Reasons Why You Should Follow the Fashion Week

There are many reasons why one should really not miss following the Fashion Week. It all begins tomorrow, wherein New York is the host of the first of many shows to be taken place around the world throughout the year. New York Fashion Week itself will be full of the biggest stars in the industry, from Victoria Beckham to Donna Karan, and so many others among the mix. There will even be new designers making their debut with a grand entrance during New York Fashion Week. But why on earth should you care? You are no fashion nut anyway and find it rather annoying when your ultra-feminine best friends suddenly start sprouting nonsense about the latest in designer footwear, outerwear and even lingerie.

The truth is that there is much to find out through the fashion week and not all of it has to do with clothes and celebrities and trends. On the contrary, it is the place for so many up-and-coming stars to make their debuts; but, even more so, it is where a woman can feel at home. Fashion Week is more than about clothes and shoes, expressive of current state of events and aspirations of our very own societies. So pick the category you fit in and listen to our arguments, will you? These are the main reasons why every woman should follow the updates from the Fashion Week!

Reasons Why You Should Follow the Fashion Week

The Feminist

Yes, we know that the objectification and hyper-sensualisation of women everywhere is a massive problem. We know that most of the world’s industries are male-dominated. However, the fashion world is one of the only places where females devote their work to females and even the men, of which there are many, who work in the field, create most of their masterpieces for women. From the catwalks to the streets, the media follows the path of the women, the way they walk, the items they carry, the way their hair is done. In essence, watching fashion week shows is a feminist’s dreams come true with the amount of confidence that is shown by each woman that takes to the stage or sits in those pews admiring her handiwork. Some of the designers are thin and some are of a fuller figure. Some wear sexual styles while most stick to the trends of late, instead opting to look chic and sophisticated. No matter what, every woman in attendance is the role model young women need around us. Who wouldn’t want to follow in the footsteps of a creative and super successful businesswoman, anyway?

The Political Activist

It may seem surprising, but it is true. The fashion world is often used to make declarations about one’s standing on certain issues, from Betsy Johnson’s adamant stance on same-sex marriage equality through her bridal themed spring/summer 2015 collection to Vivienne Westwood’s controversial declaration of voting “Yes’ to the Scottish Independence through her designs. You do get gate-crashers too who will from time to time jump onto the runway with political messages, dissenters and activists alike. It can be a very amusing thing for the political activist in each of us. In this season’s New York Fashion Week, we even have an anti-bullying campaign happening, wherein Andres Aquino will present a special collection entitles “Blue Rose’ and will use it in heightening awareness about bullying in schools, on the playground and in life in general. If this anti-social behaviour can be stemmed from small-age schoolchildren, it will lead to a better and more accepting world in the future. According to Aquino, being nice costs us nothing and the world would be a better and more beautiful place if we decided to respect one another unconditionally, without exceptions.

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The Hippie

For lack of a better description, this group is for those who love the 1960s, the 1970s and the 1980s. They are the ones who love to express their opinions, find the idea of a prenup (pre-nuptial agreement) quite valuable, the ones who will go for the marijuana print garments and who advocate for peace in this war ridden world. The hippie with love the flower power, the way the fashion world reacts to real world events that could disrupt the regular way of life for the average American citizen. What one does not easily notice is how fashion is used by certain nations to send out a message to its people and both friend and foe that she is still standing strong, a resilient force that shall not break with the gust. Horrific times can indeed be surmounted with incredible shows of grace, no matter how impossible it may seem. At the end of the day, even the hippie culture gets some fun out of it all.

The Music Fan

Since we have already mentioned that the Fashion Week shows are about more than just clothes and shoes, it is prudent to state that this is where so many of the musical acts that will later become famous are found. This year alone there are at least 10 breakout bands that the media is beginning to make a buzz about already. These bands overtake the show playlists, are found at the after parties and can even be seen sitting in the front rows. From time to time, they will even play a live number for the audience to enjoy. Some musical talents you may encounter over the next week include: Years & Years (already a favourite in the industry and some seem to like to pair with Alexander Wang), Misterwives (another that is already embraced in the world of fashion), James Bay (who is so loved by the Burberry brand), Marika Hackman (Rodarte is considered the perfect live song stage), Young Thug (the guys is already obsessed with luxury designers, including Riccardo Tisci), Ryn Weaver (her multi-hued mermaid hair will get her in no problem), Milky Chance (their music is at the perfect runway pace), Willow Smith (she’s got the style and the spunk to make it), Garett Borns (somehow he matches with Marc Jacobs with his 70s era style), and Lion Babe (she’s the Hollywood offspring the fashion world loves, and not just for her mane).

Photo courtesy of JouJou Villeroy

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Written by Tamar Najarian
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