The Best Fall 2015 Accessories from The Fashion Week

The Fashion Weeks are almost over and we are enjoying the last pieces presented on the Paris runway this time around, having taken great pleasure in viewing all the old and new designers flaunting their creative designs on the New York Fashion Week and Milan Fashion Week runway shows. We have seen some incredible creations, while balking at a few quite unconventional collections; there have been the mesmerizing and the almost frightening on the catwalk, though it has all been great entertainment. More than that, it has provided us with many a lovely outfit idea that we may buy or make at home, however we desire. We have learned of all the greatest fashion trends for the fall and winter seasons of the year and we have also been given a glimpse at some of the best fall 2015 accessories available to us from the runways, brought to us by each and every designer to march his models onto stage, from the oldest fashion houses still operating to the latest in eponymous brands founded and registered. Each fashion week offered its own array of choices when it comes to accessorizing and we find ourselves enthralled by the bags and the jewelry, the footwear and the hats over the heads. It’s not every day we have so many choices offered as a buffet before us.

The Best Fall 2015 Accessories from The Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week Fall 2015 Accessories

From veils to shoes and handbags, we were treated to a rather interesting combination of accessories throughout the New York Fashion Week fall 2015, wherein mostly American designers brought to us their flashy pieces with generous embellishments, including earrings and necklaces, shoes and bags, long gloves and pretty hats, muffs and belts, along with fishnet tights and dark veils that would normally be used during the mourning time period. While Coach decided to bring to us some “talking’ bags, Tommy Hilfiger created boots with soccer ball imagery and Alexander Wang decided he was in love with rivets on all types of clothing and accessories. Some other notable accessories seen on the New York Fashion Week included:

• Slogans and bold wording that inspired us all, including “solidarity’ or “choice’ appearing on scarves as well as the rest of the garments presented at the Marc by Marc Jacobs show. The accessories as well as the garments resonated with revolutionary thoughts.

New York Fashion Week Fall 2015 Accessories: Marc by Marc Jacobs

• The regular Marc Jacobs brand included such pieces as furry clutches and thigh high glossy black boots with center seams to add a touch of texture to the looks, while the gorgeous black leather gloves encased the arms up to the elbows.

New York Fashion Week Fall 2015 Accessories: Marc Jacobs

• Narciso Rodriguez brought to us twisted slave rings for neck jewelry, in thick metal and a wide collar look that looks a lot better on a woman now that it does not signify her belonging to a house as a slave. It is actually quite lovely when paired with the thin, feminine dress.

New York Fashion Week Fall 2015 Accessories: Narciso Rodriguez

• If the latest style of wearing rings includes multiple stacked atop one another, then Donna Karan has it right when she brings a whole stack of earrings in one cuff like design to a single ear, really making the piece of jewelry pop against the skin, framed by the hair.

New York Fashion Week Fall 2015 Accessories: Donna Karan

• While we saw gloves come up to the elbows quite a bit, Oscar de la Renta brought them up to nearly the shoulders, halfway up the forearms, and available in some lovely colors, such as a purplish pink.

New York Fashion Week Fall 2015 Accessories: Oscar de la Renta

London Fashion Week Fall 2015 Accessories

London is always a lot more plush, a lot more regal and with a lot more individualistic designers who have much to offer the fashion world. London Fashion Week fall 2015 might have been a short period of 5 days long, but the amount of accessories presented was no less interesting or generous in design. The best way to enjoy is to check out some of the best pieces offered by each of the designers, from the pointy boots and vivid colors of Jonathan Saunders to the personalized bright scarves by Burberry with their embroidered initials. Some of the best unveiled included:

• Gorgeous fringed blue and yellow suede ankle boots with stiletto heels and a pointed toe were brought to the stage by Matthew Williamson, complementing the golden bejewelled pouch handbags with their gilded chain strings.

London Fashion Week Fall 2015 Accessories: Matthew Williamson

• Incredibly beautiful lace-up thigh-high boots bring a new flavour to the world of bondage it appears, with the exceptionally high heels and the pinkish beige coloring by Jonathan Saunders. Equally magnificent is the thick-heeled white and red knee-high boots with the lacing in the back.

London Fashion Week Fall 2015 Accessories: Jonathan Saunders

• The blocky Toblerone style purses by Mary Katrantzou were quite intriguing in of themselves.

London Fashion Week Fall 2015 Accessories: Mary Katrantzou

• How can you not love Burberry Prorsum’s use of leopard prints, a trend on the runway for the cooler seasons, on its handbags that are made to be large enough to fit everything a woman might need while small enough not to be considered luggage on a flight. Its use of fringe on bags and suede patterning on its boots was also quite ingenious.

London Fashion Week Fall 2015 Accessories: Burberry Prorsum

Milan Fashion Week Fall 2015 Accessories

Milan Fashion Week brought with it lots of colors and a whole array of accessories by some of the top fashion houses in the world. Jeremy Scott made sure his pieces were loud, bright and the accessories most memorable, while brooches made their comeback with this season, as seen on the Prada, Giorgio Armani, Fausto Puglisi and Les Copains shows. Some of these lovely accessories included:

• The pretty glower broaches with their accompanying colorful shadows marked a rather intriguing start in the accessories department this season for Prada, while alligator skin gloves and handbags in bright colors certainly were perfect for the house.

Milan Fashion Week Fall 2015 Accessories: Prada

• Sparkly tasselled shoes were seen on the Max Mara runway and they made grandmother’s favourites really come to life in a modern glam fashion.

Milan Fashion Week Fall 2015 Accessories: Max Mara

• Funky heeled shoes utilizing snakeskin, alligator skin, as well as leather and suede materials made for an interesting addition to the Salvatore Ferragamo looks, while his use of golden and silver straps added a touch of a Godly aura.

Milan Fashion Week Fall 2015 Accessories: Salvatore Ferragamo

• Marni’s snakeskin belts caused quite a stir unto themselves, while the snakeskin boots look pretty amazing, even if those heels are a tad scary.

Milan Fashion Week Fall 2015 Accessories: Marni

• Dangling chandelier earrings were all Missoni on the runway while mules also made a major comeback here. Ankle strapped d’Orsay shoes also looked perfect with the Missoni designs.

Milan Fashion Week Fall 2015 Accessories: Missoni

• Thigh high boots in black and white polka dotted patterns brought some fun to the Emilio Pucci line, while we were also given a taste of some rather intriguing optical illusion patterning on the Pucci footwear.

Milan Fashion Week Fall 2015 Accessories: Emilio Pucci

Paris Fashion Week Fall 2015 Accessories

Paris Fashion Week fall 2015 shows were all about extravaganza, luxury and a one-of-a-kind style that we didn’t see in the previous fashion capitals. Here the accent was placed on the creative shapes and innovative cuts rather than on the color and print usage. Of the coolest and most memorable fall 2015 accessories spotted in Paris we can mention:

• The colorful and printed latex legging boots with sparkling Lucite heels spotted at Christian Dior took our breath away at the very first sight, becoming our new season guilty pleasure. Mostly coming paired with mini dresses, they placed the focus on the leggy legs of the models, making them look kind of edgy, futuristic and sexy.

Paris Fashion Week Fall 2015 Accessories: Christian Dior

• We surely need some stylish and unique hats for the cold months that will both keep us warm and will spice up our looks with luxury and elegance. Lanvin’s floppy hats encrusted with mesmerizing beads are powerful enough to take your boring and simplistic looks to a whole new level this fall.

Paris Fashion Week Fall 2015 Accessories: Lanvin

• Olympia Le Tan’s iconic book clutches will instantly appeal to those in love with reading and fashion at the same time, as they can act as real statement-making details capable of adding a high dose of personality to your day-to-day and special occasion looks.

Paris Fashion Week Fall 2015 Accessories: Olympia Le Tan

• It’s hard to understand the message of the Givenchy show when it comes to the dramatic nose rings, ear cuffs and cheek “piercings’ used, but they definitely are out-of-this-world enough to be included in our list of the most unique fall 2015 accessories from the Fashion Week. We can’t imagine anyone wearing them to the streets, however, they did cause lots of excitement in the Internet.

Paris Fashion Week Fall 2015 Accessories: Givenchy

Photos courtesy of Stylebistro

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