20 Stylish Hairstyles Celebs Urge Us to Wear in 2015

It’s already the Year of the Sheep, also known as 2015 in this decade. We are well into the first month and already there’s so much to think about and so much to do. We’re in the midst of fashion season right now, wherein the year’s top designs are to be presented during the coming five weeks, all in succession. We have already begun enjoying some of the couture house fashions and eagerly await the ready to wear styles that will be hitting the runways soon. In the meantime, we are enjoying some much needed relaxation and thinking about the next time we’re going to be needing style tips on what to wear and how to dress our hair. Since Valentine’s Day is less than a month away, and winter weddings do occur during these 2 months, these stylish celebrity inspired hairstyles for 2015 might come in handy to emulate, both for a romantic evening out and for a party that will rock the night away. Out of nearly a hundred new celebrity hair looks, we’ve picked the top 20 stylish hairstyles for 2015 to help you look amazing no matter what the occasion may be that you’ll need it for.

20 Stylish Hairstyles Celebs Urge Us to Wear in 2015

1. Short Straight Cut

There is something rather lovely about a short straight cut, especially if the look is a good match for your face shape. In this particular case, Nicky Whelan has styled her auburn hair in such a way that it brings the focus to the high forehead and gorgeous piercing eyes. It’s been fastened to the head in a manner that looks almost as if she’s simply tied it back in a ponytail, while wearing it with a side part adds to the whole appeal. If you wanted to go short this year, this look may be for you to start off the season with and then allow it to reach the trending mid-length by the fall.

2015 Stylish Celebrity Hairstyles: Nicky Whelan Short Hair

2. Blunt Bangs with Ponytail

If you want to show off your silky and thick-stranded hair, this look might be perfect for you. It’s something we can see Kim Kardashian wearing and rather love it ourselves. Give yourself extremely blunt bags like that which Tia Mowry has opted for and leave your hair long and straight for the perfect ponytail, gathering it all at higher midpoint so that the skin on the face is given a slight pull and the smoky cat-eye look is accentuated very nicely.

2015 Stylish Celebrity Hairstyles: Tia Mowry Ponytail With Bangs

3. A Royal Pompadour

Few people know that the lovely pompadour style originated in France during the reign of King Louis XV, where his mistress, Madame de Pompadour, would wear it as her signature hairdo. Since the 18th century, it has become a staple for many an individual, particularly in early country and rock & roll scenes during the 20th century. It is a basic concept that’s worn by both men and women and consists of the hair being swept upwards from the face and worn high over the forehead, with the sides also often swept upwards as well. While in the 1040s it was women’s vogue to wear their hair thus, Elvis Presley was one hot superstar who brought the look to men all over the world as well. Here, Alyssa Milano wears the classic hairstyle in an elegantly funky fashion, looking pretty amazing with her hair fully piled atop her forehead and those gorgeous earrings dangling from her lobes.

2015 Stylish Celebrity Hairstyles: Alyssa Milano Pompadour Updo

4. The Pompadour Ponytail

A simple ponytail looks great on its own. A royal pompadour is pretty amazing in itself. Join the two together and you have a rather magnificent look that’s all about the height at the top of the forehead and the hair being pulled away from the face so that one’s natural features are in the spotlight and glowing bright in defiance against the darkness that comes with the world. Tina Fey rocks the loose pompadour ponytail with a perfect cool, looking rather lovely at the Golden Globes.

2015 Stylish Celebrity Hairstyles: Tina Fey Pompadour Ponytail

5. Medium Wavy Cut

The runways of late are full of the medium length hairstyles and the wavy cut is no less chic than all the others. On the contrary, the waves add a bit more of a casually sensual aura to the look, while appearing to match with the whole “I have actually tried but not put too much effort’ feel of the whole season’s trends. It’s all about looking pretty without putting in too much attention or effort that would have you looking overdone. That slightly more casual bit appears very well in the medium length wavy cut, as Baily Noble is but one star to be showing off the incredibly pretty design.

2015 Stylish Celebrity Hairstyles: Bailey Noble Wavy Medium Hair

6. Long Wavy Hair

If you love long hair, don’t worry, there are some awesome simple ways you can be wearing it each and every day, let alone at those fancy parties you are preparing to attend. Take a trip on the wild side and go mildly messy and a tad casual with that hair as you give it a slightly off center part and pull over the shoulders so that the waves come tumbling down the chest. Thick brows and a slightly smoky eye makeup works wonders with the whole look, just as the gorgeous Emily Ratajkowski pulled off for her Golden Globes party.

2015 Stylish Celebrity Hairstyles: Emily Ratajkowski Long Wavy Hair

7. Long Wavy Hair with Bangs

Jazzing up the casual long wavy cut is the addition of feathered bangs that really present a perfectly coiffed look while making the face look smaller and more delicate. Eye-grazing bangs that are cut in such a way that it creates an arching frame around those gorgeous peepers are a rather lovely choice and ideal for any party and Naomi Campbell knows that very well. You can go for this one from the start or even start wavy in the year and then grow it out to a longer look.

2015 Stylish Celebrity Hairstyles: Naomi Campbell Wavy Hair With Bangs

8. Long Center Part Hair

Keeping to the casual method of styling the hair for parties, Hillary Duff stepped onto the red carpet herself with a lovely long mane pulled into a center part that showed off darker roots. The hair itself was slightly waved as it fell over shoulders and down to the chest, with the ends of the tresses flipped in and out for a slightly dramatic but overall casual effect. With the focus on the eyes as well, the blonde beauty certainly was turning many a head and you can do so as well with a similar easy DIY style.

2015 Stylish Celebrity Hairstyles: Hilary Duff Center Part Long Hair

9. Long Straight Hairstyle with Bangs

It is all about the Cleopatra look these days as well it appears to us as we have some rather intriguing beauty styles appearing on the red carpet, sported by the stars, particularly as we watch Krystle Mcgill attend the Weinstein Company and Netflix Golden Globes party wearing her hair in a long straight cut complimented with fringed bangs that skim the tops of the eyes. Add bright red lipstick and tastefully drawn eyeliner to the mix and you have perfectly fabulous on your doorstep! You can certainly rock this look at any party and blow your date away during your evening out, particularly if your hair is jet black and your lipstick bright red against pale skin. Forget Cleopatra, the whole color scheme is all Snow White to us.

2015 Stylish Celebrity Hairstyles: Krystle Mcgill Straight Hair With Bangs

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10. Long Straight Hairstyle

You certainly do not need to add bangs to your long straight cut. In Renee Bargh’s case, she did amazing with having her pin straight and center parted hair so that she has no bits and pieces falling into her eyes, opening up her face so that it shines as bright as possible while she parties the night away. It’s definitely a great look and looks even better with the huge smile this lovely lady wears.

2015 Stylish Celebrity Hairstyles: Renee Bargh Long Straight Hair

11. Loose Bun with Bangs

Going for a much more dramatic look and leaving the casual far behind is the loose bun that’s coupled with long bangs that are left hanging and swept to the side. The whole Rhona Mitra Golden Globes party look was pretty eye-catching and positively inspiring as she took the shorter layers of her hair and wore them as extra-long bangs, pulling the rest of her mane into a slightly volumized bun so that the focus can come to the face instead of the hair‚Äö√Ñ√∂‚àö√묨‚àÇ other than that single long piece of course. Add illuminating makeup on the eyes with dark thick lashes and a stronger pinkish red lipstick and you have a look worthy of the red carpet.

2015 Stylish Celebrity Hairstyles: Rhona Mitra Loose Updo

12. Hollywood Side Sweep

It is a classic Hollywood style to have golden hair in ringlets and swept over to the side of the shoulder. It is certainly magnificent, like a goddess of beauty stepping out into the waiting paparazzi, as Katie Cassidy knows all too well. It’s a super glamorous and utterly fashionable hairdo that you should emulate if you love it as much as we and all those Hollywood stars do, for the simple knowledge that it’s such a well-loved design will only add to the confidence in your gait and ensure you are indeed the most glamorously attractive woman at your party.

2015 Stylish Celebrity Hairstyles: Katie Cassidy Side-Swept Curls

13. Classic Center-Part Sleek Ponytail

Before we mention the way pretty Rita Ora wears her hair at the parties she attends, particularly of late, it’s prudent that mention that the super red lipstick against her pale skin is a magnificent look, though she might have wanted to tone down the eyes just a little bit. This way the makeup is quite overpowering, so much so that one barely noticed the hair. We should pay attention though because this is a great look for an easy hairstyling session, as you part the hair from the center and create a super slick ponytail. We’re not sure if you want to leave your roots darker than your warm blonde toned hair, but you may also want to use fewer products so that it doesn’t look as if you sloshed a pack of color on top of your head and walked out without even allowing it to dry.

2015 Stylish Celebrity Hairstyles: Rita Ora Center-Part Sleek Ponytail

14. Long Segmented Ponytail

There are many different types of ponytails and while some are really simple and perfectly casual, others can really create a lovely illusion or effect that increases your outlook’s general level of chic and stunning by quite a few notches. A lovely playful look can be achieved by sectioning off equal segments of the hair and tying with clear elastics so that it looks like braids without actually being one. Elisha Cuthbert recently sported such a look as the InStyle and Warner Bros Golden Globes party.

2015 Stylish Celebrity Hairstyles: Elisha Cuthbert Segmented Ponytail

15. Those Long Braids

it may also be just as amazing as any of the other longer style to have your hair pulled up into a ponytail and then braided, creating long plaits that are fat, thick and shiny all the way through. You thus create an adorably chic look that emulates the Katie Aselton hairstyle that caught our attention lately, while her super deep V plunging dress was also one sexy aspect of her outfit we could not keep our eyes off.

2015 Stylish Celebrity Hairstyles: Katie Aselton Braided Ponytail

16. Short Messy Cut

If you want to go more on the retro side while staying classy but also immensely playful, it is definitely worth it to go with the Paz Vega messy cut that’s all about the really short hair cut with a longer bit at the top and shorter in the back. Wear it brushed forward with flippy bangs pointing mostly upwards but also every which way and you have a rather intriguing style that truly changes your signature hair designs. Add some darker red lipstick, staying true to the retro feel, while keeping your eye makeup to a minimum for maximum results. This way, it is the hair that grabs the most attention.

2015 Stylish Celebrity Hairstyles: Paz Vega Short Messy Hair

17. Classic Bun

You can also always opt for the classic bun that’s been a staple of any woman’s hairstyling when she needs things done quick and still look amazing. There are many stars, who will appear with this more simplistic look often enough, as was the case with Tali Lennox pairing the loose classic bun with the bold red lipstick.

2015 Stylish Celebrity Hairstyles: Tali Lennox Classic Bun

18. Short Curly Hair

If you have naturally dense curls that create an afro look when you grow them out, you might actually really want to consider taking the shortcut that women like Nathalie Emmanuel go for and leave those curls au naturel the next time you plan on going out. Instead of straightening your hair, just give them all a nice bounce and shine, while also working on your makeup so that neither part of the head detracts from the other. Neutral lipstick will look great, while dewy skin will amplify the effects of those marvellous curls.

2015 Stylish Celebrity Hairstyles: Nathalie Emmanuel Short Curly Hair

19. Retro Curly Bob

For those of you who want short hair and still wish to look adorably chic, take Taylor Swift’s look into account and opt for a rather retro but lovely retro curled out bob instead. Those locks needed a cut anyway and you have entered a new year where you can do with a totally different hairdo!

2015 Stylish Celebrity Hairstyles: Taylor Swift Retro Curly Bob

20. Messy Bobby Pinned Updo

If you do not wish to leave your hair in a casual look, simply hanging down your back, and if you certainly do not want to be cutting your hair short, you also have the option of using bobby pins to create a delectable updo that is so romantic and cool. This is exactly what Nicola Peltz did, pulling her tresses into a lovely loose updo that had little flyaways framing her pretty face, and a few acting as long bangs swept to the side so that she kept up the illusion of a rather extraordinary design but ensured it’s easy for anyone to emulate.

2015 Stylish Celebrity Hairstyles: Nicola Peltz Messy Bobby Pinned Updo

Photos courtesy of Stylebistro

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