Valentine’s Day 2015 Hairstyle Ideas Inspired from Celebs

You have the hair color sorted out and you even have the dress. He’s deciding on the venue and plans to surprise you for Valentine’s Day. You are sure about those sexy black heels and have bought a whole new makeup set to wow him with the hues that match your skin tone and generally coloring perfectly. What you are stuck on is your Valentine’s Day hairstyle. What type of ‘do will you be rocking on the night of love and passion, where the power couple you are forgets the chores of the day and opts to spend time enjoying the evening in the arms of a loved one? Work is left behind and the day and the night are all about enjoying the company of one another. Nothing beats the warm comfort of staring into the eyes of the one you have taken as your mate and lover. Of course, it does help to look good while out on a date or even home curled up and cuddling on the sofa. That’s where these celebrity inspired Valentine’s Day hairstyles come in.

Valentine's Day 2015 Hairstyle Ideas Inspired from Celebs

Medium Wavy Cut

Unless one has just fallen off the fashion wagon and not realized the spring/ summer 2015 hairstyle trends, it becomes quite clear that one of the best looks to rock during Valentine’s Day is the medium hair, cut in fringe to brush over the shoulders, left in lovely waves that look natural and unkempt, but still shiny and healthy. American actress and dancer Jenna Dewan-Tatum certainly knew how to dress up the style for the Jupiter Ascending movie premiere in which her husband Channing Tatum stars, going for the edgy tousled wavy look that will have your own partner falling head over heels in love with you all over again.

2015 Celebrity Inspired Valentine's Day Hairstyles: Jenna Dewan Tatum

Caitriona Balfe gives the medium wavy cut a whole new meaning with her classic and feminine brunette locks pulled into a feathery slightly side-parted hairdo. The layers lend the edges the right amount of flare to create the perfect side swept medium wavy haircut style worn by any of the stars, in this case to the SAG Awards.

2015 Celebrity Inspired Valentine's Day Hairstyles: Caitriona Balfe

Loose Bun

Buns are a common hairstyle to turn to when you want your hair pulled back out of the way and still looking chic and sleek. Sweeping the hair back into a loose bun is even more of a romantic style to opt for, particularly on the day of love, as it takes the severity of the look away which toning down the edges enough to allow for a voluminous bun at the back of the head, kind of like Kerry Washington’s look as she attended the Limited Collection launch, hair pulled back from a center part and her lips seductively drawn up with the Haute Couture favourite seen on the runway in the guide of red lipstick. Reds really do pop up nicely when paired with black and white garments, especially with hair kept well out of the face.

2015 Celebrity Inspired Valentine's Day Hairstyles: Kerry Washington

Lucy Watson has also been spotted of late sporting the loose bun, but hers certainly was not as tight as Kerry Washington’s. On the contrary, while Washington looked sleek with her ‘do, Watson had tendrils framing her face and pushed behind her ear, flipped and curled at the edges and made to look purposefully dishevelled in a pulled-together kind of way. Those loose tresses certainly looked amazing and it is a look that can be emulated for a special day easily, while certain to draw the attention to the pieces falling about the features, the gaze brought down to the eyes, the cheekbones, the lips and all.

2015 Celebrity Inspired Valentine's Day Hairstyles: Lucy Watson


Emma Stone looks amazing no matter how she styles her hair, but we have been especially drawn to the bobs of late. She knows that the loose waves in her copper red hair looked amazing as she sashayed in for the Academy Awards Nominee Luncheon, which we have all realized as well. Our hair needs not be long in order to look fabulous. The right color, the right cut and the right amount of waves do wonders for the whole of the look, which can be emulated to perfection in this case. You can always wear your bob a different way as well!

2015 Celebrity Inspired Valentine's Day Hairstyles: Emma Stone

A curled out bob is actually a very attractive and slightly retro way to wear your shorter hair and still look fab and glam in one. At the same Academy Awards Nominee Luncheon we also spotted the beautiful Rosamund Pike, with her slightly side-parted hair cut into a lovely bob and curled out at the ends of the otherwise straight hair, with a single price of the golden tresses slightly waved on one side. The caramel blonde of the hair color did much to catch the light as well, reflecting nicely and showing off beautifully healthy hear that can be pulled off by most women who love the shorter look.

2015 Celebrity Inspired Valentine's Day Hairstyles: Rosamund Pike

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Long Straight Cut with Bangs

Zara Martin looked incredible with her cute young girl hairstyle worn to the PRIV launch. She sported a sleek and straight long hairdo, with straight layers throughout the dark brown hair parted from the center in the pack portion of the head, the font of which was brought forward to create a dazzling effect with eye-grazing bangs. It is a classic look that will never get old and certainly remind us of decades past when the celebrities enjoyed sporting such bangs and pin-straight hair all the time.

2015 Celebrity Inspired Valentine's Day Hairstyles: Zara Martin

Feathered Flip

It is all about the 1970s looks these spring and summer seasons, which means that the most romantic hairstyle that is a blast from the past is surely to liven up your Valentine’s Day celebrations with not too much effort and overall great amount of comfort. The feathered flip of the caramel blonde hair lately sported by Jade Williams during the launch of PRIV has had many talking about its loveliness, particularly with its center part, adding glam to any situation you are place in during the day or evening out.

2015 Celebrity Inspired Valentine's Day Hairstyles: Jade Williams


Not every woman is particularly in love with the sophisticated look, but not every ponytail need be a sporty version either. On the contrary, so many of the runway shows aired to date have shown off a low ponytail tied in the back, some of the haute couture even opting to dress up the hair by adding rings and extra extensions as well. Long wavy locks look amazing when pulled back into an ear height ponytail, rather like the style pulled off by Kelli Berglund during the Jupiter Ascending premiere screening.

2015 Celebrity Inspired Valentine's Day Hairstyles: Kelli Berglund

While wavy hair might look a little more casual and suit a more carefree personality better, Camilla Kerslake showed us that we can straighten our hair beautifully and then pull it back into a gorgeous ponytail tied lie and tight, the hair taken from a nice side-part, thus opening up the brilliance of the face itself which has been adorned with lovely rose red lipstick and the eyes beautifully made out. There’s certain elegance to the ponytail that has pin-straight hair as one of its characteristics, which is probably why it is such a staple among celebrities and on the runways alike. It is a fashion trend that you are certainly encouraged to run with over the Valentine’s Day celebrations. It would do you good!

2015 Celebrity Inspired Valentine's Day Hairstyles: Camilla Kerslake

Messy Cut

While Valentine’s Day is supposed to be about soft and romantic gestures, your haircut should be all you. If your style is more of a messy artsy type, then opting for the messy cut that’s reminiscent of a morning-after look might be enough to drive your partner crazy with pleasure. The mussed up look is perfect for a Chanel show, worn by Clotilde Hesme; it is certainly good enough for you to wear out on a date or during a romantic evening spent with your lover at home.

2015 Celebrity Inspired Valentine's Day Hairstyles: Clotilde Hesme

A messy cut need not be a Clotilde Hesme mussed up morning-after hair either. On the contrary, the short hair can look messy but chic at the same time, as proven by the lovely Eva Herzigova and her casually done up hair that is nicely brushed back from the face and worn during the Dior Couture show. It looks especially lovely in the caramel blonde color she’s rocking, while the wind enjoys sweeping the tendrils about to give it a slightly messy touch.

2015 Celebrity Inspired Valentine's Day Hairstyles: Eva Herzigova

French Twist

Nothing says romance better than a classical French twist, especially when you have the coloring of the gorgeous Sarah Hyland. She looked amazing at the SAG Awards with her elaborate French twist styling of the hair, which in itself appeared to be a work of art. You need not put as much effort into yours, but know that if you have olive skin with a warmer tint, honey hazel eyes and a honey dipped dirty blonde hair color, you are looking at a masterpiece. Thicker brows, lightly lined lids and feathery bold black lashes fanning over it all add to the beauty of the look, while the lips kept a simple berry color in a matte texture will ensure the eyes and the hair receive all the attention, just as they deserve. Adding blue gems to the ears, much like Sarah Hyland, will emphasize the sophistication of the look, while certainly having you appear to be the loveliest woman in the crowd. He better be treating you to a really posh restaurant for all the work you put into this look, bringing the glow of pleasure to those eyes as well. Then you can enjoy yourself as your lover unpins the twist to reveal soft cascading locks around your shoulders.

2015 Celebrity Inspired Valentine's Day Hairstyles: Sarah Hyland

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