The 2015 Hair Pantone: 13 Hair Color Ideas for 2015

With the New Year come new ideas, new beginnings and often times, new hairstyles. You can always cut your hair short or leave it long, but what you do with your hair can simply be changing the color and there’s a whole new you that’s born through it. So if you’re looking to spruce up your manes by adding some warmth over the winter season and stretching it into the spring and summer, while hopefully still clinging to it come fall and next winter, you might want to check out some of these fabulous trendy hair color ideas for 2015.

1. Hot Chocolate Hair

If you are a natural brunette and want to deepen the look with some warmth to it, a color that is reminiscent of hot cocoa on a chilly winter day is a great choice to go with. It will refine the darker coloring of your hair, while adding chocolate accents to soften the tone and brighten up the face. You can go darker to resemble a thicker dark hot chocolate, or a touch lighter so it appears you’ve added a bit of milk to the sweet drink.

The 2015 Hair Pantone: 13 Hair Color Ideas for 2015: Chocolate

2. Going Darker

You can decide to go darker and darker still, picking up on a goth-like rocker chick look. As you now, coloring your hair a darker shade won’t cause you to get any pesky grays, so it’s a safer choice all in all. Plus, a nice black color against fair skin looks pretty amazing, especially when coupled with red lipstick. The contrasts are intense and definitely not suitable for those, who prefer softer looks. This is for the strictly bold and you might decide that is the route you are taking this year.

13 Hair Color Ideas for 2015: Black

3. Goodbye to the Natural

Some of us are trying to grow out our hair and want to pick a new type of look. That’s where the natural roots and the colored ends come in, creating a nice contrast between bleached lower ends and darker auburn hair at the crown of the head. It’s a pretty look and one that captivates easily. Add darker berry lipstick and bold mascara to the lashes and you have one spectacular fa‚Äö√†√∂‚àö√ºade to hide behind if you wish to do so. The lighter tips and the darker roots are definitely one way to start your new look.

13 Hair Color Ideas for 2015: Natural

4. Bronzed Brown Hair

Chestnuts roasting on the fire‚Äö√Ñ√∂‚àö√묨‚àÇ there is nothing boring at all about chestnut colored hair, especially as we enter the middle of winter and start enjoying sitting at home with roasted chestnuts more often than not. This color looks amazing in hair, brightening up the face while also filling out the hair with highlights that are reminiscent of summer bronzing. It might end up a little more on the blonde side with the light angled a certain way, but that’s all right! Add purple eye shadow and light pink berry lip stain and you’ve got a look that is simply way too pretty to hide away.

13 Hair Color Ideas for 2015: Bronzed Brown

5. Beach Blonde Hair

If there is one hair color that never loses its shine, it’s the beach blonde. This one transcends the seasons, looks amazing no matter the weather and certainly brings warmth to the face. It’s that sun bleached, perfectly bronzed light hair color that reminds us of a whole lot of Vitamin D and the enchanting sounds of crashing waves. Surfer chicks are cooler than you think, though if you don’t want to ruin your hair texture, you might want to steer clear of the bleach. All in all, this is one look that will always be in style and trending, no matter the time of year.

13 Hair Color Ideas for 2015: Beach Blonde

6. Golden Chestnut Hair

One hair color that looks perfectly natural and is the best in-betweener when considering blonde and brown is the golden chestnut, with all its warmth and natural highlighting of features. Keep the makeup you pair with it to a minimum and you have one beauty look that is not comparable with any other. We love this one, particularly on fairer skin, with a slight blush to the cheeks and a light rose color to the lips. If the eyes are blue or green, this hue is an even better choice overall, giving one the best of both the blonde and brunette worlds in its golden way.

13 Hair Color Ideas for 2015: Golden Chestnut

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7. Strawberry Blonde Hair

So many of the models we love and the Hollywood stars we follow have been rocking the strawberry blonde hair trend, bringing in a combination of bronzed blonde and light redhead. It is one of the chicest shades in hair coloring and certainly a better look for anyone who loves reddish hair. It’s also an ideal color that looks more natural if you are of really pale skin, bringing the Irish locks to mind. In any case, Cara Delevingne is but one celebrity supermodel, who has been wearing the color really well!

13 Hair Color Ideas for 2015: Strawberry Blonde

8. Mini Highlights

In order to spruce up duller brown hair, particularly of a brighter shade, it is prudent to use highlights that are at least 2 to 3 shades on the lighter side than the natural hair color, while those strands are few and far between. It’s great to have these pieces frame the face, thus adding intriguing focal points around the head, but ensuring that no radical change is made. This change in hair color is for the more conservative women who wish to change something but not enough to be seen outright. Why not? After all, it is hair we are talking about and not everyone would like to rid themselves of their naturally God-given coloring.

13 Hair Color Ideas for 2015: Mini Highlights

9. Hot Blonde Hair

Here we are talking about less of a platinum blonde look and more of warmer shades of light pink that is not quite making it a strawberry blonde but getting close enough. This is known as a hot blonde look that has been blazing on the red carpet of late and begs to be worn at least once in a person’s lifetime. It is a color that softens the features and brings a tint of pink to the cheeks as well. Nude lip-gloss and bold liner and mascara on the eyes complete the look, drawing the focus to the peepers with the hot blonde hair framing them nicely.

13 Hair Color Ideas for 2015: Hot Blonde

10. Caramel Brown Hair

There’s something highly glamorous about wearing your hair color in a caramel blonde shade, particularly long, thick and silky manes that have a healthy shine to them. This one is of a cooler tone, but still has enough warmth in it to remind us of golden fall weather. Fair skin goes amazingly well with this honeyed note in caramel brown, bringing the taste of sweets to the whole affair. Extremely bold smoky eye makeup actually looks pretty amazing with the look and certainly will make you the star of any party you hope to attend.

13 Hair Color Ideas for 2015: Caramel Brown

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11. New Honey

If you loved the caramel brown, you are going to go simply gaga over this golden honey version with much warmer notes and a delicate style. A center part and medium length strands are perfect when you opt for this shade of golden brown, with the sweet honey making it all the more interesting to look at you. Bold lashes, a simple pink lipstick and a rather intriguing bit of jewelry on the ear should create the perfect party look, while a bare face with the honeyed hair should be perfect for transitioning through the seasons seamlessly.

13 Hair Color Ideas for 2015: Honey Blonde

12. Reddish Highlights

Should you opt for a more reddish color overall, it may be best to take up reddish highlights that incorporate little bits of different shades of reds to oranges, thus enlivening and adding volume to the manes. A center part with natural boho waves that catch the light as you walk about are perfect here, especially if you have blue eyes that will look like a mermaid enjoying the sea. Add mascara and liner around those orbs and leave the rest of the face bare for a gorgeous look of minimal contrast. The hair color is certain to draw out the nuances of your features and brighten the face overall. This is one shade that’s certainly worth trying out if you prefer a redhead look.

13 Hair Color Ideas for 2015: Red

13. Ginger Ombre

For those with naturally red hair, this gradient is actually quite suitable for bringing out more of an orange coloring instead of going a platinum blonde. You can start off darker at the roots and as you go down to the edges, brighten it up, with more bleach available at the very ends. This way you have the warmth leading into cooler tones and creating a lovely illusion. Use this hair coloring especially if you have lighter brown or hazel eyes, as it will bring out the shine in them. Frame them with bolder mascara on both the upper and lower lids and finish off with a light pink lipstick for the best and brightest look you can get.

13 Hair Color Ideas for 2015: Ginger Ombre

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