, all through their expression of a unique voice and through endorsements. The market has already become pretty saturated, so standing out is a key ability to have, either through your outfits or through your personal way of writing that resonates well with the masses.

You have to pretty much brand yourself as a fashion blogger, deciding on your target audience, the types of products you will be talking about and showcasing, as well as fun new ways to get the information across. Bloggers are certainly not journalists, but they have been taking over the journalistic world with great aplomb and we have to applaud them for it.

As everything around us evolves, it gives way for new jobs and new ways to make money while still doing something you love.

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If we had to pick the top ways fashion bloggers make money, we would say it was through:

1. From time to time, bloggers need to pitch their blogs to advertisers as well, which may seem daunting but it will pay off in the end if done right. These individuals may not make enough in the beginning but you can always turn it into a commercial blog by tweaking things here and there.

2. Allowing space on their blogs for companies to advertise to a certain market that the blog caters to, whether they be young or old, male or female, broad based or extremely niche. Companies can place either logos or full-fledged advertisements on their pages, depending on the amount paid.

3. Affiliate link programs have allowed blogger incomes to skyrocket as companies pay bloggers either outright or through commission to recommend or feature their products on their pages. Sometimes that means having a DIY tutorial for hairstyles using a certain spray or straightener or anything else of the like. There are many ways to get the endorsements out, which makes this the biggest manner by which bloggers make money.

4. Fashion bloggers are also often paid a pretty sizeable amount to write for just about any magazine out there, working for their pay through freelancing for all those who need fresh content from an entirely different vintage point that the blogger can offer.

Both fashion bloggers and vloggers have to work really hard to get to the point where they could be jetting around the world to different fashion shows, always on the move. The pressure is on for them to curate incredible images, as well as write in a manner of prose, while ensuring they are both grammatically and politically correct.

With so many followers looking up to these bloggers, the opportunity to strike a chord is always there. At the end of the day, those who persevere, offer something different and are able to stick out from the crowd will make it big… just ask ManRepeller or The Blonde Salad.

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How Personal Style Bloggers Make Business From Fashion

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