Why and How It Girls Do Bare Legs In Winter

Come winter time, we are hard pressed to stick to thick stockings and tight pants, possibly even adding leggings underneath to stave off the chill. We know that we’ll be bedridden with hypothermia if we walk out there in this time of the year without the proper attire. It’s snow, ice, hail, and freezing winds that we face once we exit the house or get out of our cars.

Why and How It Girls Do Bare Legs In Winter

We beg the stars to forgive us if we cannot make it out in the 20 degree Celsius weather with nothing but a coat over mini dress and hopefully knee-high boots underneath. It might help us more if we’re wearing thigh-high designs, but chances are we’ll be in regular pumps, with most of our flesh bared to the world.

Yet there are models and stars walking around in this freezing cold weather, championing the bare legged look this season. There are It girls who are famous in their own right who have ditched the tights and gone for just the skin, without covering it up. Not everyone can stand tights and most fashion types will definitely go without it. No matter how cold it gets, it matters not the color of the hosiery, it is being shunned for good.

So how do these stylish women, like Alexa Chung and Poppy Delevingne, who enjoy raucous hen nights around London before heading to the British Fashion Awards, manage to wear entirely seasonably inappropriate attire each winter without turning blue and being rushed to the hospital for excessive frostbites? I mean, we’re talking bare legs while in a snowstorm, sleeveless dresses in an icy monsoon! How do they not even shiver in the midst of it all?

The secret, according to some, is acting like the floor is lava and that you need to keep jumping so that your toes do not touch the ground and turn black, disintegrating before you.

Constant movement is bound to keep you warm enough, though if you plan on walking outside, bare legs in winter might still cause that hypothermia‚Äö√Ñ√∂‚àö√묨‚àÇ unless of course you are one of those high maintenance girls who takes a taxi wherever she goes, meaning you are picked up from somewhere warm, and dropped off in a similar environment. Even if you have to walk, it’s but a few minutes and your bare legs should be able to handle it well enough.

So, since we are faced with this ridiculous new trend of walking in the cold in scantily clad attire, those razors really should not be put away. There may not be any more beach time, but we’re going to be needing those blades to clean up those stray pieces of hair dotting our legs if we plan on following the fashion world, in this case literally into a storm without proper protection.

Unfortunately for us regular citizens of the world, Cara Delevingne, Victoria Beckham and Suki Waterhouse are pioneering the newest trend of not wearing hosiery, no matter the weather.

Why and How It Girls Do Bare Legs In Winter

But how can you do bare legs in winter to look that perfect and flawless? In order to get ready for the whole bare-legged lifestyle, there are a few things you will need: round-the-clock taxi numbers, a streak-free tan and fuzz-free calves. You might want to take a pair of socks and hosiery just in case there is an emergency, though.

And just in case you need some pointers about how to wear your legs bare in the fall and winter, the fashion world has sent us some help through their trending looks:

1. No Need to Overexpose

Just as one commentator on the fashion trend has mentioned, in certain areas of the world you see temperatures drop over 20 degrees below freezing and it would be pure lunacy to walk out there without some form of protection, no matter how little time you will actually spend exposed to the elements.

A short skirt without any hosiery or leggings underneath in the middle of December is simply madness and can be avoided by opting for a midi skirt, which shows off a bit of your calves but not enough to have it lashed by the wind.

Culottes are also in this season and should be utilized, especially with ankle boots, in order to maximise on the fashion trends without freezing your buttocks off.

2. Keep the Top Under Wraps

You can get away with the bare legs if only you keep the rest of your body nice and warm. This way the cold will only bother you in one region, while the rest of it will manage to get your through the icy weather until you reach warm shelter.

It may be seasonally contradictory, kind of like wearing shorts with a warm sweater and Uggs, but since fashion doesn’t seem to want to be confined to seasonal needs, you’ll be just fine on the trend train. Even Prada has showcased knee-high socks with sandals of late, so you can get by with bare legs and a chunky coat, complete with scarf, mitts and hat.

3. Keep Socks On

While you expose thighs or calves, it is a good idea to keep the feet themselves clad in socks. Pairing socks and sandals isn’t that silly an idea if you do it right, though it still might take some getting used to. Socks and ankle boots are probably a better fit for the stylish It girls, as well as for the rest of us.

We know some models might be able to pull off the socks and sandals, but the regular human race will generally opt for a little more coverage of the feet. After all, bare feet do more harm in getting you the flu than more other bare limbs.

The geeky look is perfectly fine though if you want to try it out. Pair a midi skirt with toasty hiking socks (as Prada loves it) and you will ensure stylishly trendy looks every time.

4. Only a Sliver of Skin Shown is All Right

You don’t have to actually bare too much of those legs of yours, even if the Hollywood stars opt for that. Skater shoes and ankle-length trousers are just fine as well and a nicer alternative to pumps and mini dresses. You don’t want to be catching your death as you wait for the subway or bus to arrive, nor should you have to deal with biting winds hurting delicate skin, just to get in on the latest trends.

You should dress in a way that is appropriate for the conditions you are in. If you never actually have to be outside, it’s fine to be wearing no hosiery at all, with mile-long legs exposed to the elements. But if you plan on spending time outside, opt for as little skin shown as possible.

5. You Will Need More of a Taxi Budget

In some parts of the world, this isn’t hard to do. For example, in the Caucasus, particularly in Armenia, you can get from one side of the city to the other for a maximum of $5. That’s not much at all ” actually it is hilariously cheap ” considering how much it would cost to do that in New York or Toronto.

The bare legged thing is so much easier if you are driving or being driven, the latter of which is the common situation celebrities find themselves in. For the rest of us, it’s nice if we can leave a toasty garage, drive in a toasty car, and enter another toasty garage, all the while with barely a thing on our lower limbs.

Hey, you can always opt to spend all your money on taxis instead of buying Christmas gifts and never don a single pair of tights this winter; though few would dare to do so.

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Now, if you have certainly decided you want to take on this trend at full speed ahead, you might want to consider doing a few things to keep those legs smooth and silky; they will dry out rather quickly for all the torture you put them through‚Äö√Ñ√∂‚àö√묨‚àÇ as if high heels weren’t enough of a problem.

You should make sure you apply rich moisturizing body cream all over your legs, letting it really be absorbed into the skin, before you sleep at night, bringing about smooth pins in the morning. Certain products that lock in moisture for 24 hours will have your night-time prepping pay off well, soothing the redness and winter eczema away.

How to Do Bare Legs In Winter

In order to smooth out lumpy, bumpy bits of puffiness from your skin, you might want to use a dry body brush regularly, wherein the buffer will get the lymph and circulation moving. Having a light winter tan at a professional tanning salon (if you defy all the health rules and still opt to visit one) is a better look than the pasty white we always become for lack of sunshine and Vitamin D.

Plus, if you really wanted the feel of silky tights without actually donning them on, you can give your legs a good airbrushing and thus cover up any and all imperfections, while enhancing your natural skin tone and giving that tan a better glow. If you have bruises, there are certain products meant to cover them up as well. Use them well and they will make sure your legs look perfect.

Even though it is winter, you should try to book in a pedicure, just to get things up to date, clean up the pretty feet and have you ready to wear open toes. A do-it-yourself wax kit will come in handy as well, particularly if the strips are treated with chamomile and rose in order to prevent angry red bumps from appearing.

Of course, if you are going for the bare leg in winter, then you should definitely go with heels, whether the toes are open or not. It adds definition to the legs, no matter what length your skirt is at the moment.

Photos courtesy of Style, The Blonde Salad, Negin Mirsalehi

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