Spring/ Summer 2015 Trend of Suede Clothing

Suede clothing pieces and accessories are among the best spring/ summer 2015 fashion trends you can consider, if you strive to look luxurious and unique. We doubt there are many people in this world who do not absolutely love the feel of a luxurious suede fabric against their skin. The “Swedish gloves’ leather with a napped finish is a favorite for many, made from the underside of the skin of lamb, goat, calf and deer. Without the tough exterior, the fabric used for a great many clothing pieces and accessories is soft and supple, but not nearly as durable as we would like it to be. But come this spring and summer 2015, suede is trending full force and we already see much of it in the pre-fall collections as well. We have everything from the ’70s style suede dresses to the boho inspired fringed suede jackets these coming seasons. Throughout the spring and summer 2015 seasons, suede will be seen everywhere, with the modern twist and luxurious feel to it replacing the confines of regular leather attire. They will create a rather effortless mood and a more in-the-present attitude, with the velvety numbers turning heads wherever you go. This is how to make sure you’re wearing it right.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Trend of Suede Clothing

Spring 2015 Suede Styles

It is all about the chic and the minimal appeal, the 2015 trends bringing a flexibility to the suede that we normally do not see with other fabrics. This way, it is open to styling interpretations and kept relevant to all the seasons, despite the heat and humidity. It certainly is a great way to ensure the highlight of the modern strength in femininity.

The 1970s Suede

It flows so naturally to see the 1970s cuts to the suede fabric, given the inspiration for nearly every trend coming from that decade, that we can only smile with pleasure thinking that it may have been best if our parents had kept those lovely pieces from times past. We could have gotten them altered to suit the modern age and voila! Tailor-made suede staples to last us through the spring and summer seasons. It’s the retro cuts that get us and the color palettes that inspire a sense of nostalgia. As such, it’s best to go with burnt orange and emerald green shades on A-lined buttoned skirts that are worn with soft knit tees, as well as topstitched suede tops paired with hip-slung fairs that come in prints and designs that are complimentary to the suede fabric. We love these, particularly those skirts as they add a touch of sex appeal to the otherwise intriguing combination of soft and sweet. The skirts worn at a midi level are of particular interest, while the funky prints that go with the topstitching inspire a fun attitude. We might just end up dancing the night away or suddenly changing our professions to become home designers.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Trend of Suede Clothing: '70s Suede

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Hippie-Chic and Bohemian Suede

Nothing says Boho better than refreshing uses of suede. I mean, if we are going for the ’70s looks, it is only fair to also insert some of that Bohemian Rhapsody into the mix. The bohemian fashion trends extend to everything from hair to makeup to overall attire; in this case giving the spring 2015 suede trends a refreshing new look for the season. With the hippie-chic qualities, you know that you’ll be greeting the next few months with all the fun and adventure the bohemian world inspires. When shopping for the right designs and the right dresses, pick up some maxi suede silhouettes in earth-tone palettes. If these are adorned in fringe, have whip stitches and intricate needlework all over, you have found a gold mine as this is exactly what the spring/summer 2015 suede looks are all about. Add some crocheted slippers to the mix, or opt for either moccasin or gladiator sandals. Yu don’t need height, as this is about length, a trend that transcends into pre-fall collections as well. Suede separates in easy tone with delicate cut-outs are also in so be sure to pick one up from the mall the next time you are there, while heeled ankle boots do the job in completing the look perfectly. If you want to know more about the beauty looks here, always part your hair from the center, as it will increase length, while focusing on the eyes if you deem to put on some makeup.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Trend of Suede Clothing: Bohemian Suede

The 2015 Modern Suede

If you loved the 1970s versions of the cuts and flares of clothes, then the modern vibes may be just as appealing or even more so. The styles have been reimagined, the designs made anew, and the inspirations gathered from another era to create the modern woman, with her demure sex appeal and intriguing aura. It’s all about looking fresh and up to date, while giving the luxurious suede a trip down a new lane where the shapes and looks are certainly not what you may have imagined to date. You can pick from any of these collections; either pair slouchy sporty pants that have been well sculpted in the fabric to make them fit perfectly well, with the printed tops and high gladiator heels that have given the outfit a true sense of fun in casual but stylish outlook; or opt for a more raw design with summer tops that are short, in bright blue hues, with wide half-sleeves and an open midriff, paired with maxi skirts tied at the waist and colorful keels that somehow create a rainforest bird out of us. A big handbag on the side won’t hurt with either look. No need for any other accessories either as a roomy bag keeps everything organized and in place.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Trend of Suede Clothing: Modern Suede

Colorful Suede

The palettes you should be focusing on for this season in suede are diverse and cool. You’ll end up winning at the fashion game if you keep to certain colors that the runways made pretty clear and easy to follow. Opt for the earth tones that come in shades ranging from light caramel to dark mahogany, go for the pretty green tones that include artichoke or emerald and hunter-green, while the blues that you should pick out should range from steel to cobalt and navy. You can definitely go for some sweeter colors as well, including soft and faded tones of lilac, pink, peach, sand and ivory. It feels like you have the spectrum of different hues all covered, but you’ll notice many of the primary and secondary colors are not on the list. Choose wisely so that you know you are not committing a fashion faux pas.

Spring/ Summer 2015 Trend of Suede Clothing: Colorful Suede

Suede with Sophisticated Lines

We love sophistication in the designs that we are presented with. It has us thinking that we can be fashionable at work and stylish as we go about our days, without extra ribbons and frill but certainly up scaling from the distressed and washed out jeans that are all the rage among the tween, teen and young adult trends. For the adult woman, it’s all about the lines and the fit, the way each fabric wraps about her body and makes her feel like a goddess. Impeccably chic silhouettes in magnificent suede have certainly caught our attention for the 2015 spring and summer seasons, with the fashion statements they make incredibly hard to resist. You can wear each one with silk tops and button-down shirts, while sporting sexy high heels and leaving it carefree with boho waves. This is how you rock it at the office and really conquer the town. Peplum tops are also a great option, matching in color to make it a lovely set, particularly in army green shades, while the outfit is completed with ankle-strap heels and boxy looking clutches that are versatile enough to be used both during the day and throughout the night. Remember that the midi lengths are in, so no matter which skirt style you go for, pick something at or below the knee.

Summer 2015 Suede

The spring suede fashions will definitely flow into the summer as well, so it is not a huge difference you will see. The whole trend embodies a head-to-toe suede complete set, with hints of sturdy softness and even embracing a more polished elegance. It’s about the minimal feel for the summer time, wherein the shorter suede tops and airier suede skirts come into play for an amazingly captivating translation of the material into your everyday wardrobes: be it for work, casual times and evenings spent enjoying the amazing weather. At the end of the day, know that you will be nothing short of extraordinary while sporting the latest in suede trends. Plus, it appears to have become a staple, so you will need to learn how to wear the napped leather well into the next year. As mentioned, it already appears in the pre-fall 2015 fashion trends and we cannot wait to see how it translates into the following year’s impeccably chic designs. In order to stay with the times and enjoy the look throughout the year, it may be best to invest in simple, sleek and timeless pieces, such as a suede coat, an elegant suede shirt-dress, a pair of ankle boots and suede heels, as well as a chic pair of pants that will make the transitions of seasons all that much easier. The rest of the pieces are not as versatile but can be enjoyed without restraint!

Spring/ Summer 2015 Trend of Suede Clothing

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