MAC Cinderella Spring 2015 Makeup Collection

MAC and Disney come together to create a product line that will appeal to those young at heart, who grew up on the animated cartoons that features damsels in distress and the dashing princes who would save them. These Disney princesses have become the role models of both the generations who were born from the 1980s and onwards, as well as the little girls of today. They are bold and beautiful, yet soft and womanly and have been the subject of much debate. What many have concluded so far is that these princesses, albeit with happily ever after endings marrying a prince, have been the superheroes of these cartoons, fighting off the evil that tries to destroy them. While there is much to be worried about in terms of the ideals it sets for our children, there is much to commend as well. This is probably why we are entirely in love with the MAC Cinderella spring 2015 makeup collection, producing limited edition products for the Disney princess lovers in all of us.

MAC Cinderella Spring 2015 Makeup Collection

Cinderella is considered a timeless masterpiece about a courageous girl who defies the life that has been handed to her, is guided by a fairy godmother to follow her dreams and learns to live a little, making her own fairy tale come true. Even the mice are there to make sure she has a day for herself, where she is no different than all the rest of the women in their city. The limited edition MAC Cinderella spring 2015 makeup collection captures this magic in the palm of your hands, with enough color shades to really fill up that pumpkin carriage. It will definitely knock the breath out of your own Prince Charming.

The US launch of the Cinderella themed MAC products is set for February 26 in terms of being available online, while they will hit the stores on March 6. Throughout the month of March, they will also hit the MAC stores in the international markets, ensuring every woman with a little girl’s heart is treated to the cosmetics line that will have her transported back into a childhood where playing Cinderella dress up was common practice. You might even have a glass slipper or two hidden away in your closet from those days, as a memento of moments long past.

The MAC Cinderella spring 2015 makeup collection includes:

MAC Cinderella Lipsticks ($17.50) (Limited Edition)

Free as a Butterfly is a lustrous semi-sheer golden nude color that reminds us of freedom and sunshine, while keeping true to the season’s trends. What would be a lipstick collection without one intended for a royal ball? Royal Ball is a fleshy pink lustrous piece that is sure to have you feeling like Cinderella herself.

MAC Cinderella Lipglasses ($16.50) (Limited Edition)

Happily Ever After is a cool and milky pink shade that has a touch of bluish pearl to it, meant to remind us that after all is said and done, the calm will reign once more. On the other hand, the passions of the moment can be embodied in the light milky pink with a pinkish pearl tone found in Glass Slipper.

MAC Cinderella Spring 2015 Makeup Collection

MAC Cinderella Eyeshadows Eyeshadow x 6 / Stroke of Midnight ($44.00) (Limited Edition)

There is a whole array of colors in the eyeshadow palette box, including the frosted white Phloof! Shades in a soft and muted matte plum brown are known as Quarry, while the same in a beige-taupe version is known as Omega. The peachy velvet pink shade with a violet pearl undertone is the Vapour, while the velvety black plum with a sparkling pearl is but a Stroke of Midnight, only to be veiled in with the frosted taupe with silver shimmer known as Satin Taupe.

MAC Cinderella Eye Gloss ($23.00) (Limited Edition)

The Lightly Tauped color is a light beige gloss with a peal base, while the Pearl Varnish gives off a nice glow with its pearly white gloss factor.

MAC Cinderella Fluidline ($17.50) (Limited Edition)

You can put on the Little Black Bow, with its grey shade with silver pearl base, or opt for the Macroviolet instead, a shade that’s dominated with a deep smoked violet coloring complete with a mix of a red pearl underlining.

MAC Cinderella Iridescent Pressed Powder ($28.00) (Limited Edition)

Known as Coupe d’Chic, this light golden peach powder with the gold shimmer is perfect for bringing out the face of a princess in any woman with a love for Disney’s Cinderella movie.

MAC Cinderella Spring 2015 Makeup Collection

MAC Cinderella Glitter ($23.00) (Limited Edition)

What is a princess without the added touch of gorgeous glitter, this time with a white base and a pearl sheen, known readily as Reflects Pearl Fine.

MAC Cinderella Pigments ($24.00) (Limited Edition)

We have the Evil Stepmother embodied in a black plum shade and filled in with a plum pearl coloring, while the evil can be beat with Pretty It Up, an olive pigment with pearl bases in different shades. After all, the evil ones may often be gorgeous to behold but they can never be considered pretty, for that requires a modicum of innocence to be present on the case.

MAC Cinderella Beauty Powder ($28.00) (Limited Edition)

Known simply as the Mystery Princess, this matte pinkish beige coloring with a silver shimmer is a lovely addition to any cosmetics set, whether or not you are a Cinderella fan yourself. For those who are, though, being able to beguile men as a mystery princess holds much appeal for any woman with a flirtatious nature at least.

MAC Cinderella Spring 2015 Makeup Collection

MAC Cinderella Brushes

The #217 Blending Brush from the collection will be available for $24.00, while the #168 Large Angled Contour brush will be available online and in store for $35.00 retail price. These are perfect to use with the powders and pigments, the glitter and the shadows found among the whole of the MAC and Cinderella collaboration collection. It is certainly one extensive line that’s worth investing in by the Disney loving princess in all of us.

Photos courtesy of MAC Cosmetics

Written by Tamar Najarian
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