15 Lovely Ways to Style Your Short Hair This Spring

Winter has come and gone and while we know that in the world of Game of Thrones, winter really is coming, in the real world it feels like the next season of freezing weather and extremely short days is a light year away. Knowing that we need a change come spring, we have decided to chop off those locks and greet the sweet, sweet breeze of the warmer days ahead with all the excitement held in our hearts. The nights are shorter and the sun shines for longer now, and we want the napes of our necks to feel the effects of Vitamin D as much as the rest of our bodies, particularly the limbs. Yet in cutting our hair short, we need to make sure we keep with the latest trends as well, looking as dashingly perfect as those stars on the red carpet always do. This is why we’ve compiled this list, showing off the best short hairstyles to emulate for the spring season that has begun in some parts of the world (as of March 1) and that we’ll be hailing in others on March 21, the ancient date of the coming New Year.

15 Lovely Ways to Style Your Short Hair This Spring

1. Pretty Pixie

While some pixie cuts are quite perfect and sexy in the way they appear, others are just downright adorable and messy in their most appealing state. That is what we see on Audrey Tautou anyhow as she appears at the H&M fashion show with her tousled pixie hairdo.

Short Hairstyle Ideas: Audrey Tautou Pixie Haircut

Adorable pixies also extend to the textured manner in which Maggie Gyllenhaal wore her hair during the Elle Style Awards, looking so entirely delightful that we are seriously considering chopping off our own long hair.

Short Hairstyle Ideas: Maggie Gyllenhaal Pixie Haircut

2. Cut Short and Wavy

While Holliday Grainger looked superb in that art deco dress she had on during the premiere of Cinderella, it was that ‘do that really caught everyone’s attention, with a touch of sweetness so clearly shining through as she sported a short wavy cut to the hair, volume at the crown and combed back, with makeup that was gently applied, as if she was a highborn lady with much grace and sophistication.

Short Hairstyle Ideas: Holliday Grainger Wavy Bob

Of course, the short wavy cut does have a sexier edge to it when done the way Jourdan Dunn is sporting it, a lovely wavy bob that is shorter in the back and a touch longer in front, the ends a light blonde and the hair generally set in ombre, moving from a deep rich brown to the platinum ends. The smoky eyes and the nude lips, coupled with the dewy skin had the star glowing beautifully at the Elle Style Awards.

Short Hairstyle Ideas: Jourdan Dunn Wavy Bob

3. Perfect Sleek Bob

If you wanted to see the best bob ever, look for Kat Graham from the Vampire Diaries and you will find that the slicked down and back version of it is probably the best one seen on the red carpet yet. Smoky eyes, thick but sculpted brows, contouring and highlights on the face as well as nude lips mean that all onlookers will be fascinated by the lady’s bone structure and natural beauty hiding behind all that makeup, instead of the hair itself. It’s a great way to open up your features and let the light shine through.

Short Hairstyle Ideas: Kat Graham Sleek Bob

4. Short and Curly

Pixie Geldof really does suit her name for the lady with the jet black hair certainly has the facial shape to be considered one. Her short curls worn in an adorably chic vintage style look positively ravishing as well, even if we find her extra piercings to be unwanted distractions from her natural beauty, only amplified by the black kohl around her eyes.

Short Hairstyle Ideas: Pixie Geldof Short Curly Hair

When you are naturally as breathtaking as Lupita Nyong’o, you really don’t need to do much to amplify your best features. On the contrary, her African roots allow her to wear her really curly hair in a short style and not worry about it at all. Of Luo descent from both sides of the family, it is no wonder she is such an incredibly striking woman.

Short Hairstyle Ideas: Lupita Nyong'o Short Curly Hair

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5. Simply Short and Straight

Speaking of Game of Thrones, we love seeing Gwendoline Christie with makeup on, her classic red lips a perfect contrast against her snow-white skin and deep blue eyes. That blonde hair looks pretty amazing cut into short locks and slicked back straight as well; we wonder, is this the look she’ll be sporting during the next season of the famed show?

Short Hairstyle Ideas: Gwendoline Christie Short Straight Hair

6. Mess Up the Cut

Just because you have short hair doesn’t mean you cannot have the “just woke up and can’t see straight yet’ look about you, as Lily Collins proves with her extremely sexy and perfectly edgy ‘do that is all about the messy short cut combed to the side from a deep side part and falling about the face nicely. Her thick brows that look like they have their natural look about them go perfectly with this ‘do as well, leaving the wearer looking quite delectable in her dishevelled state.

Short Hairstyle Ideas: Lily Collins Messy Short Hair

The sexy isn’t only for the morning after dishevelled look either, as Rita Ora steps onto the red carpet with her perfectly tattooed brows, the extremely long lashes and beautiful red lips, her short blonde hair in a neat, slicked back’ do that is mussed up just enough to fall into the messy short cut category.

Short Hairstyle Ideas: Rita Ora Messy Short Hair

7. Cut Like a Boy

Who said boys are the only ones who can get their hair cut so short? There was a time when men wore their hair long and to this day you will see some rebelling against the norms and doing so. This is why we know that women have the same freedoms to decide on their own hairstyles that they know for a fact will suit their facial shape and features. Jennifer Hudson has certainly managed to look as amazing as possible with her neat boy cut on the Oscars red carpet.

Short Hairstyle Ideas: Jennifer Hudson Boy Short Hair

8. Those Finger Waves

If you have hair that is a little on the longer side of the short category, the tips touching the nape of the neck and all, you can pull a Carmen Ejogo finger wave hairdo and literally take the vintage route, looking quite spectacular, with one side finger waved and the other flipped outward.

Short Hairstyle Ideas: Carmen Ejogo Finger Waves

9. Side Parted Straight Cut

That side parted straight cut look looks pretty amazing on platinum blonde hair, pin straight from root to tip, combed to the side from an really deep side part, just as Rita Ora wore it in her sleek style to the Oscars.

Short Hairstyle Ideas: Rita Ora Side-Parted Sleek Hair

10. Fling-Worthy Fauxhawk

While it may not be the first hairstyle that comes to mind when you think of chopping off your locks, the edgy rocker type fauxhawk screams a good time to be had, whether as a fling or a crazy night out doing things you normally would chicken out from. Wear it like Dorith Mous with platinum blonde hair and we know we won’t be able to get enough of it.

Short Hairstyle Ideas: Dorith Mous Fauxhawk

That fauxhawk appears to be even better on the beautiful Scarlett Johansson, with her tomboyish chic attitude and side swept fauxhawk worn at the Tom Ford womenswear presentation. With her minimal makeup and hair pulled away from the face thus, her gorgeous natural look shone through, her blonde hair piled high and pointing back in a slick style.

Short Hairstyle Ideas: Scarlett Johansson Fauxhawk

11. Short Haircut with Bangs

A short haircut with bangs, especially when it is all textured and looks just fine, is one of the best ways one can wear her hair in a short style. What you need to do is pair it with some bold makeup in order to achieve the edgy chic look instead of the dishevelled just-got-out-of-bed style. Jennifer Hudson opts for purple berry lipstick to offset the less made up look and really bring out the contrasts that draws the eyes.

Short Hairstyle Ideas: Jennifer Hudson Short Hair With Bangs

12. Layered Razor Cut

One of our absolute favourite short haircuts found on the star-studded red carpets is the layered razor cut that so many of the celebrities we know have been sporting, including Lisa Rinna, who dazzles us with her sexy ‘do, coupled with her trademark full lips.

Short Hairstyle Ideas: Lisa Rinna Layered Razor Haircut

This is a look that can keep you appearing to be as young and chic as you hoped to be, no matter your age, as Kris Jenner can attest to with her layered razor cut sported at the Chanel Couture show not too long ago. You can also take Jenner’s style pointers and don on a fun pair of sunglasses to complement your pretty ‘do.

Short Hairstyle Ideas: Kris Jenner Layered Razor Haircut

13. Hightop Fade

The hightop fade hairdo is cool and fabulous, just the right short hairstyle to rock if you are in love with the youthful Hollywood lifestyle. It is certainly what Kiersey Clemons was wearing during her attendance at the Fiat Young Hollywood celebration.

Short Hairstyle Ideas: Kiersey Clemons Hightop Hair

14. Curled Out Bob

There is a regular bob and then there is a curled out bob that looks perfectly cute and positively alluring when worn by the right woman. Rachael Harris is certainly one of those lovely women as we cannot get enough of the large black rimmed glasses that contrast so well with her pale skin, hazel eyes and blonde hair styled in a curled out bob.

Short Hairstyle Ideas: Rachel Harris Curled Out Bob

15. Short Wavy Bob

We can never have enough of the chic vintage style, no matter it’s about an outfit or a stylish hairstyle. Short bob can look undeniably chic when styled in a vintage ‘do with side-parted Hollywood waves just like the look Crystal Renn paired with her dramatic cat-eye makeup and matte red lipstick.

Short Hairstyle Ideas: Crystal Renn Wavy Short Bob

Photos courtesy of Stylebistro

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