Pre-Fall 2015 Fashion Trends

It may still be the middle of winter, but the pre-fall 2015 fashion trends are out in full force, with daily unveilings of the latest collections that will define the pre-fall fashion season. It appears that seasonality has become blended among the spring, summer, fall and winter designs, with trends that appear to be more suited for the spring weather suddenly being embraced during the winter, and colors that would normally define fall, conquering the summer attire as well. The pre-fall collections themselves are all about consolidation, with major labels deciding to go retro this year and take their inspirations from the ’70s tropes, with rock-star shearlings and tunic with trouser suits. There are the baja shirts straight from the Malibu beaches and long flared skirts that are cut above the ankles or happily sweep the floors. You can opt for the other extreme as well, with thigh-high boots covering up bare legs that peek out from under skirts and shorts that barely cover the tops of the thighs. Tiny baby doll dresses seem to be in with the J.W. Anderson and Calvin Klein collections, while it’s all about the loose pants and pleated skirts at Rag & Bone or Proenza Schouler. The fashion trends for pre-fall 2015 are many, which is why we pulled them into this list to make it easier to understand.

Pre-Fall 2015 Fashion Trends

Pre-Fall 2015 Fashion Trend #1: The Deluxe Drug Rug

These vintage baja hoodies are pretty awesome and known as drug rugs, called so because of their popularity among the hippie culture. The Mexican threads style has been upgraded though, into a more stylish design that creates the new ponchos based on that which was once hipper than anything you can find. Unlike its predecessor, these guys have sleeves, a hood and a pocket. So much of the latest in trends is about comfort, so it is no wonder these funky sweatshirts gained in popularity. It’s all about the poncho with polish for the pre-fall 2015 season and the best brands with the most fab designs include Cedric Charlier, while it was Chloe’s Clare Waight Keller, who came out with the gorgeous tasselled number. Honestly, that last one was pretty spectacular in color and design, immediately inspiring in us a desire to own such a great light jacket. Other designers presented striped version as well which may not be as appealing as Chloe’s, but definitely are worth the buy. The Cedric Charlier piece, on the other hand, looks impeccably chic with its matching striped pants.

Pre-Fall 2015 Fashion Trends: Drug Rug Capes

Pre-Fall 2015 Fashion Trend #2: Animal Printed Coats

Leopard prints have been a staple of every girl’s wardrobe since forever, being tucked away for a few seasons from time to time until the latest trends once again mention their value and the coats, the shirts, the shoes and even the pants are once again on display for the whole world to admire. There’s something so very chic and sophisticated about wearing the feline colors that we cannot part with the clothing pieces and accessories for very long. While there were rumours that it may be once again time to put the faux-leopard coats away, it appears that the animal’s prints have evolved to look more realistic in some ways, but overall the way to wear the leopard has changed. From purple jacquard parkas and matching pencil skirts with high side slits to mid-calf length coats in a lighter leopard print, extreme contrasting colors with matching gloves, coat, hat, and purse, or white leopard skirts with black and white graphic tees and matching handbags, this season’s got it all worked out. It no longer looks little girlish to be wearing the leopard. Now, it’s all about the chic, sophisticated, and at times extremely fun.

Pre-Fall 2015 Fashion Trends: Animal Printed Coats

Pre-Fall 2015 Fashion Trend #3: Baby Doll Dresses

We’re seeing them everywhere, in nearly every collection and all throughout the pre-fall season’s designs. It is a darling indulgence according to many and we couldn’t agree more with this observation. Some have got prints while others are rather plain, with Valentino’s more nature oriented designs battling Francisco Costa’s dreamy white knits. It’s all about the short hem that skims the thighs and leaves the legs bare, while the top portion of the body is well covered to balance out the design without appearing trashy. Turtlenecks are a common theme here, with either medium-length or long sleeves, while the legs are left uncovered or clad in thigh-high boots such as with Emilio Pucci. Of course, the J.W. Anderson baby dolls are exquisite, with double breast pockets, daisies adorning the greyish fields that serve as background and a matching belt to create the pretty look. Some designers, including Giulietta, have opted to include more traditional designs on these dresses as well, effectively increasing their appeal.

Pre-Fall 2015 Fashion Trends: Baby Doll Dresses

Pre-Fall 2015 Fashion Trend #4: Mongolian Lambskin

It’s all about the fuzz, the plush and the warmth, it appears as we enjoy the gorgeous pieces that are worn on the catwalk for so many of these amazing brands who have taken the shearling and turned it into the latest of trends. We’re looking at the long and the short, the more luxurious and simpler styles, the shaggy mutts or the shorn hairs; all of these are Mongolian lambskin and it has taken center stage for the pre-fall 2015 season. Alturzarra’s got its coats sporting the trend, giving it an entirely new look, while Stella McCartney’s got her models looking like shaggy dogs with their wide legged mid-calf cropped suits with belted waists and knit sweaters underneath. Gucci’s looking sexy with its coats with lambskin trimmings, while Chloe’s made it all about the multi-colored patchwork that’s entirely too attractive. For us, we’ve enjoyed watching this trend evolve as the collections are revealed one after the other.

Pre-Fall 2015 Fashion Trends: Mongolian Lambskin

Pre-Fall 2015 Fashion Trend #5: Unexpected Evening Looks

When it comes to fashion trends, elegance in eveningwear seems to have taken to the back burner of late, while it’s really great to see it coming back into play this pre-fall season. Nighttime is the right time to come out and play, to dance the night away and to truly enjoy the forbidden pleasures of all that is good. Unexpected evening looks, with unfussy fringes, nouveau blooms and minimal elegance all come into play this year, with Alexander Wang and Christopher Kane battling it out with all the other designers for the best dress to showcase. We have strapless dresses with floor-length skirts that are definitely evening worthy, while others have colorful flowers adorning simple, untailored and boxy looks, and some others show off a low back with ribbons and silky fabrics, and even a few that are all about the center slit which is a major trend throughout the year and the knit sleeves.

Pre-Fall 2015 Fashion Trends: Evening Looks

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Pre-Fall 2015 Fashion Trend #6: Sporty Chic

The combination of athletics and leisure is not often achieved very well, but this pre-fall season’s collections are all about a stylish incorporation of casual design into a sportier look. The pieces are certainly not made for yoga and Pilates classes, though they look pretty amazing for some winter snow sporting events, particularly if you are watching instead of actually playing or competing. The trend focuses on the trademark designs of some of sport attire’s biggest and best, including Adidas bands and Nike swooshes. Some artists have opted for a more feminine look, such as Paco Rabanne’s tennis skirt with sheer top combination, complete with bands over the chest and dickeys on the neck for collars. Sweater dresses by Versace follow a certain sophisticated pattern, with thicker vs thinner bands and a combination of black, blue and white looking perfectly savvy. Side slit pants in white with black bands on the outer side was what Michael Kors has envisioned, though we’re sure we can go running in those, while Rag & Bone has inverted the colors and brought the stripes to the front, creating an entirely baggy design to work with.

Pre-Fall 2015 Fashion Trends: Sporty Chic

Pre-Fall 2015 Fashion Trend #7: Twin Peaks

The spring/ summer 2015 fashion trends of having matching crop tops and pencil midi skirts or pantsuits have transferred into the pre-fall 2015 seasonal collections as well, ensuring the top and the bottom are exact matching sets, like two peas in a pod. The ’70s mania has not yet died down and watching the runways full of double the trouble has really got us excited for the year. Who doesn’t love a good retro trend? Matching the pieces has never looked as suave as it this for this particular season, with Derek Lam, Elimilio Pucci and so many other top designers gotten on board. Lam’s reds really do us in, with the wide legs on the pants and tailored top look, while The Row takes an opposite stand and moves to home comfort with matching tunic and trousers instead of building on Lam’s elegance. Pucci’s got us mesmerized in a kaleidoscope of color that moves in vertical bands from the shoulders to the feet. Of course, the tunic and matching pants look doesn’t need to be casual as Edun proves so well, nor does it need to be a lighter fabric that leather, according to Gucci.

Pre-Fall 2015 Fashion Trends: '70s Matchy-Matchy Looks

Pre-Fall 2015 Fashion Trend #8: Twisted Tweeds

It certainly isn’t the most common of trends to appear every year, but tweed certainly never dies out completely. The look is simply too classic, too well-done, too reminiscent of our grandparents’ and their grandparents’ days. It is fabulous in its own right and even the younger men opt for the look these days. So why shouldn’t women also follow suit? It used to always be about the prim suits that were offered to the male sex, but the women have revolutionized the fabric and brought frayed ends, fringes, and so much more to the classic attire. They certainly are a long way away from being prim and proper these days. You won’t even realize that it is tweed you’re looking at with Chanel, while Fendi’s fringes are in a world of their own (though we love the geometry of the brand’s pre-fall designs). We see lots of fringe on a baby doll dress, complete with knee-high socks and half boots with Maiyet, while Thakoon tones it down and features tweed at its best: as prim and proper as a modern woman can be.

Pre-Fall 2015 Fashion Trends: Fringed Tweed

Pre-Fall 2015 Fashion Trend #9: Layering to Achieve the Super-Length

So many of the designers have gone for the ideal of length this season, whether it’s through baby doll dresses that show off long legs or in really long skirts that reach past the ankles. Long-over-long looks are the ideal, with long sleeves and longer hems. You have Rag & Bone with knee-grazing sweater and vest layers over a sportier touch underneath, while others have doubled-up tube knits. The maxi skirt has been in for a while now, but this pre-fall 2015, nearly every designer has opted to have at least a few designs that follow this pretty awesome trend. After all, the longer the dress, the taller you look. Long sleeves, long pants and a long tunic on top that’s reminiscent of chain mail is what J.W. Anderson offers, while Dior’s all about the suit jacket over tunic and trousers that seem to elongate the look of the legs. Long jackets and matching black tunic and wide legged pants are what Public School shows off, having us think of our teachers in such fashionable attire. It might do them good, especially since the look is fashionable without being especially sexy. You can always add the fringes to the look as well, with long tube midi dresses with high necks and long sleeves, though the matching fringes open toe shoes might be taking it too high a notch. All in all, we are forever in love with the midi and maxi hemmed looks and are all for designs that will add height to out despicably short frames.

Pre-Fall 2015 Fashion Trends: Layering

Photos courtesy of Vogue UK

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