Quick Fixes to Unpleasant Skin Problems

Man or woman, chances are you have some form of skin problem that just seems to appear out of nowhere. You do your best to prevent it, but it is all part of being human. It is perfectly natural to be breaking out or to be seeing skin tags. Beauty is often defined by how our skins look, however, and if we have imperfections that are visible, we automatically start sliding lower and lower on the beauty ladder according to how critics rate us. It’s a good thing that while you cannot prevent what is perfectly natural from occurring, you can definitely find some way to treat it, from regular facials to do-it-yourself home remedies. You don’t necessarily have to get rid of these deemed problems though. Here is just a list of the most common and unpleasant skin problems you will be running into and, if you deem it necessary to fix, how to get rid of them, either temporarily or permanently.

Quick Fixes to Unpleasant Skin Problems

Remedies for Acne-Prone Skin

Acne is the one skin condition that most of us suffer from. It starts in our youth, when we are but pre-teens, and often keeps coming back, no matter how much we age. There are many things that can cause it, including an excess in oil production (also known as sebum), an increase in the number of skin cells that cover the hair follicles, way too much bacteria that’s known to cause acne, and general inflammation. Furthermore, you can have multiple types of acne problems, from the annoying but mild blackheads that love to line the noses, to very deep and painful cysts. To get rid of acne problems, you need multiple steps, as a single prescription won’t save you from all types of acne.

Treatments for the acne depend on multiple factors: what type is it, how severe is it, how regularly recurring is it, and a whole lot of other questions need to be asked. Deep exfoliation once every two weeks helps most people as it removes the dead skin, pulls out the dirt, kills the bacteria and gets rid of the inflammation that could be the biggest cause of it all. Chemical and physical exfoliation combinations are best, while you should also be moisturizing the skin afterwards. Have the products you use contained salicylic acid or retinol and you should be good as new in no time. For more severe acne problems, however, you should use topical treatments with benzoyl peroxide, antibiotics, retinoids, salicylic acid, as well as go for the oral medications. Combinations and multi-step treatments have the best results.

How to Get Rid of Acne Scars

The acne you treat will often leave behind its scars as well, often nothing more than dark spots where the pimples or other variations of the problem existed. It’s called post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and is not actually true scarring. The depressed or raised skin, on the other hand, poses more of a problem. There are icepicks, boxcars and rolling scars, with the first being small, deep holes like the puncture of a sharp object, the second are round depression in the skin also known as craters, and the last is scar tissue that is under the skin and given an uneven appearance.

In order to treat acne scars, no matter which type, you have to consider what it is first and then decide on how to fix it. Dark marks will dissipate with sunscreen and topical lightening agents, though you can also go for a chemical peel if you think you must. Vitamin C is great in brightening the skin. If it’s a different type of scar, resurfacing laser treatments might come in very handy, done once every two weeks for up to a 12-week period. Microneedling treatments are also an option you might want to consider, as it is also highly recommended by doctors.

Treatments for Sun Spots

We all know that we shouldn’t be under the sun without protection, and certainly not for long periods of time. One major problem this poses is the creation of sun spots that result from sunburn. Drivers will often see them appear on the left side of their faces as they are constantly exposed to the sun’s beams. These sun spots are larger and more persistent than freckles, though you might enjoy the way they look if they do not overwhelm the face. They are produced by the increase in melanocytes in your skin, which causes extra pigmentation. It’s a cosmetic concern that can easily develop into a health concern as well, so it is best to have the spots checked by a dermatologist as soon as possible.

In order to treat these sun spots, laser is often recommended, though they can technically be handled without those pricey procedures. Deep exfoliation does much to lift the pigmentation from the skin, while topical ointments can also be prescribed in order to stem the excessive production of melanin. Microdermabrasion, peels, dermaplaning, and microneedling are all treatments to consider as they will act as a UV detox and remove the spotting. It’s important to note that you’ll need at least six treatments, each at about three weeks apart. Load up on the Vitamin C, E and retinol and you’ll be good soon enough.

Easy Remedies for Unpleasant Skin Problems

Fixes for Skin Sagging

This is the one skin problem we will all get and that which we all dread with every ounce of our being. When skin begins to sag, it starts at the neck and the face and moves into the rest of the body with maximum speed, it seems. We get laugh lines and jowls and really begin to see the effects of aging around the eyes and the lids. With the bone structure also changing, we see a deeper sag on the face that throws us for a loop.

Those who have spent their lifetime protecting their skin from overexposure to the sun, have not drank or smoked and kept away from environmental pollutants will see that their skin doesn’t sag quite as much as for those who have not taken such precautions. Keep the SPF handy, go for monthly or even bimonthly microdermabrasion and use serums that have peptides in order to reduce the amount of sagging you see on your skin. If you have the problem already, milder cases can be treated with needles instead of temporary filler for the fine lines, while severe sagging will require something more, particularly include plastic surgery in the way of facial rejuvenation procedures. This last treatment gives the face a lift that’s often caused by wearing a high ponytail, leaving its scars behind the hairline instead of around eyelids and ears.

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Remedies for Facial Redness

Many people, particularly of the Caucasian and Northern backgrounds, seem to have a problem with rosacea, the plague of redness that’s also similar to the psoriasis, eczema, acne, allergies or perioral dermatitis that is common among people and affects the chin, around the mouth, the nose and even closer up to the eyes.

In order to treat this unnatural redness, which is not caused by blushing at all, you need to understand exactly what is causing it. Rosacea is all about the broken capillaries and is easy to treat while lupus is a lot more difficult to get rid of. Topical medications can be prescribed, or even a laser treatment recommended. Use homemade peels to exfoliate the face, while also opting for hyaluronic acid, which absorbs 1000 times its molecular weight in water. Moisturizers with shea butter, plant oils and silicones will also come in handy.

Bags Under Eyes

This is a problem nearly all of us experience at one point in time or another. There are those of us who are perpetually plagued with bags under the eyes that are of a much bigger concern. As the cheeks descend with age, they begin to form and for those with shallower cheekbones, this tends to start much earlier. The muscles of the lower lids get thinned out and the fat in the cheekbones is no longer there, causing the skin to sag and create a bag.

No matter how much you try, your typical depuffers are not going to have much of an effect once the bags start to form. That means to rollers and no massages will do the trick, though a skin-tightening treatment might help if the problem isn’t too bad. Surgical correction is the best way to fully rid yourself of this problem. Fat redistribution moves the fat to the cheek area, but later on you will look almost skeleton-like as you have essentially taken from one place to another and left your face vulnerable to a corpse-like look. Multimodality approach is the better one here, wherein fat is injected in the eyelid-and-cheek junction instead.

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Dark Circles

Other than the bagginess under the eyes that’s not caused by puffing up overnight, we often also face the problem of dark circles magically appearing and then refusing to disappear again. These have a few different causes, including very thing skin that makes the blood vessels more visible and gives it all a bluish hue. Aging will cause this, for some quicker than for others. Hyperpigmentation, a genetic problem here, will also ensure those dark circles show up often enough.

Increasing circulation to the area under the eyes is a good idea, while adding a thin peel with a Q-tip may also help. Eye creams often are made to help drain away the lymph and drive the product in deeper to moisturize, smooth fine lines and brighten the skin’s look. An ice roller will bring down puffiness as well encourage circulation. Fillers are often a good option, if you want to reduce the effects of the dark circles, as it’s volume loss that makes it all the more prominent.

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Fixes for Skin Dullness

As you age, your skin will begin to lose its glow and be overly saturated with the build-up of dead skin, dark spots and uneven pores. Cell-renewal abilities get cut in half so we lose the tools necessary to keep looking youthful, and this is when exfoliating treatments become more of a necessity. A chemical peel is often your best answer to getting rid of that flat, ashy and positively dull skin that you dread looking at every morning in the mirror. A spa treatment of exfoliation and hydration by a professional on a monthly basis will certainly bring brightness back into your face and reveal a fresher, healthier skin to the world.

Ways to Remove Forehead Lines

Stress and worry, even extreme shock or excitement can cause the collapse of collagen fibres in the forehead. It’s the strong muscle movements through facial expression that ultimately lead to forehead lines. Your regular microdermabrasion and peel appointments should help clear out the lines but for many, the sure way to lessen these lines is through Botox treatments, as well as laser resurfacing if the lines go deep and are present no matter if you are moving or resting. You need to weaken the muscle movement as well and can use facial detailing with micronized fat injections to add more volume and thus eradicate the forehead lines problem. Those pesky things can really cause problems when you were hoping you’d keep your photogenic image for a longer period of time, if not forever.

Laugh Lines and Crow’s Feet

Wrinkles around the eyes are known as crow’s feet, while frown and laugh lines appear lower in the face as one ages. Laugh lines run from the nose to the mouth and become more prominent as skin begins to sag, while frown lines develop between the brows as we age. They are also known as the 11s. To treat crow’s feet, you can opt for Botox, Dysport or Xeomin, with resurfacing laser recommended if the lines are very deep. Frown lines can also be treated with Botox or Fraxel, or even Thermage. Mild lines can be fixed up with fillers, or else the laser it is. Eye creams and regular hydration of the skin ensures that matter will never actually get that bad. There are many ways to keep the skin hydrated, the best of which is to drink a lot of water, to wash your face with lukewarm water and to moisturize daily while also keeping to using sun block that creates a screen of protection on your skin.

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