Romantic Hairstyle Tutorials for Valentine’s Day

It is but a week before the big day of love, where men and women get together to commemorate months or years or even decades spent together, while those who are single wallow in their self-pity. Of course, there are those who revel in being single as well. But this article is for the women in a relationship, who know they will be picked up by their significant others and head out on a date somewhere in town where the poor chap has been forced to rack the brain for some sort of romantic gesture that can be done in order to please the women by his side. Of course, this means candlelight dinners and soft declarations of love. Some women might find themselves proposed to, while others end the day in disappointment on that end. In either case, February 14 and all the days around it are reserved for huddles in front of a sappy romantic movie or sweet walks along the shore, or even thrilling adventures that bind the two of you to one another even more. And for all of this, you certainly need to be looking your best, with softer, most “pretty’ looks preferred to get your man’s heart pumping and the love flowing. Hey, he might even give you a nice serenade outside your window or create a lovely surprise on your lawn! There is no lack of romantic ideas for men on the Internet, which means you might want to keep at least your hair done at all times, just in case you are faced with an unexpected but delightful event. Here are some romantic hairstyle tutorials for Valentine’s Day that will help you look drop-dead gorgeous for your special date!

Romantic Hairstyle Tutorials for Valentine's Day

Soft Bouncy Curls

One of the easiest and most attractive Valentine’s Day hairstyles you can create for yourself every morning, just to make sure you are never caught off guard, is the soft bouncy curls that are a cross between real curls and waves. In order to achieve this look, you will need to follow these steps:

• Blow-dry your hair if it is already of straight texture, and straighten with the proper tool if it is not as easy to work with. Do not forget to use the hair protection spray on each section before using the curling iron. Also, make sure it is perfectly dry for curling iron or straightener applied to wet hair would burn it. You don’t exactly want to be awarded with split ends instead of gorgeous, shiny locks.

• Use a hair tie to secure pieces of hair separately, starting below the ear where you section it off. Start closest to the roots, but leave enough space so that you are not burning you delicate skin on the scalp. Plus, starting as close as possible to the roots means more overall volume, which you certainly do want to achieve. Better to have too much volume in the beginning than to have it fall flat by the end of the night.

• Wrap the pieces of hair around the barrel of the curling iron, but make sure you are not twisting it. Just keep it loose enough so that each tendril literally feels the effects of the heat. Keep all the curls coming in the same direction for these curls. If you were doing waves instead, it would have been nicer to interchange directions. Remember that the longer you hold your hair against the barrel of the curler, the tighter the curl will be; the ideal is about 5-8 seconds, depending on the strength of the tool. Just make sure that you are not overdoing it on the tight curls as you might lead your hair to burn. You do want the curls looking as healthy as can be. Continue doing different sections of hair, moving up and doing the line around the brow level and then finishing off the top. You want to give bang a looser curl or not curl them at all, that one is your call.

• Brushing it afterwards will give it a softer and flouncy look that will surely have your partner pegging you out as being one of the most adorable people he’s ever had the pleasure of coming into contact with. Just make sure not to do it until your hair has cooled down so that you are not opening up the curls too much in the process.

Romantic Hairstyle Tutorials for Valentine's Day: Bouncy Curls

Braided Weekend Style Ponytail

This type of hair looks best with texture, so if you haven’t washed your hair in a day or a two, you will be enjoying this Valentine’s Day hairstyle tutorial more than ever. It’s an easy style that’s all soft and stylish; it is rather perfect to wear out on a date, keeping the tresses out of your face while still looking like you put in the extra effort to look fabulous for your night out with that special someone. You will need a small hair elastic and one regular sized one, as well as bobby pins to keep the tendrils in place.

• Start by sectioning off your hair from ear to ear and clipping the back section out of the way so that you can easily work on your braid. You should then make a lace braid from ear to ear, wherein it is almost like you are doing a French braid but instead of adding in hair from both sides of the braid, you only pull them in from your hairline on the outside. Once you reach the other ear, you can finish it off in a simple plait and tie it with an elastic band.

• Now that you have the most of the work out of the way, it’s time to pull the rest of the hair in for a side ponytail and tie it with an elastic band, making sure to pull out some of the pieces at the edge of the elastic to give it a looser feel. Finish off by wrapping the braid around the ponytail and pinning it into place so that it all looks perfectly seamless and utterly romantic for a Valentine’s Day outing.

Romantic Hairstyle Tutorials for Valentine's Day: Braided Ponytail

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The Twist and Pull Braid

If you are a free spirit and are loved for that very characteristic, this hairstyle is the right one for you. It is fun, it is savvy and it certainly shows off your attitude that hints at an inner child that shall never really grow up. Plus, it reminds us of romantic couples of Irish lore, the princess and the pauper united on the shores of the seas. So adding your own specific effect to the hair styling might do you good as it would certainly not be the best idea to lure your man into the sea to drown, as some folk tales would have it.

• You will need a good amount of mousse in your hair in order to give it texture as you blow dry it completely. Considering the fact that we have no other heat utilizing tools to use, it matters not if the ends are still a little damp. That can actually come in somewhat handy, actually.

• Twist a section on each side of the face and secure them back with bobby pins before splitting the remaining hair into two sections and twisting them about three inches down in any direction. Separate the twists with your fingers, before repeating the procedure with the rest of the hair. Continue all the way down, pulling two sections into a twist and then separating them with fingers, before securing it at the end with a rubber band. Pull the twists apart to give it all a thicker look and voila! You look like the fun fashionista is really are inside.

Romantic Hairstyle Tutorials for Valentine's Day: Twisted Braid

Game Of Thrones – Khaleesi Hairstyle

If you and your loved one are total Game of Thrones junkies and simply cannot get enough of Khaleesi Daenarys Targaryen herself, you are certainly encouraged to try out the dragon mother’s hairstyle for yourself and really make the night special. The Khaleesi is the pillar of strength, passion, compassion and courage; she is the one who loves completely, who would have given herself to the fires with her husband. Instead, she stepped through the flames with dragons on her shoulders and a proud look of a mother, naked against the head. It is a simple enough Valentine’s Day hairstyle that you have to recreate, but the message you relay through it is one that will certainly bring a spark to his eyes and perhaps even have him kneeling before you, professing undying love and a lifelong devotion to the majesty that is the woman before him – you. It will certainly be worth it, if that were the case. Maybe have him read this tutorial beforehand to give some hints if that’s the line of thinking you have going as well. Furthermore, all you’ll need is 3 small but clear elastic bands.

• You should start by adding texture to your hair. If it is not wavy itself, you might want to wet it and add some light waves. If you are a natural wavy, particularly a blonde with wavy hair, then you have little to worry about. Just blow dry your hair from as close to the roots as possible to give the strands some lift as you work on the back of your head.

• Take a very small piece of hair from each side of your temples and secure in the back with an elastic band before repeating the same thing with a small piece taken from the backs of the ears or just on top of them and adding the hanging section from the top before typing it all up. Repeat once again with hair strands from about a finger or two below the ear, pulling in the hanging piece from the middle and tying it with an elastic band. Your hair is thus pulled back nicely, you look as regal as the famed Khaleesi, and that was the easiest hairstyle you could have imagined for a Valentine’s Day spent in the company of a loved one. All in all, a great couple of minutes’ work!

Romantic Hairstyle Tutorials for Valentine's Day: Game of Thrones Hair

Photos courtesy of Negin Mirsalehi, Barefoot Blonde, Hair Romance

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