6 Beauty Fails That Have Turned Into Trends

For years we’ve been taught about all the beauty faux pas to avoid. We’ve been measured and tried and often been found lacking in one aspect of the beauty world or another. Kind of like the perfect woman ideal, with the Barbie doll body measurements, the pearly white and smooth skin, the perfectly coiffed hair that later turned into pin straight ironed styles, and the balance kept between the beauty looks at the top and the bottom of the face, we have been doing our best to match.

6 Beauty Fails That Have Turned Into Trends

We have been reconstructing noses into smaller upturned versions, contouring in order to achieve the perfect heart-shaped face, dieting and pulling on corsets to get the soft but slightly toned looks, and simply doing our best to avoid all the beauty fax pas. The lashes had to be long and fanning, only 2-3 strokes to avoid clumping and appearing to have spidery daddy longlegs instead.

The lipstick was applied with careful precision, using a liner to make sure it didn’t bleed out. The brows should not be overdone, not be too thick or too thin.

Panda eyes are so not sexy, we’ve been told and our eyeliner use was brought down to a minimum. Foundation should be perfectly applied and blended in, the color matching your skin tone. The blush should be just right, applied in the right places and that doll-like look should be avoided at all costs. Yet, this is all so boring, so lacking in personality.

It is as if there is only one route to beautiful makeup application and anything else is a serious beauty crime. The fashion police need to be called! Here are 6 beauty fails that have turned into major trends, inspiring us to break those common beauty rules and embrace our true selves!

What the fashion runways this year to date have offered is a stray away from the conventional beauty looks, the inclusion of a whole lot of artistically applied nail art, duo-chrome eye shadows, and lots of messy hair that appears as if you just woke up and threw it all into a braid at the crown to hide your second or third day roots.

Conventional beauty is for those who like to play safe, who are afraid to rebel and show some character; it is more for the ones who want to blend in that the ladies who will make some noise and ensure they stick out.

Here are some of the absolutely gorgeous looks from the runways that have made a comeback, the totally serious beauty faux pas designs that have made it into the mainstream.

Bold and Exaggerated Makeup: Think barbaric hordes and bring them into the modern world, modernizing the kohl around the eyes and removing the war paint. Think “grounders’ from the latest in CW series called The 100, their incredibly lined eyes really grabbing our attention.

We do love the fresh-faced makeup free natural look that has been all the rage of late as well, but seeing the meticulously done up liner that accentuated the cat-eye look by a mile is perfection unto itself. We should be able to have both and still feel beautiful, no matter which variation we decide to try on.

6 Beauty Fails That Have Turned Into Trends: Bold Makeup

Frizzy Hair: Your mom has been telling you all your life to never leave the house without combing it trough and taming your mane. You have been fighting with your natural style for decades because it never seems to smooth out perfectly. You even tried the olden trend of brushing your hair 100 times to get the perfectly sleek and smooth look.

Now, Gigi Hadid saunters onto stage with immaculately frizzy hair and you are wondering why on earth you’ve spent a lifetime worrying about it all. After all, if a supermodel on a world-renowned runway show is allowed to do it, who are you to fight against the fashion trends. Plus, it is so much easier to feel confident in 95% humidity when you are not worrying every moment about your fly-aways.

6 Beauty Fails That Have Turned Into Trends: Frizzy Hair

Lived-In Lipstick: While we don’t exactly like dried up and cracking lipstick rings, we cannot help but find the lived-in look rather intriguing. That includes blotting, smudging, and an uneven concentration, as if you have been kissing, drinking or eating; in general, just being an average human being.

The perfectly made up lips are certainly not as appealing as it seems to denote a lack of activity on your part. There’s much sensuality associated with the lived-in lipstick look, as if you are up to no good, the mischievous spark in your eye speaking volumes about your sense of the world.

6 Beauty Fails That Have Turned Into Trends: Lived-In Lipstick

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Uneven Nail Art: Once we were expected to have perfectly polished nails with the lacquer in a light color and then the bright red was included, but still it was all about the nude, light pink and red. Today, we not only have multiple colors, from blue hues to purples, metallic and black, but we also work with uneven nail art, wherein each nail is drawn up with a different color, pattern and design.

Free form techniques and imperfections actually lend to the perfection of nail art these days and we are certainly not complaining. It is more artistic, without a doubt, and allows one to express her individuality. It is done by a human hand and not the tapes, the precision brushes and the stickers that were all the rage but a few years ago. The lines certainly need not be razor straight these days.

6 Beauty Fails That Have Turned Into Trends: Uneven Nail Art

Shiny Skin: Ah, such a huge faux pas and today it is seen on so many of the runways. The shining skin, the dewy look, the sheen on the cheeks; this was once seen as a terrible idea and more likely to be on the faces of the hard-working woman than the beautiful lady in red. Today, the powdered nose is not necessary and the humidity skin is beyond beautiful. So much fresher too!

6 Beauty Fails That Have Turned Into Trends: Shiny Skin

Matching Lipstick: It was once all the rage in the 1960s and ’70s. Today, the cycle of fashionable wear has come round once again and matching your lipstick to your outfit is in. Instead of wearing colors that match your skin tone only, you can go quite bold and match the red with the red, the pink with the pink, even the yellow with the yellow or blue with the blue outfit, though that might be taking the style rebellion to a whole new level.

It is an awesome look though and when you match your nail polish to the rest as well, you have such a perfectly streamlined look that belies the chaos of all the other trends.

6 Beauty Fails That Have Turned Into Trends: Matching Lipstick

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