Critics’ Choice Awards 2015 Best Hairstyles and Makeup Looks

Awards ceremonies are often a combination of revelling in fine arts and the presentation of the latest fashion trends as the stars of Hollywood and international arts industries step onto the red carpet in dazzling attire and exceptionally coiffed hair, not to mention the signature makeup applications we all love to model. On January 15, 2015, the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards took place, an annual ceremony once known as the Broadcast Film Critics Association Award, it was all about the stylish presence of only the best the film industry has to offer and the honours bestowed for finest cinematic achievements. Held at the Hollywood Palladium and aired on the Arts & Entertainment Network this year, and with plans to do so once again in 2016, the ceremony hands out 18 awards, based on different talents and movie genres, with new additions made throughout the years. Since 1995, the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards have been the highlight of the season and have provided us with no end to entertainment, at least for a single night.

Critics' Choice Awards 2015 Best Hairstyles and Makeup Looks

This year, we saw a wide array of fashionable figures take to the red carpet, from Reese Witherspoon to Emily Blunt, Jennifer Aniston and Julianne Moore, we had some of the best and worst dressed appearing at the ceremony, some in gorgeous full-length gowns that did much to flatter figures, while others like Diane Kruger and Andrea Riseborough really need to review their wardrobes. Angelina Jolie, Michelle Monaghan, and Jamie Chung definitely are some of the best dressed from the night’s events.

The red carpet beauties weren’t just judged for their attire either! It was the outfit as a whole including hair and makeup. Below discover top 10 Critics’ Choice Awards 2015 celebrity hairstyles and makeup looks that we witnessed!

Angelina Jolie’s Voluminous Wavy Hair

This foxy woman can never look anything less than the best. She’s topping the lists of the best-dressed and now she also makes the top ten of the best beauty looks. That stunning silver gown with fluttering sleeves and a wrap waist by Versace was perfect for the 39-year old director of “Unbroken’ that she received a nomination for. Her hair though, was a thing of beauty, with high-volume waves cascading around her shoulders. She made sure her eyes were defined well, with extra-long lashes and a feline liner, bringing the focus to those gorgeous orbs while the rest of the face was barely there. A light touch of pink to her lips and gentle contouring and she’s one of the best in the crowd.

Critics' Choice Awards 2015 Best Hairstyles and Makeup Looks: Angelina Jolie

Dianne Kruger’s Retro Curls

Strawberry blonde hair, an ornate classic blue strapless Naeem Khan dress and makeup that gives her a fresh hint of beauty‚Äö√Ñ√∂‚àö√묨‚àÇ Diane Kruger looks positively magnificent, like a sprig of bluebells after the winter snow melts. She was rocking the dewy skin that’s been on the runways for a while now, while the bronze-tones eye shadows add a touch a sun-kissed to her morning bright look. Those light pink lips, gentry rosy cheeks and full mascara that outlines those piercing blue eyes perfectly give her the look of a goddess, while the ringlet curls are utterly retro and give her a touch of youthful cuteness.

Critics' Choice Awards 2015 Best Hairstyles and Makeup Looks: Dianne Kruger

Rosamund Pike’s Classic Bun

She’s an English rose in full bloom. The only problem is that her stylist needs to go. Her dresses and style have been less than appealing for a while, though she certainly tops the list for her hair and makeup this time around. Her dress, however, has earned little more than scorn from the critics. With flawless features herself, Pike looks amazing with her hair worn in a slick, center-parted chignon which shows off a lovely bit of undercut. She went for the pretty look and pulled it off well with the subtle makeup on the eyes and lips, showing off the trends of the season with the barely there, not putting in too much fuss fa‚Äö√†√∂‚àö√ºade.

Critics' Choice Awards 2015 Best Hairstyles and Makeup Looks: Rosamund Pike

Marion Cotillard’s Slick Hair

This gorgeous woman attended the 20th annual Crtitics’ Choice Awards ceremony in a voluminous Dior Couture gown that definitely made both best and worst dressed lists for different reasons. She certainly does look like a plain bride, but she’s also glowing with the white winter look. She may not have a stylist, but she’s done really well for herself, taking top spot with hair and makeup as she walked out with her hair slicked back from her face and her lips outlined in a bold, fuchsia color that talked loud and clear all night long. With her lips on the bold side, it’s only right to have the rest of her face appear mostly bare.

Critics' Choice Awards 2015 Best Hairstyles and Makeup Looks: Marion Cotillard

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Emily Blunt’s Loose Curls

Talk about breathtaking! Emily Blunt certainly made headlines by winning her best actress award and having it handed to her by her husband of four years, earning her a sweet kiss on the cheek and leaving her glowing with happiness snuggled against her husband all night long. Alongside her amazing red hot Emilio Pucci gown, she was positively radiant with her hair in loose curls and bronze cheeks that warmed up her look. Nude lips and a copper toned eye makeup ensured the focus is on her on the stunning blue of her peepers that definitely have husband John Krasinki enchanted.

Critics' Choice Awards 2015 Best Hairstyles and Makeup Looks: Emily Blunt

Keira Knightley’s Updo Hairstyle

Elegance is what wears Keira Knightley and not the other way around. She is the ideal model of elegance, though her style of dress doesn’t always fit with the gentle classic beauty of her features. This time though, it’s clear why her dress is so loose! That baby bump everyone’s been waiting to see is showing and she’s made sure she looks positively English with her dusty blue floor-length Delpozo shirtdress with a Herni Bendel bobby pin. There’s something very Peter Pan-ish about the whole of the voluminous shape and high collar. Her face though? A side-parted up-do looks amazing on the hot mama-to-be, while the pink toned lipstick brings the focus up to the eyes, as is the trend of late, with bronzed lids and bolder mascara. She looks stunning!

Critics' Choice Awards 2015 Best Hairstyles and Makeup Looks: Keira Knightley

Julianne Moore’s Straight Hair

Few do the red carpet as well as Julianne Moore and she made sure we were reminded of that during the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards ceremony. It’s all about those full lashes and a luminous skin that keeps her looking youthful, while her hair is straight and lovely in its coppery strawberry blonde coloring and looks even more chic with a side part. She may not be hiding a baby bump or have a husband leap onto stage for a sweet kiss, but Moore’s got her own reasons to gain the hearts of many. She’s an Alzheimer’s disease cure advocate and does pretty well in the acting business herself, winning a Best Actress award while totally rocking a Gucci dress!

Critics' Choice Awards 2015 Best Hairstyles and Makeup Looks: Julianne Moore

Reese Witherspoon’s Wavy Hair

The Sweet Home Alabama actress just doesn’t age. She looks like she’s been locked in a time capsule, gorgeous looks frozen in place or that she has indeed found the fountain of youth. Of course, we all know that Tuck Everlasting is but man’s imagination, but we can all dream, no? Her glowing, bronzed look was terrific, while her golden curls tumbling about her shoulders, cut at medium length as is the trend these days, simply brought out the light from within. Her dress made it to the best dressed categories, while also earning criticism for looking rather bridesmaid-ish. We prefer to agree with Perez Hilton on this one and state that she looks stunning with her colors and train. Plus, puotos of kisses shared with her husband make it all the more endearing.

Critics' Choice Awards 2015 Best Hairstyles and Makeup Looks: Reese Witherspoon

Jessica Chastain’s Braided Hairstyle

The gorgeous redhead earned a lot of attention at the awards ceremony, with everyone watching her looks like a hawk. She`s made it into the top 10 of the best beauty looks from Critics’ Chocie Awards 2015, while her style of dress earns her mixed reviews. The gorgeous star who pled for more diversity on the screen certainly appealed to the public, though her maxi length Antonio Berardi dress with the thigh high slit and décolletage cut-out was a sexy change from her typically consistent and predictable style. An intricate braid hairstyle looked positively enchanting while her bold pink lips certainly brought spring to the winter colors. Defined brows and lightly done eyes with the luminous lids and bold lashes ensured she stood out from the crowd like the delicate flower she is.

Critics' Choice Awards 2015 Best Hairstyles and Makeup Looks: Jessica Chastain

Jennifer Aniston’s Loose Hair

Just like Jessica Chastain, Jennifer Aniston had the spotlight shining on her throughout the night for more reasons than one. Both Aniston and Jolie showed up at the awards ceremony. Both Aniston and Jo0lie keep making the top 10 lists for best dressed and now for beast beauty looks. It’s awkward and they certainly kept their distance throughout the night but we cannot say the whole ordeal wasn’t amusing. Plus, Aniston’s wearing a Gucci tuxedo in color! Stepping away from her typical black, she goes braless, letting it all hang out as she walks down the red carpet. Of course, this got her mixed reviews as well, since she’s not as perky as she once was‚Äö√Ñ√∂‚àö√묨‚àÇ apparently. Her signature loose blonde hair look great as always, while she opted to bring the focus to her outfit by going for the more neutral tones and thus earning her a spot on this list.

Critics' Choice Awards 2015 Best Hairstyles and Makeup Looks: Jennifer Aniston

Photos courtesy of Vogue UK

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