The Spring 2015 Floral Couture

We just enjoyed a full week of amazingly divine haute couture fashion trends during the latest Paris Couture Fashion Week. The spring and summer 2015 couture collections were gorgeous, with mother nature bringing its charm to the catwalk for a rather captivating route through the couture fashion show dates. We were transported into fields of flowers, onto tropical islands with lush greenery and made to walk the bamboo forests, all through exclusively divine pieces of clothing so painstakingly put together. It was a rare sight not to have a designer incorporate the season’s biggest trend, from the wild blooms poking out boldly under wheat sheaf brimmed hats in the Viktor & Rolf show to the paper garden party organized by Chanel, wherein puff sleeves were smothered in floral designs. Dior gave us blossom-printed transparent capes along with those beaded gowns so thoroughly admired, while Armani Prive knew how to melt our hears with those bamboo leaves splayed across eveningwear that had us thoroughly captivated. The latter use of nature’s vegetation certainly played up on the trend but turned to something more unique than simple floral.

The Spring 2015 Floral Couture Trend

With all the floral designs available this season in the world of haute couture, it would do us well to look into each designer’s use of the theme and placement of the trend among their collections. While some of the incredible artists stuck to floral prints throughout the whole of their shows, others had dabbles among the other exclusive handmade designs that could be perfect for the runway or for that 1% of the wealthiest clients who can afford to pick up a Chanel Haute Couture. After all, each piece can range anywhere from a few tens of thousands up to millions, depending on the fashion house, the make, the fabric, the materials used overall and the amount of labour put into producing some of the most extravagant but intriguing of day and eveningwear designs. For the princesses and Hollywood celebrities of the world making millions upon millions of dollars a year, picking one of these awesome specifically custom-ordered pieces is not much of a problem at all.

Viktor & Rolf

Gorgeous straw dolls seemed to walk the runway, complete with layered ruffles under a kaleidoscope of color that made up the short hemmed dresses covered entirely in flower motifs. Of the 20 pieces on display, every last dress was in a floral pattern and every last model sported a wide brimmed straw hat that seemed to be woven fresh from the nearby haystacks in the fields. There appears to be a story being told here, with a young girl going through the seasons and bringing with her the harvest in the autumn that would mean survival for her people. She starts off with a snowy white and black and moves into gurgling streams with the blooming daffodils blue hues appearing in the fields along with purples and then bringing the fall season with the reds and the browns. Each dress is more vibrant than the last, leading to a collection that is quite impossible to forget.

Spring 2015 Floral Couture Trend: Viktor & Rolf

Giorgio Armani Prive

This was, without a doubt, one of the most spectacular shows among the collections showcased, with 66 unique pieces, many of which utilized the bamboo stalks and leaves that looked positively incredible on the sheer or lightweight fabrics used in the line-up. From satin sashes to full skirt and blouse sets, maxi skirts in gentle cascades and full out gowns with a sexy shade of blue as the background, this was one collection that really played up the shadowed floral theme and brought Mother Nature to the forefront.

Spring 2015 Floral Couture Trend: Armani Prive

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Under those funky tulle covered hats and mesh half veils, the models of the Chanel fashion show were garbed in floral inspired dresses that really brought spring to a cool winter’s day. We saw flowers on the edges of suit tops and blazers, adorning the neckline and the sleeves; we found the pretty dotted floral prints on the midi skirt with matching twin crop tops utterly adorable as the catwalk suddenly appeared to hold a few variations; we smiled with delight when we realized the tweed dresses suddenly had red and black floral pockets and chest with sleeves, while the floral prints on those gloves captured our attention fully. We loved the floral designs on the hems of the maxi skirts, as well as along the waist of the white maxi skirt with red puff sleeve topped ensemble. We especially admired the floral bits on the knit hats, as well as absolutely loving seeing them as bands across skirt and crop top twin sets. There were flowers everywhere and it was fun, impressive and utterly satisfying to watch them whirl on by.

Spring 2015 Floral Couture Trend: Chanel

Elie Saab

Among the breathtaking visions that appeared on the Elie Saab runway, watched live from around the world, were those incredibly sweet floral inspirations that truly set the stage on fire. As if in a dream, we watched models sashaying by with their gowns woven out of dreams, in colors that can only be from the sweetest illusions known to the mind. So many of the pieces used flowers and flower petals to bring the focus to the embellishments on the gowns, from sheer ethereal designs to gowns that could knock the breath out of you with a single glance unto its perfection. There were mini lengths and maxi hems, additions of tulle or set against sheer fabric, while feathers appeared on many of the dresses as well. All in all, no one can beat Elie Saab in creating the most magnificent in collections.

Spring 2015 Floral Couture Trend: Elie Saab

Other Spring 2015 Floral Couture Trends

Other designers who included floral designs in their collections were Giambattista Valli, with his designs centering around pretty little flower prints against white or sheer fabrics, particularly at the top of each dress or ensemble – he even had full-fledged dresses at midi lengths in gorgeous white, black and purple floral designs ” as well as wrapped around the waists, while even Jean Paul Gaultier created a wood nymph out of one particular beauty, dressing her in a green tulle covered body suit and adding white flowers along the chest before finishing off with a purple variation on the side of her hair. Christian Dior focused moreso on the little flowers as prints on his garments, while Valentino seems to have brought the innocence of youth to the foreground with itty bitty blooms made to adorn gorgeous coiffed hair.

Spring 2015 Floral Couture Trend: Giambattista Valli

Spring 2015 Floral Couture Trend: Christian Dior

Mother Nature has served as immense inspiration for so many of the designers of haute couture, one has to wonder if the floral print trend will continue well into the next year as well. It certainly made it be known that spring is in the air, though, and that soon enough the fields about us will be in full bloom with all the colours appearing on the runway shows.

Spring 2015 Floral Couture Trend: Gaultier - Valentino

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