Jennifer Lopez Inspired Party Makeup Tutorial

We quite often look to the beauty secrets of celebrities and their gorgeous red-carpet looks for inspiration when getting ready for a special occasion and trying to look our best. After all, they always look flawless and it’s due to the fact that a big army of stylists and beauticians work with them, doing their best to make them the queens of every party they attend. Among them Jennifer Lopez is the bombshell, who is always perfect whether it’s a casual stroll in the city, a red carpet event or a TV show she takes part in. Her bouncy locks and glam makeup can’t stop inspiring millions of stylish women throughout the world, who want to look as youthful and stylish as she does in her forties. The gorgeous star has served as the perfect muse for us as well to come up with this Jennifer Lopez inspired party makeup tutorial, perfect to master for date nights and other special occasions.

Jennifer Lopez Inspired Party Makeup Tutorial

How To Do Jennifer Lopez’s Makeup

Jennifer Lopez’s makeup looks stand out with the golden glow of her skin, lush eyelashes and soft lip makeup, which together create a harmonious and alluring image that can easily go from day to night. You’ll hardly believe that Jennifer Lopez has a natural pale skin tone and the look she achieves is done through the right application of the correct makeup products. She doesn’t sunbathe either, which has definitely saved her skin a lot throughout the years. To get the effect of the perfectly sun-kissed look she turns to bronzer products applying them not only on her face, but also the entire body paying special attention to the décolleté, arms and thighs. So if you want to look as youthful and fresh in your forties, simply protect your skin from the sun, relying on proper tanning products.

On the other hand, she’s not into natural looks when it comes to the eye makeup, as with a pair of long and full faux eyelashes she manages to create the flirtiest look ever, usually finishing it all off with the classic smokey eye makeup in different tones. And since well-defined eyes are her preference, she naturally keeps her lips slightly toned down for perfectly balanced looks. So knowing her main makeup secrets, you might want to check out what products and tools you need to emulate this Jennifer Lopez inspired party makeup look!

Jennifer Lopez Inspired Party Makeup Tutorial

• Makeup base, foundation, concealer, bronzer
• Peach blush tone
• Eyebrow kit
• Eye primer
• Eyeshadows in brown tones, black and golden glitter
• Black mascara
• False eyelashes
• Brown lip pencil
• Nude lip-gloss
• Tan/ bronze pigment
• Makeup brushes

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Step 1: Creating the radiant and glowing golden skin should be your first aim for achieving a Jennifer Lopez inspired makeup look. Once you have washed your face and applied a toner, use the makeup base creating a good base for the foundation application. You can use a foundation that is a tone darker than your natural skin color, however, don’t go to extremes! A concealer will help you hide any small skin imperfections, while using the best bronzer according to your skin tone and type you can do the final contouring. The best blush tone to finish off the look is a tan/peach color in this case.

Step 2: Since the focus is placed on the eyes, your brows should also be perfectly groomed. You can use a brow kit to fill in any gaps and give the ultimate bushy effect to your eyebrows (Anastasia Beverly Hills Dipbrow Pomade).

Jennifer Lopez Inspired Party Makeup Tutorial

Step 3: Prime your lids (Too Faced Shadow Insurance) and apply a matte eyeshadow in a cool flash tone to the high crease (Haze from Sigma Beauty smoke Screen Palette). In order to give more depth and definition to the crease use a neutral matte brown color over the flash eyeshadow applied (Thunderhead from the same palette).

Step 4: Apply a warm chocolate brown eyeshadow to the inner and outer corners of your lid, making sure you blend it well above the mobile lid in a C shape (Atmosphere from the same palette). To the center of your lid apply a taupe eyeshadow with gold glitter particles using a wet brush (Rave from the same palette).

Step 5: Using a small brush define the inner and outer corners of your eyes with a tiny bit of a black eyeshadow (Almost Black from the same palette). Next, add a golden glitter to the center of the upper lid (Inglot Body Sparkle 56).

Step 6: Apply a little of a black eyeshadow to the lower lid keeping it as close to the roots of the lashes as possible and making sure you leave the center part of the lid clean. Using a brown eyeshadow blend the black color and then apply the same glitter you used on the center part of the upper lid.

Step 7: After applying a few coats of black mascara, apply the false eyelashes for the overly dramatic look.

Step 8: Apply a brown lip pencil on your lips and top that with a nude lip-gloss. Last but not least, finish off your lip makeup with a tan/bronze pigment (Tan pigment from MAC Cosmetics).

Jennifer Lopez Inspired Party Makeup Tutorial

Your Jennifer Lopez inspired party makeup will look especially ravishing, when matched with loose bouncy locks that you can style using a flat iron.

Makeup by Evelina Paunescu for

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