6 Pretty Valentine’s Day Nail Art Ideas from Instagram

We’ve got less than 2 weeks to Valentine’s Day and the party is just getting started. We’ve planned our night out, our pretty little gifts that are oh-so-romantic, the dress that we will be wearing in that gorgeous sequined red and black to blow him away on the spot and have Chris de Burgh’s Lady in Red put on repeat in his head, the bottle of wine we plan to open that we have been painstakingly saving for such a special occasion, and everything else in between. And then we look at our nails‚Äö√Ñ√∂‚àö√묨‚àÇ those lovely manicured nails that look great but rather boring. We want to spruce them up, to add some life into the fading shades. They should inspire emotions that regular nails would never do, using special Valentine’s Day nail art that is certainly uncannily awesome but not your typical designs. Valentine’s Day is special and every last detail on your body should be as special, as well. After all, it only comes once a year and it is most definitely the best time to show off your love in as intriguing a fashion as possible.

Since we all love social media platforms and adore sharing our unique designs, we’ve decided to peruse the famed Instagram accounts and found ourselves oohing and aahing over the fabulous Valentine’s Day nail art designs done by popular nail artists on Instagram. The social platform is incredibly rich in some of the loveliest nail art designs for Valentine’s Day you can think of and takes us from cutesy to sexy, funky to sophisticated. At the end of the day, they are all beautiful and we’ve had a hard time picking out the top six best designs that are perfect for this Valentine’s Day time period.

1. Spelling it Out Sign Language Style

This is where you have an interesting twist on the traditional spelling out of the world love on your nails. While so many people will use block letters, or even cursive, and usually do it in the English language (you have four letters and four digits placed next to each other at near equal heights), you can differentiate yourself by opting for the wording to be in sign language, drawn out in a black lacquer to emulate shadows, against a gradient sunset pink polish that moves from a lighter pink to more of a coral and back to a slightly darker pink, all on one finger. It is almost as if you are presenting your love as a shadow against the setting sun in the sky.

6 Pretty Valentine's Day Nail Art Ideas from Instagram

2. Kissing Kid Rock

We did mention there were going to be some rather funky designs. Not everyone’s Valentine’s Day is all about the romance and the candlelight dinners. On the contrary, some might enjoy rocking it out to some music instead, reminiscing first crushes and envisioning a first kiss with Kid Rock. Forget chic and sophisticated, this one’s a woman who loves to smoke while still puckering up those lips for so fun during the night. The added glitter just makes it appear like she’s enjoying her youth, while the pink tones to the polish allow her to revel in being a girl. Who said that punk rockers couldn’t love pink hues anyway?

6 Pretty Valentine's Day Nail Art Ideas from Instagram

3. Love, Pepe le Pew Style

Remember how we said you should be wearing your nail polish to be trending it this year? Well, it appears that you can take that trend up a notch and add some cartoon characters to the mix, showing off your obsession with your lover, Pepe le Pew style. The Looney Toons star skunk definitely knows how to be a lover and all that in Paris no doubt. So if you are feeling particularly nostalgic about the good old days when you watched a love struck skunk chasing a petrified cat that accidentally got paint on her back, this is definitely the style to be wearing over the next 2 weeks.

6 Pretty Valentine's Day Nail Art Ideas from Instagram

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4. A Gentle Dusty Rose

Some of us are inherently ladies of stature, born into a cruel world where we lack the wealth but certainly not the grace of one who would be part of the cream of the crop of society. In this instance, it is quite important to have the nails reflect upon that delicate nature of a woman’s, what with a lovely dusty rose lacquer used on long square cut nails and the middle two fingers adorned with an artistic talent’s manifestation in the design of a rose with green leaves against and white and dusty pink background. It’s a look that speaks much, despite its generally demure appearance, without the need for loud volumes or excessive gestures.

6 Pretty Valentine's Day Nail Art Ideas from Instagram

5. Midnight Flowers

Floral prints are all the rage these days in the fashion world. From the ready-to-wear lines to the Haute Couture collections presented during the Paris Fashion Week, we saw a wild array of incredibly integrated floral designs, from simple prints to handmade petals stick out from the magnificent line of gowns. We saw lots of sequins, shimmering veils and glittering bodices. It should not come as a surprise to see breathtaking designs of brightly colored flowers set against a shimmering blue sky. There seem to be so many stars shining out from the milky way, and probably a full moon too, as the color is a lovely blue instead of a dark black that would normally represent the night. Here you see amazing artistry, floral patterns in white, green and pink, while it looks like actual scenery captured onto your nails.

6 Pretty Valentine's Day Nail Art Ideas from Instagram

6. Patterned Gradients

Long nails shaped to perfection are the perfect base for a pastel colored gradient lacquer creation, starting with a light blue and moving into a pastel lilac and heading into a nice purple that then a barely visible light pastel that lightens up into a shimmering silver. Over this gorgeous color palette, we add artistry in a black, full of swirls and circles and abstract floral designs that give your nails an incredible look that’s bound to bind your man under its spell. This is for the softer soul, the one who is akin to an ethereal angel in behaviour and lifestyle and the one who enjoys her nails as much as she enjoys any other bit of her attire. She needs not add much in terms of contrasts and designs, sticking to her gradients and stencilled look, instead. It’s breathtaking and certainly worth trying out this Valentine’s Day.

6 Pretty Valentine's Day Nail Art Ideas from Instagram

Photos courtesy of Instagram @naildesignsbyrachel, @christabellnails, @nanasanzmes3, @nailsandtowel, @bombchelenails, @_lastrega

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