60 Common Makeup Mistakes Women Make

Unless you are a professional makeup artist, you tend to make certain makeup mistakes that spoil the final look instead of emphasizing your best assets and natural beauty. Below we have summed up 60 common makeup mistakes most women make and easy fixes for them.

60 Common Makeup Mistakes Women Make

As women, makeup is often part of our daily routines, to be applied early in the morning, reapplied or refreshed sometime in the afternoon and removed before heading off to bed. Sometime there are reapplications in the evening as well if we plan on going out and need to switch our simple daily cover up with something more likely to stand out.

The face becomes the artist’s canvas board and the makeup bag is the art supplies, from the paints to the pencils, brushes of every width galore. Some of us get it right spot on while others can have things appear over the top, fake and not particularly attractive in its overall final product.

The latter often look back on their pictures and cringe at the sight of too blue eyeshadow during the day and extremely thick layering of foundation to cover those sparse pimples, not to mention the blush that takes up the whole of the cheek!

Forget cringing at the past makeup mistakes; chances are you are currently doing so many makeup faux pas you will make your head spin when you realize the extent of the damage. Furthermore, you are probably aging yourself prematurely by not taking care of how you apply the beauty products onto your skin.

You do yourself the greatest disservice thus. One should always take care not to fade natural beauty through the use of products meant to create beauty. It’s too nonsensical a situation to allow for such a tragic erosion of one’s looks to occur in the wake of not knowing how to apply the makeup correctly.

How You May Be Aging Your Skin Prematurely

For most women who visit the local beauty products’ department in any given store, there are too many options to choose from and often not enough knowledgeable staff to help ensure your purchases are aimed at improving your appearance instead of having the opposite effect.

Here are some major makeup mistakes we all normally make in this particular area!

1. Your Foundation’s Too Pale

Foundation problems exist in every department of the beauty mistakes arena, but when it comes to prematurely aging your look, foundation that’s too pale really is hard to top. You go for shades your own color when you are young and fresh and have a healthy glow to your face.

Once you start to grow older and the birthdays pass to a point you no longer want to speak your age, well, then using your own color does you a great disservice and you pale naturally anyhow. You’re going to look pretty pasty if the color matches your pallid features perfectly.

Instead, go for something warmer by using a shade deeper than your own. The best is to mix your current shade with a notch darker one and apply with a foundation brush, ensuring maximum coverage.

You don’t really want the pink undertones either, especially if your face has a problem with blotches of ruddiness.

2. Your Concealer’s Too Cakey

We all know the pains of cakey concealer and the terrible way it looks like you are wearing a total mask to the outside world. It sinks into lines when you need it to fill them out and smooth the look instead.

What you should be doing is applying the concealer to the inner half of the under-eyes, over the dark circles or just skip this product and opt for a highlighter instead. You have the choice between a matte or bright-eyes look here and we all know that the brightest eyes are a sure sign of youth.

Plus, highlighters are moisturizing and only the heavens know how badly we need that aspect of it on our skins. You’ll shed off the years so quickly you’d wish you can do the same for the excess pounds on your hips.

3. You Are Certainly Overdoing Your Brows

Sparse arches need filling but when it’s overdone, angular and downright too bold a brow, you’re committing a major makeup faux pas. Why this would happen is often found in your makeup kit.

Or perhaps it’s the lack of a brow pencil altogether that’s the culprit here as an eyeliner is certainly going to be too harsh a color on your softer tinted brows. Brow liners, on the other hand, are just the right combination of hard and soft, providing one with the best possible tint match to fill in the lack of proper hair tendrils where they are needed most.

Powder brow pencils come in handy for filling in bald patches you were either born with, accidentally achieved through overzealous plucking, or where a scar left you hairless. Either way, steer clear of using eyeliner in the stead of a brow liner.

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4. You’re Skimping out on the Eyebrows

The older we grow, the sparser our brows are. We mentioned overdoing it through filling in the empty spaces with eyeliner, but it’s also important to make sure you keep the brows well-groomed and filled in with a brow liner.

You want them well-shaped and certainly well-defined. Brow brushes blend and soften the color, while the actual pencil you use should be a hue a notch lighter than your actual brow color.

5. You’re Blushing It All Wrong

There is something very wrong with the whole mouth to ear strokes of the blush brush, especially as one gets older and those cheekbones become more and more prominent. This technique only makes one look gaunt, worn out and well beyond her years in age.

It might work on younger skin where your cheeks are full and you want to achieve a bonier look by thinning it out, but certainly steer clear of this if you do not fit this particular category of chubby cheeked cherubs.

Instead of the streak, opt for a slight swirling over the apples, coming just a little on the higher side and emphasizing a fuller face.

6. Your Blush Is Definitely the Wrong Color

Another common makeup mistake is that sometimes we think that any color blush will work. From time to time the tint does match our general style of looks. More often than not, the color is all wrong, doesn’t match the lips, is way too harsh, too dark or too blue in pigment undertones and simply wrong in every manner.

Always opt for a soft and sheer blush, preferably in the powder category if you have creases to cover up, and give your cheeks a fresh glow. Girls with fairer skin should pick out the rosy pink and peaches, though nothing on the brown side.

Medium skin goes well with any hue, while slightly mauve tones are great with the cooler skin colors.

Darker complexions call for more coral, orange, berry or rich bronze warmer tones, whereas adding anything with a hint of blue or that’s too light will give you an ashen look you certainly want to avoid at all costs.

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7. Going Crazy With the Blush

It’s unfortunately too common a mistake to apply too much blush on the cheeks and all in the wrong fashion, instead turning the face into that of a clown’s. The blush is meant to give a woman a healthy sun kissed glow that unfortunately somehow often turns into a rather unhealthy blotch on the cheeks.

Instead of bringing life to one’s complexion, particularly in the middle of winter when we are desperate for some Vitamin D to shed the vampiric dead pale look, we end up looking like glass puppet dolls instead.

You don’t want harsh lines so you should place the color to your apples and blend towards your temples, softening the look as you go. It’s such a vital part of your makeup and so often done dreadfully wrong.

8. The Contouring Is Done All Wrong

There are so many guides to contouring on the Internet these days, no one has reason to get this wrong. Or just skip it altogether if you find it a hassle to enhance your masterpiece that’s your face through this technique.

Contouring has been used by many to change the shape of the face and somehow manage to emulate the look of an individual from another race or nationality overall. The problem is often with the placement of the contouring, as well as with forgetting to blend in properly, instead creating harsh lines where only soft features should be seen.

Using 2 shades of your foundation is the best way to get this right, the darker shade adding shadows over your regular foundation that matches your skin tone perfectly. If you watch enough tutorials on Youtube, chances are you can master this technique rather quickly.

9. You’re Letting the Lipstick Bleed

Of course, you do not mean to do this; you simply have no idea how to stop it. Over time, the lips’ natural definition becomes more blurred, fading out into the skin around it.

Lip pencils come in very handy of course, but not everyone likes to use them. They don’t always look the best; this, of course, depends on the color combinations, but that’s a totally other faux pas to talk about.

Instead of a liner, opt for using a lip brush to slather on the right amount of color without adding too much through applying the tube right onto the lip. The extra lipstick will bleed out and this looks especially terrible if you have decided to use bright reds or deeper hues.

Use a lipstick brush and dap onto the center of the widest part of your lip, spreading it around and defining the lip properly yourself, instead.

10. You’re Using Too Much of That Foundation

If you thought you had your concealer all wrong, double check the type of foundation you use. If you believed the creamier, thicker versions were also moisturizing, think again; instead, you are drying out your skin with too much product slathered onto the face.

If you opt for the coverage the thicker creamy styles provide you with, make sure you are using moisturizer as the foundation to your foundation. Hydrating primers also come in handy, as no one likes cracked skin on the face or elsewhere on the body.

Richer formulas are best for use, especially as your natural moisture is reduced with age.

11. You’re Skipping the Use of Foundation In General

It may seem like the right thing to do if you want to look more youthful, but skipping out on the foundation, especially if you’re prone to discoloration, certain shiny spots or ruddiness, is a big no-no.

Instead, go for sheer translucent finishes that only the good type of foundation can provide, livening up the skin tone and bringing a glow to the face. Of course, if you only have access to bad foundation, please do refrain from caking it on.

That is not a pretty sight to behold. Use liquid foundation for dry skin or even a tinted moisturizer, while a pressed powder is best for oily complexions.

12. You Are Most Probably Overdoing Your Eyes

We all remember the days when we first discovered eye makeup, especially the wide array of blues and greens and gold and funky colors that could be placed on the eyes for crazy effects.

We remember loving our overdone eyes so much that sometimes we continued with the trend well into our older years when it was no longer funny, no longer attractive and certainly in no way making us look younger. Oily lids added to the mix will only make the weight of the shadow pull down and give you a very creepy look.

Clear primer followed by a touch of shadow is how you should go. You can always use a highlighter as well, or even a beige colored shadow as a base for a deeper or brighter shade in order to give it pop without becoming too much to step into public with.

13. You Are Probably Pulling Skin with That Liner

If you use pencil like me, you certainly are doing your lids a great disservice. It’s a terrible habit but not everyone can stand the feel of liquid eyeliner. Some of us like the softer look of a pencil kohl, but it leaves us looking aged as we keep tugging on the edges to smooth it out or the liner itself keeps pilling on the skin, creating more crinkles all over the area.

A liquid liner applied with chin tilted up and eyes glancing down are probably one’s best bet for achieving the perfect line, kept straight and devoid of jagged areas.

14. You’re Picking the Wrong Eye Shadow Colors

Brown is a safe color. It provides just the right amount of soft shadow at the creases and isn’t as bold as a smokey eye. It also has yellow and red pigments to it that make the region you apply it to look tired, older somehow.

The same goes for bone colored shadows where instead of being a safe color, it does little to cover discoloration but brings a not so fresh look to the features. Sage and jewel tones are the nicest options to choose from, cancelling out the reds and the yellows and bringing out the whites of your bright eyes.

This, in essence, makes one look younger, more vibrant and certainly more beautiful overall.

15. You’re Opting for Creams Instead of Powders

You thought powders were aging you so you turned to creams. You abandoned the old favourite due to its bad rep but you’ve just done worse for yourself and should probably retrace your steps back to the classics.

The cream shadows and cream blushes will age you worse than the powders. Powders are smooth and quick and do not vary when faced with skin that may be dehydrated.

They do not cake like their creamy counterparts, nor do they warm on skin and slip into creases. If there are wrinkles to be seen, the cream will only make things worse overall! Powder puffs are not a necessity.

Actually, you should skip it completely as it’s rather unnecessary. But powder products overall are a much better choice when it comes to stocking up your makeup kit.

16. You Are Forgetting to Curl Your Lashes

Eyelashes are gorgeous. Especially nowadays, we are looking at big, bold, well painted lashes where 20-30 strokes is common to achieve the modern ’70s look.

However, if we want to keep those lashes looking youthful as well as gorgeous, a curler is a necessity. There are different types so no need to be afraid of chopping off your lovely lashes.

On the contrary, hold the curler on the eyes for 15 seconds each side and then use curling mascara for optimal finish. You may even combine a curling with a volumizing for even better effect.

Wiggle that wand, starting from the root, and move your way to the edge. With the latest styles going for bold lashes on simplistic makeup otherwise, you can skip the liner and the shadow complete and just work in the mascara to its finest.

17. You Are Wearing the Same Colors Day In and Day Out

Mix it up and try something out of your comfort zone. Go bold if you’ve preferred neutrals or go multiple shades lighter if you’ve always gone dark. Whatever you do, keep changing up the colors so you feel fresh and thus look stunningly new as well.

Keep away from the severe hues in general, as they will do nothing but age you. Instead, opt for the sheer variations, without being terrified of the electric reds and deeper maroons.

The lips are a great asset so one should be flaunting them; so long as they are not necessary for long nights of passion. Then again, there are always lipsticks and stains that are made to last through the onslaught of love that manifests itself physically.

Or perhaps it’s made so that one can each a cheeseburger without worrying about eating lipstick along with the meat and bread.

18. You Are Probably Wearing Lipstick That’s Way Too Dark a Color

Your lips are going to lose their definition. This is a given. In order to look youthful, you will want to make you lips look fuller, poutier, more likely to attract a mate thus. Darker colors have the opposite effect, however, and give your lips a thinner, less plump and quite a dull look.

Go for something in the mauve or pink lines, add a layer of gloss and you will be as good as new. Remember though, you are never too old to put on a healthy layering of lip-gloss.

If you must do the wine or berry colors, as they are in especially in fall, go for something sheer, a lip stain instead of a lipstick, and far away from the heavier textured products.

19. You’re Probably Overdoing That Lip Liner

The lipstick may certainly bleed out if there’s too much, if it’s too full of moisture, if you’re getting older and your lips are losing definition or if you don’t have any lip liner on.

Dark, heavily lined lips may have been in during the Clinton administration but those days have done by and we do not need to age ourselves any faster than we are already speeding at.

Don’t go too far out from the actual lip lines or you’ll find yourself with unnecessary emphasis on the fine lines around the mouth, particularly after reaching middle age. To soften the look, match the liner’s color to your lipstick and stick to that.

You can always match the liner to your natural lip color as well, working even better to bring out the beauty of the lower portion of your face.

Creamy pencils have the best results as they go on smooth instead of adhering to certain patches like a dry pencil would.

20. You’ve Been Lining Just Your Lower Lid

This is a terrible beauty blunder, a fashion faux pas you should avoid at all costs. Severe liner should never been put on the lower lid. That’s a rookie thing to do, a mistake that’s harder to get rid of as a routine it seems.

Instead of opening up the eyes as eyeliner should, it makes them look droopy, heavy and just not nice at all. Instead, do both lids at once, increasing the pressure at the top, but thus ensuring that your eyes truly pop as you apply the black kohl to the edges of the lash lines.

Add a soft shadow to the lid and you will be sparkling in the King’s court.

21. You May Be Using Shadows and Liners Too Bright In Color

We aren’t stuck in the 1960s and your makeup should not be totally retro, even if the ’60s and ’70s have met modern fashion in the industry. Brown may not be the best color to use as you age as we mentioned earlier, but navy and violet are certainly preferable to the bolder flashier, brighter hues from the past.

Skip doing a full ring around the eye if you are going for this type of makeup, instead keeping the colors to the top of the lid. This way you keep sophisticated enough while the bolder color still marks your unique taste and personality.

Furthermore, pump up those lashes so that the eyes receive the attention they deserve but without screaming loudly. Instead, subtlety works wonders, while full coverage of the lashes really brings out the young spirit inside.

60 Common Makeup Mistakes Women Make

22. You’re Putting on Too Much Black Eyeliner

When age starts to hit and the wrinkles begin to show, which of course can happen from the ripe age of 20 in the form of laugh lines that only get deeper by the time you’re 25 and then 30, try to stay away from too black eyeliner and eye pencils.

Darker, dramatic eyes appeal to us no matter what the age, though the sparser brows and thinner lashes certainly can cause a problem as the overcompensation of black eyeliner can in turn only draw attention to the parts of the eyes that we’d rather be covering up.

A gray or brown liner would have better effect in reality, while liquid liners at this point can look too heavy. So when we are younger, we should opt for the liquid and then when the aging process starts, switch to a pencil with its softer edges and easy-to-apply characteristics.

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Other Makeup Mistakes

There are many other makeup mistakes you may be making that have disastrous effects on your skin. Too many products to choose from leave women confused and often at the mercy of the wrong shades, the wrong types and even if the product turns out right, the administration is entirely too much a mockery of the system that decides what is deemed beautiful and which is entirely too horrific a design that must be kept from society altogether.

To achieve a flawless finish every single time, these particular makeup mistakes should be avoided at all costs!

23. The Renouncement of a Proper Skincare Routine

Makeup is meant to cover up the worst of the flaws you may believe you have or that which is deemed highly unwanted by the environment around you.

These days contouring seems to be a common practice, meaning that noses are shaped with makeup alone, skin is left without pores and smoothed to perfection, while eyes are made larger or smaller to suit the mood of the photoshoot.

However, there are too many mistakes made, even here, which cause a world of problems for one’s skin. It becomes hard to counteract the damage once one has allowed the improper care of the skin to fester.

24. Forgetting to Stay Hydrated

One of the most important parts of staying youthful is the assurance of skin hydration that gives one the plump glowing look. There’s a major difference between one who washes her face with water often and one who just walks out the door after waking.

The one washing her face looks fresher, happier, more likely to succeed, while the other just looks tired, gaunt and in need of some rest. Perhaps a vacation is overdue?

Furthermore, dry skin is quite susceptible to the appearance of fine lines, as well as many other aging effects that can be counteracted by drinking enough water and using moisturizers.

25. Forgetting the Sunscreen

This is a hard one for so many who absolutely hate slathering on the sunscreen. Since parasols are not exactly the style of the century these days, that means that either we keep indoors or expose our skin to harmful UV rays that do a number on our faces, hands and any other exposed regions to the elements.

In turn, that means premature wrinkles. The best makeup products, however, have the SPF built-in already so you do not need an extra layer of the sunscreen, while many moisturizers also incorporate the formula so that your skin is kept looking youthful for as long as humanly possible.

26. Forgetting the Use of Moisturizer

The skin loses moisture into the atmosphere frequently and requires replenishing. This can come either from drinking a lot of water or from topical moisturizers that ensure you never have to worry about fine lines caused by dry skin again.

With the inclusion of SPFs in the makeup, it’s best not to forgo the use of these amazing babies that will keep you feeling as soft and smooth as a baby’s bottom.

You want to look your best on a daily basis, so it’s best to moisturize every chance you get, even if you don’t immediately feel the need

27. Improperly Plucking Those Brows

Your eyebrows are a necessary part of your face, keeping the sweat and moisture dripping down your forehead from finding their way into your eyes and blinding you. In an effort to maintain well-groomed brows, overplucking may become a problem as taking out one strand leads to many others and one is left with a pencil thin rendition of a formerly lovely design.

If you have accidentally reached this point, the only thing that can be done is to wait for it all to grow back in, filling in bald spots with the proper brow pencil.

Professional waxing or threading services are preferable to you doing it yourself at home as the one working on you has a better sense of what looks good and what is going to entirely change the look of your face.

28. Not Making Sure the Makeup Used is Age Appropriate

You may not realize it but certain products are geared towards certain skin types as well as certain age groups, created to tackle specific problems that may not appear in teenagers or young adults, but will certainly rear ugly heads come one’s 30’s, 40’s and beyond.

Younger girls with too much makeup look older, tired and just not right, while glittery eyeliner on a fully grown adult suddenly turns her into a lady of the night instead of being “cool’ as it may be with teenagers and the younger crowds.

Before proceeding with taking on a certain makeup trend, it’s best to consider your own needs when it comes to beauty and refraining from falling into the traps set for those up to the age of 25.

29. Blending Techniques Are Just Plain Old Wrong

Makeup is meant to be blended, not slathered on to stand as a beacon on its own. Whether it is foundation, blush or eye shadow, you’re going to need a brush that will blend the colors in with one another or into the skin, to appear as if the makeup is only a part of your skin itself and nothing out of the ordinary.

You want it smooth and seamless in the way it flows, but unfortunately too many people forget to take this crucial step, leaving each color and product glaringly obvious as it stands like a beacon screaming red.

Latex wedges are great at blending makeup and worth investing in, though always remember that your brushes and blending products will get dirty so you should be replacing them from time to time to keep the standard of beauty through the quality of the products used.

30. You May Be Using Too Much Bronzer

This is probably a fashion faux pas when it comes to makeup that we have all committed at one point or another. It’s embarrassing when the face is multiple shades darker than the neck, or the neck itself seems to be chopped off from another and placed on your shoulders, that how different the skin colors look.

The skin should have a healthy glow to it that’s caused from a sun-kissed hue, but we often go too far and suddenly instead of perfectly bronzed, we are looking at a strangely orange appearance.

Properly applied bronzer is not obvious to the world, on the other hand, and one can either opt for the sparing use of matte bronzers, or the spray-on options that are quick and easy, giving off a more natural result.

31. There May Be a Bit Too Much In Terms of Makeup Use

Yes, we said it. Too much makeup use. Just, too much. Instead of accentuating a single feature, suddenly every part of the face is lit up, the attention drawn here and there and everywhere.

That’s just a major mistake that has one looking like a cartoon character instead of a sophisticated beautiful woman. Bright lipstick with lots of blush and played up smokey eyes all in one is just not right.

Choose just one part of the face and accent that so that you look fresh and beautiful. The latest focus is on the eyes, with the rest of the face left mostly bare. Give your lashes a full, bold, absolutely 1970s fanning look and you are golden.

A dab of gloss to those lips will finish off the look perfectly while nothing else is truly necessary other than perhaps a primer.

32. Forgetting to Exfoliate

Unfortunately, so many of us make the same mistake of applying makeup onto dry skin. Along with moisturizing the face, we also need to exfoliate, getting rid of the dead skin cells and leaving only a smooth finish on which to draw out our masterpiece.

This process should be done at least once a week, but some oily faces tend to like the 3-4 times a week during the shower regime, with the hot water opening up the pores for a deeper clean and then a cool water splashing to seal the clean in.

Foundation set on dry skin will cause it to flake and will not be able to blend in, instead sitting on top where it looks like you have caked the makeup on. Exfoliate, moisturize and then apply the makeup for best results.

33. You May Be Forgetting About Those Brushes of Yours

Honestly, not many of us remember to clean our brushes. We will use those things, wearing them out thin, but somehow keep forgetting to clean them as you would a paintbrush after any amount of use. This use of older, dirtier brushes and makeup sponges leads to not-so-fresh looks and even major breakouts if you’re not careful.

So it’s probably best for you to shampoo the brush hairs and change up your sponges often enough in order to ensure you have a clean slate with each redrawing on your canvas. Your face should be a clear masterpiece once you are done with it.

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34. Did You Know You Should Be Changing Your Makeup Seasonally?

Forget that! Most of us use the same makeup for years on end. Some of those shadows were probably your mom’s! It’s prudent to change your mascara every 6 months for sure, but the rest normally lasts a long while.

You don’t need to throw it away, but come spring and summer, you might want to forgo those creamy versions and opt for the powders instead if you do not want streaks of makeup showing up on your face. A melting face rarely appealed to anyone.

35. The Same Foundation Is Being Used All Year Round

We pay quite a bit of money for our makeup essentials so it’s actually pretty common to be using the exact same one throughout the year, indiscriminately. Yet, as mentioned before, it’s important to change up the creamier products during the spring and summer months, just as you change your wardrobe to a lighter, airier style when it’s warmer.

Plus, the summer sun will almost certainly change our coloring to at least 1 to 2 shades darker, meaning that 9 out of 10 people will require a different foundation anyhow.

It’s best to have a spring/summer makeup bag you replenish, as well as a fall/winter one, with colors appropriate to the seasons that match your complexion perfectly.

36. Testing Is Often Done on the Wrong Areas

Before buying a new product, we test them. We test them on our wrists, the backs of our hands, and just about anywhere you can see without a mirror but that which is the totally wrong shade to be testing on.

Instead of the hands which have more red undertones, go for testing on your jawline the foundations, while the lip color should be tested right on your lips after disinfecting the sample and applying with a lip brush.

You have to check on the right part of your body or else you’re in for wasting money on products that don’t look the best on you.

37. Testing Is Not Done At All

Maybe you can get away with not trying on your tops, the same way you can get away with not trying on your eyeshadow and maybe the blush, but just as you need those changing rooms for your pants, you need to really try on the foundation, the concealer and so many other beauty products before buying them.

Unfortunately, we don’t always do that, leading to many problems later on when we realize that the colors do not match our tone, that it looks fake, doesn’t blend or any other type of problem that can arise from not actually utilizing that tester.

You can’t trust the hue you see on the bottle. The color and texture change once the product touches skin.

38. The Primer Is Forgotten

It’s such a simple piece of the puzzle and yet it’s often overlooked. It’s not a necessity of course, but can make or break your look in so many circumstances. The primer is to be put on between the application of moisturizer and foundation, setting a hydrating smooth platform for the rest of the work to be done.

It’s like adding primer to a wall before paining over it with a really bright color. You really need it to give that extra oomph! It actually does have a major impact on your application.

39. Chances Are You Are Doing the Whole Powder Thing Wrong

It used to be that everyone powdered. There were special powder rooms for that. Movies show great puffs of white powder being applied to women’s faces that have us all wondering what is going on and what alien invention in cosmetics that is.

Truth is that we still do powder our noses, just not the way we used to. Yet the biggest problems lie in applying way too much powder or just powdering in all the wrong places.

It can either be overpowering with heavy and cakey faces, which could be avoided by using blot papers instead to get rid of the oils, or swirled all over the face instead of where you need it to be.

You should be focusing on your T-zone, using a brush and simply pressing against your face instead of going all over with a powder puff.

40. Your Liner Is Probably Not a Match to Your Eye Shape

It’s a little strange to consider that it’s not just the color of the liner that you have to consider when deciding on the right adornments for your eyes, but you must also ensure that the shape and placement is crucial.

Few consider the fact that how the eyes look themselves influences how the eyeliner will appear. Wider set eyes require that the thickest part of the liner should be concentrated on the inner parts, whereas the closer set moves the thickness over to the out edges.

Eyeliner that lets you play with thickness and angle is a great asset to your cosmetics set.

41. You’ve Really Been Letting Your Tired Eyes Give You Away

You may not already know this but you can use pencil eyeliner in a color matching your skin tone to brighten up your look and do away with the eyes that seem to have had too little sleep amongst too much stress.

That tired appearance can be wiped away by applying a white or cream colored liner to your waterline, the rim of your eyelid that’s watery, if you are fair-skinned, nude liner for the medium girls and dark brown for the darker skinned in order to fight the redness.

It makes for a dramatic difference in how you appear in public and mothers of newborns can once again roam the streets without their eyes becoming a dead giveaway for their unforgiving work at home.

42. The Matte On Dry Lips Application

This happens all too often and really should not be the case, especially in the winter with all its static, the dry heat and the cold weather chapping the lips. It is actually a prudent step to exfoliate your lips on a daily basis, removing the dead cells and adding a lip balm for hydration afterwards.

We eat our lips constantly, a dreadful habit that leaves us with bleeding, cracked skin instead of the smooth beauty that’s so very kissable. Matte lipsticks on this are a catastrophe.

Make sure the lips are properly nourished though and you can follow the matte trend without added worry. Try not to eat up the lipstick though!

43. False Lashes Done Wrong

Sometimes we really need those false lashes to give us any lashes actually. Some people have too little in terms of hair growth in that region where the longer, fuller, darker look is coveted. However, the use of false lashes should be done right, with the right amount of glue and the right amount of coverage to ensure your lids look positively spectacular.

Unfortunately, too much glue is often a problem. You should coat the rim and wait 30 seconds before putting them on or else it will be too wet and the lashes will slip and slide instead of sticking in place. Minimal glue is required.

44. Your Eyeshadow Colors Are All Wrong

It may seem like a trivial thing, but the color of your eyeshadow makes a big difference in how you look. The beauty of it is in creating a contrast and not using the same color as your eyes on your lids as well.

In this regard, if you have brown eyes like so many do, it’s best to stick to blues, purples, greens and mahogany hues. This also works for hazel eyes.

However, if you have blue eyes, browns, coppers, bronze, plum or terracotta hues work best. The more contrast you provide, the brighter your look and the more luminous the face will be.

45. You May Be Doing Too Much Eyeshadow

Some people do not realize that eyeshadow has rules as well, about how much you can wear at which times of the day to look classy and not so out of place. Eyeshadow overload normally seems to occur when we have the “way too much for daytime’ look happening, complete with the thick liner and lashes as well.

If you feel you’ve put too much, a sponge with neutral shadow tones over it should help soften the look so that it’s not an evening on the town you are showing off with your eyes, but a lovely day out.

Using a moisturizer to remove some of the excess might be a great idea as well.

46. You’re Doing the Mascara Too Much, Too Often

It’s in style today, but normally the runways are not full of fashionable divas with 30-40 coats of mascara on their lashes. There’s a fine line between being fashionable and having a lumpy, unattractive lash look and we have a tendency to overdo the mascara a little too much.

Instead of using too many layers of it to add to the thickness and the volume, it might do to use different techniques, including dusting on some shadow before first applying the mascara from the top side and then curling it back up from the bottom, ensuring every inch of every lash is sufficiently coated.

Fan out the lashes and don’t be afraid to use two different types, one for volume and one for length or extra curl. In any case, the best application is done right from the base and wiggled out to the ends, preventing the clumping that invariably kills the look.

A vertical application through holding the wand thus gives length, curls and separates.

47. You Keep Forgetting to Blend Your Face to Your Neck

It’s such a common mistake and such an obvious one. Too often you see a woman walk down the street with her face looking gorgeous but appearing to be a mask because the neck is 10 shades lighter somehow.

The wrong foundation is one thing but being able to see the edge of that foundation through a line on the jawbone? That’s just sinful in the beauty world and an unacceptable mistake.

Always blend down so that you ensure your face is the same shade as your body as seen on your neck. A tinted moisturizer is easier to work with and prevents the caked on look.

48. You Have a Tendency to Curl Your Lashes Last

Stop! This is the worst way to get the best curve possible and you have heard it a thousand times already all over the place on every beauty mistakes list. Just stop!

The curlers work best on your clean lashes and they will not rip the pieces out thus at all. Apply the mascara after curling, let it dry and re-curl carefully afterwards if you feel the need.

If the mascara is wet still, you are only creating the opportunity to get sticky, clumpy, and not so attractive lashes, all because you lacked the patience to wait.

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49. The Eyebrow Over-Exaggeration Is a Crime

Bolder brows are certainly in style, or they were up until now. The thin ones are so last decade at this point and those images are enough to drive us crazy now. However, bold brows aren’t for everyone, just as thin ones didn’t suit all faces.

Those with thinner brows are often competing with those who have naturally thicker brows and at this point they are looking rather strange with their harsh penciled in designs.

The problem is that the pencils used are often too dark while they should be a shade lighter for brunettes, while blondes and redheads should always go for a shade darker. It’s best to brush with a clear brow gel and then fill in all the blanks with a pencil.

50. That Brow Has Been Seeing Too Much Plucking

Then there’s the opposite occurring. Instead of thick brows becoming the problem, it’s the over-plucking happening that’s so outdated it’s not even funny. Plus, it makes the face look too out of shape. Some women look like they’ve overdosed on the tweezing.

You should take a matte shadow that is about 2 shades darker than you natural brow hair color and create the shape you want to see and use a brow pencil to fill it all in so that you fix the shape until the hair grows back in.

60 Common Makeup Mistakes Women Make

51. Lip-Gloss That’s So Last Decade

If we are mentioning outdated brows, we should also mention the outdated lip-gloss techniques. You really shouldn’t be over-applying the product to your lips, instead sticking to the center for maximum impact and shine.

You want a pretty pout and not an all over glossy look that removes any form or shape and leaves you with a very overdone look.

Blue bases are best as they give brightness to the complexion the reds won’t. Plus, it won’t hurt to have the teeth appear brighter than they are.

52. Drawing the Lip Liner Outside the Lines Is Bad Practice

We learned it as kids that we should be coloring inside the lines and that applies for your lips. Drawing your lip liner outside to fake larger lips will have disastrous effects overall.

Instead, you should hug your lip line, draw it bolder, color in the lips and add a plumper, with some gloss added to the bottom lip at the center for a fuller finish through light reflection.

This way you will look amazing and not like you just can’t tell where you lips end and skin of the face begins.

53. Overdoing Cat Eyes Is Just Wrong

Cat eyes are sexy, sultry and downright gorgeous. Overdoing those cat eyes by drawing the eyeliner way past the edge of your lids is such a terrible beauty faux pas that you need to erase that line immediately.

Pencils are best used if one’s a beginner while the liquid liners should be left to the more practiced in the drawing of cat eyes with winged ends. You need skill and a steady hand to really get that glamorous look.

A quarter of an inch past the edge of your eye is as long as it’s permitted to go while still keeping to the rules of beauty.

You can be sexy all right, but overdoing it just makes a woman look unattractive, like she’s trying too hard. Best to keep it all in stride.

54. Bright Blue Mascara Is a Major No

Rebellious teens will get away with it but you certainly won’t. You’re not part of some grunge group. Or perhaps you are. But the beauty scene forbids the use of teal and cerulean mascara and you should be heeding that warning well.

It looks great in sci-fi films but unless you are part of the Hunger Games’ richest, steer clear. Instead, opt for the navy or the indigo colors, both of which are a polished chic and won’t make you look like an alien from outer space.

On the contrary, dark blue mascara will brighten up the whites of your eyes, covering up the bloodshot look well and looking pretty on all eye colors. You can always do black mascara with a blue tip for a lovelier look.

55. You Have Been Lining Your Eyes Only Half the Way

It’s a very strange look and you should discard this practice immediately. A strong hard line will make your eyes look small so it’s understandable why you do it, but there are better ways to make the eyes pop and that’s with softer lines.

Lines both lids at the inner edges and then gently smudge towards the inner corners or a softer look that also appears to be rather fantastic. Your eyes are your best feature so you should be doing the makeup right, no mistakes allowed.

56. The Smudged Eyeliner Is Creating Racoon Eyes

This you can work with. If you want to prevent it altogether, use a shadow base before putting on the liner since it appears that your lids are warm and the line drawn will melt away, smudging under the eyes and creating a very bandit racoon look.

You can also use it to your advantage and create a very smokey eye by using a smudging tool to even distribute the excess of the black line in a soft look under the eyes. You end up with sultry instead of racoon at this point.

57. You’ve Been Using Warm Toned Bronzers to Contour

The contouring effect is awesome but the use of warm toned bronzers is a major makeup mistake you should be avoiding. The warm glow provided by the bronzer actually looks rather unnatural, coming a dead giveaway that your contours aren’t real.

Shadows are naturally cooler in tone so the warmth of the bronzer is entirely the wrong color for creating a believable definition. Matte bronzers with cool undertones are a safer bet.

58. The Foundation Is Being Applied With a Flat Brush

This is another no-no. Flat brushes should not be used for foundation; instead, you should make sure you know what a foundation brush looks like. The flat ones will cause streaks, while larger, duo fibre brushes work wonders in even distribution.

Using it to gently tap onto your skin and swirl in circular motions creates the best finishing so that your skin looks and feels wonderful.

This might be the best way you can come closest to a flawless, airbrushed look that one achieves through Photoshop.

59. The White Eyeliner Is Way Out of Date

It used to be in fashion but now it is not. The white eyeliner applied to the lids, top and bottom was meant to make the eyes pop and the whites look larger. It was huge in the beauty industry and still a favourite for many.

However, it’s not the best look as it just looks unnatural and the latest fashion is looking as natural as possible. Instead of using white, it’s better to stick to peachy pencils in order to achieve your lovely wide-eyed looks.

60. You’re Trying to Match Your Eyebrows to Your Hair Color

Unless you want to look like a well-designed unrealistic mannequin, you should probably refrain from trying to do this. It’s quite the mistake many women make, especially when bleaching their hair and then hoping to have their brows look like they’re a natural in that color.

Eyebrows are naturally a different color from your hair, often either a shade or 2 lighter or darker than that on your head. So when you’re going for fixing up your eyebrow colors, always stick to a max of 2 shades darker is you have a blonder hair color or a max of 2 shades lighter if you are of darker coloring.

This ensures that you do not look fake, like a doll off the shelf from the department store.

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