10 Must-Have Skin Care Products for Every Skin Type

Beauty and skin care come hand in hand and every woman knows that shopping for the right products can be nothing short of a full-fledged headache these days. There are so many different beauty products to choose from and one must be careful that in fixing one problem she is not in turn creating another. But there are certain products that no girl goes without, that she should not go without. It would be a sin to not have these skin care products meant for every skin type lining your shelves.

10 Must-Have Skin Care Products for Every Skin Type

Natural beauty begins with a bright and glowing complexion, where the skin is healthy, the pores are soft, the breakouts are nowhere in sight and the eyes alight with mischief. We all know that drinking lots of water ensures the best of complexions for any woman, but even then there are imperfections that need to be handled with care and expertise. Skincare routines come in very handy when you want that ultimate in radiance glowing through your skin, looking as beautiful and healthy as ever.

Skincare is very much dependant on the individual using it. The rules concerning what to do and what not to do differ great among women, and sometimes it does feel like an impossible task to find the right products to match your own individual needs.

At the end of the day, though, the stress and work and sweat and running around that you put into it is rewarded with soft, beautiful and bright skin that thanks you every day for your efforts. These skincare products should help you in achieving that goal quite nicely.

1. Cleansing Products

Cleansers are the first items on your list when you go out shopping for skincare products at your local beauty and drug store. These lotions are formulated to remove all the impurities, as well as the day’s makeup and the build-up of pollution and dirt on your face.

This allows the skin to breathe properly and improves its overall health by keeping those pores unplugged. A clean face also allows for all the other products to work their magic all the better on your skin, whether it be morning or evening.

Cleansing daily means that you replenish the skin’s delicate moisture barrier, while gently removing the extras stuck to the softness of it without stripping the critical bits away. If you normally have dry skin, go for a creamy cleanser, while a gel, foamy cleanser is best for those with oiler faces. Natural or organic cleansers should always be your top choice.

2. Toner

While many of us never actually use a toner, it comes in very handy after cleansing in order to restore much needed ingredients that will help repair the damaged skin. So antioxidants, glycerine, fatty acids and ceramides come in very handy to replenish your youthful and bright look while ensuring it gets enough vitamins and nutrients fed into the skin.

You will look fresher and smoother than you did before applying the toner, especially if you do so after cleansing your face first. It will calm the skin down and soothe away any bumps or redness to it while removing any last traces of the makeup you had on so that your poor skin can breathe much easier.

Toners with rose water are your best bet for those with dry skin, while Alpha Hydroxy Acids will work best on combination skins; oily skin enjoys the feel of the glycerine best, especially if it is prone to breakouts.

3. Exfoliator

The skin is cleaned and toned, but you also need to exfoliate in order to get rid of that build-up of dead skin cells on the surface that essentially clog pores and reduce the amount of oxygen that can get through the skin barrier. Exfoliating ensures you accelerate the skin renewal process so that you look fresh and healthy, as well as more youthful once you are done.

It will get rid of fine lines for the most part and reduce the look of wrinkles, while also removing both redness and blackheads and building up the collagen so that it improves the evenness of the skin tone and fills out imperfections.

Those with oily skin should ask for a physical exfoliator such as a scrub or any form of device that does the trick, while those with dry skin need a product that also hydrates while removing the dead from the skin’s surface. Lotion textures or ones with a honey base are your best bet here, while those with sensitive skin should stick to rice and oatmeal powders instead.

4. Moisturizer for the Day

The skin needs constant moisture and sometimes drinking lots of water is not enough. You can add a humidifier to the room as well and it may not end up doing much good. What you need is a product that protects against the harmful rays of the sun, one that wards off pollutants and eases environmental stresses, while also protecting against any damage you makeup may have done.

You want it to have an SPF base that will prevent burning, while antioxidants help fight those pesky free radicals and caffeine gives it the energy and firmness you want. Those with dry skin would do well with richer creamy variations, especially those with avocado oils, while oily skin prefers those with botanical extracts and lightweight consistencies.

At the end of the day, you want them to be fragrance and paraben-free as that will ensure your skin does not react badly with the moisturizer’s ingredients.

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5. Night Cream

While the moisturizers you use during the day are meant to protect your skin from the world, the ones you don at night are specifically richer and thicker, with the highest concentrations of those anti-aging ingredients that you so wanted, especially since you noticed those fin lines around your lips.

They are made to slowly penetrate the skin over the course of the night as they are not hindered by makeup or attacked from the outside by the sun. Those with dry skin will need a moisturizer with fatty acids so that it brings hydrations back to the skin, while oily skin responds best to non-clogging products.

6. Eye Cream

You might feel like this is becoming to be too many creams on your shelf, but you certainly do need an eye cream that is different from the rest of the creams. The skin under and around the eyes is thinner and more sensitive, with fewer oil or water glands to keep it moisturized, which you will need to compensate for with your artificial versions.

You want something that will not only hydrate the skin but also bring down the puffiness, minimize the dark circles and lighten up the eye region. You don’t need much of the concentrated formula to treat the skin under your eyes.

Just make sure it has no fragrances, is full of antioxidants and is meant for sensitive skin, as you do not want any unseemly allergic reactions leaving your eyes worse off than before.

7. Serum

While the moisturizers are much easier to find on the shelves of women everywhere, serums are a less likely product that should make it onto your beauty product shopping list. They are thicker than liquid with active ingredients that are really good for the skin.

This includes essential vitamins and other such elements that help treat skin conditions, such as dryness, lack of firmness, dark spots and wrinkles. Serums are not necessarily for moisture; instead they are used to give the skin some healthy food, kind of like the way greens are great for your body.

Those with oily skin should ask the drug store for a product with glycolic acid or retinol, while dry skin should use a lighter non-oily serum for maximum hydration.

8. Face Oil

Essential oils are always important for your skin and your shelf looks to be majorly empty without it. The fatty acids it provides cannot easily be produced by the body itself, though the skin craves it for its well-being.

The best oils to use are argan, jojoba, apricot kernel, avocado, macadamia, rosehip, camellia and borage. There are a few others as well that are equally as coveted for daily skincare, ensuring the surface is smooth and radiant.

Carrot seed oils and krill are known for their anti-aging ingredients, with properties to rejuvenate the skin. Aestheticians love working with tea tree oils, as they are anti-septic and keep the skin from breaking out.

9. Masks

It might sound cliché, but facial masks are actually a really good product to have in the home, to be used when you feel like relaxing and taking the time to take care of yourself properly. They can be used to bring back the moisture to the face, detoxify, increase the blood circulation and replenishing essential nutrients that have been lost along the way.

This is the extra pampering you give you skin when you have the time to spare one a week or even once a month, when the husband’s at work, the kids are at school and you are done with your own work for the day.

Masks calm and soothe red and inflamed skin, while oily and congested skin benefits from these products the most, drawing out the impurities from the skin.

10. Facial Sunscreen

While your day cream should have SPF in it, you should not go out without facial sunscreen to protect against the harshness of the sun’s UV rays. It is the most important product to put on your face daily, as the biggest part of your skincare regimen, in order to keep your skin texture clear of wrinkles, freckles, discoloration and roughness that may subsequently arise after sun exposure.

For best results, reapply every couple of hours or once you are done with your swimming in a pool or ocean.

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