Top 10 Fashion Bloggers of 2014

Fashion has been bright, fabulous and vibrant in 2014 and our favorite fashion bloggers have made it even more interesting with their creative outfit combinations and unique personal styles. We always look to celebrities and It girls for inspiration when it comes to the best ways of putting the season’s fashion trends into action and today’s powerful social platforms and popular fashion blogs provide the freshest ideas to this end. They are great sources of fashion ideas, since they are updated frequently, besides most of the girls demonstrate the correct ways of working high-end designs into casual looks, which is what most of us want to do skillfully. Below, we have rounded up the top 10 fashion bloggers of 2014, who have stood out with their unique perception of fashion and beauty!

Top 10 Fashion Bloggers of 2014

1. Chiara Ferragni from

Thinking of the world of fashion blogging, Chiara Ferragni is the first name that comes to everyone’s mind, as she’s an epitome of success and a unique style that influences the entire world. The famous Italian blogger has managed to turn her name into a brand, launching her signature shoe line that is conquering the world with its flirty designs. 2014 has been an even more successful year for her, as she has managed to take her shoe line to the US market, has generated $8 million this year, as well as has been included in the list of the most influential people from New York Fashion Week by Forbes, besides the numerous collaborations with high-end fashion and beauty brands. She has also bought a house in Los Angeles, permanently residing there while leading her globetrotting life. She’s a true inspiration for her over 3 million Instagram followers, showing how to dress in the laid-back style incorporating sporty chic and vintage details into her everyday looks, as well as managing to look equally chic on the red carpet.

Top 10 Fashion Bloggers of 2014: Chiara Ferragni from The Blonde Salad

2. Kristina Bazan from Kayture

Luxury and elegant fashion is the definition of Kayture, a chic blog run by beautiful Kristina Bazan from Switzerland. Collaborating with Dior, Louis Vuitton, Chopard, Cartier, Tod’s and many other famous names in the fashion world, she manages to look feminine and chic every time she steps out the door, whether that’s a casual stroll in the city or a red carpet event. Kristina is getting more and more followers in the fashion world, and she’s now working on developing a successful music career too. She definitely deserves to be in the list of the best fashion bloggers of 2014!

Top 10 Fashion Bloggers of 2014: Kristina Bazan from Kayture

3. Nicole Warne from Garry Pepper Girl

She’s vibrant, unique and she knows how to add a splash of color to her stylish outfits and to the editorial-worthy photos she shares with her big army of followers. Nicole Warne is a master at wearing the red lipstick with winged eyeliner, creating the most elegant and feminine looks and transferring lots of positive energy through her colorful photos taken on the most remote parts of the world. It’s hard to imagine the world of fashion blogging without her creative website: Garry Pepper Girl

Top 10 Fashion Bloggers of 2014: Nicole Warne from Gary Pepper Girl

4. Aimee Song from Song of Style

Always having the perfect smile on her face, Aimee Song hits the most important fashion weeks twice a year, at the same time sharing her endless adventures from the coolest destination spots you’d dream to visit once. She knows how to wear literally any trend doing that really flawlessly. The famous “songstress’ (from her blog’s name Song of Style) is also a master at taking colorful and unique photos, providing a huge source of inspiration for leading a healthy, vibrant and stylish life.

Top 10 Fashion Bloggers of 2014: Aimee Song from Song of Style

5. Julie Sariñana from Sincerely Jules

Julie from Sincerely Jules is the coolest type of a girl, who looks perfect on a daily basis pulling off flirty sundresses and short denim shorts matched with her favorite ankle booties. Add effortless beachy waves and powerful accessories and you’re going to win the love of millions of followers on Instagram. She is a famous globetrotter as well, sharing her wonderful experiences with her fans through her unique shots from different parts of the world.

Top 10 Fashion Bloggers of 2014: Julie Sarinana from Sincerely Jules

6. Shea Marie from Peace Love Shea

LA based blondie and cutie Shea Marie has tried her hand at designing as well this year, coming up with a limited series of killer shoes designed for Steve Madden. She’s a natural beauty, who always knows how to create the most inspiring outfit combinations, sizzling at fashion weeks and various important fashion events. She has also numerous collaborations with A-list fashion designers, such as Dolce & Gabbana. So make sure to check out her blog to see how fashionably she travels the world, having lots of fun!

Top 10 Fashion Bloggers of 2014: Shea Marie from Peace Love Shea

7. Negin Mirsalehi

Amsterdam based fashion blogger Negin Mirsalehi is a beautiful girl with a distinctive European style. She can be elegant and classy one day, changing her look easily the next day looking kind of grungy or sporty chic. It’s her lush long locks and perfect face that don’t change, always looking impeccable, and her blog ” ” is the ultimate destination for discovering the latest trends and the best ways of nailing them down.

Top 10 Fashion Bloggers of 2014: Negin Mirsalehi

8. Rumi Neely from Fashion Toast

Neely is one of those coolest fashion bloggers, who have managed to try their hands at something more than blogging. She is now modeling and acting as well, while continuing her fruitful collaborations with famous brands, at the same time influencing thousands of newly emerging fashion blogs with her cool laid-back style. Fashion Toast is sure to provide endless inspiration to you when it comes to looking naturally stylish and beautiful and enjoying life.

Top 10 Fashion Bloggers of 2014: Rumi Neely from Fashion Toast

9. Andy Torres from Style Scrapbook

Mexican born and Amsterdam based Andy has been running her inspirational blog for 7 years already, sharing her dreams, goals and stylish looks with her followers. It’s due to her devotion and hard work that she has got so many accomplishments in the world of fashion and modeling now. Her blog is flooded with editorial-worthy pictures illustrating her always-changing style, from grunge and punk rock looks to sporty chic and elegant fashion. What’s not to love about Style Scrapbook?

Top 10 Fashion Bloggers of 2014: Andy Torres from Style Scrapbook

10. Eleonora Carisi from Jou Jou Villeroy

Eleonora Carisi is one cool and funky girl with a high sense of fashion. She knows how to pose for the cameras in the streets and how to party with her friends, while looking drop-dead gorgeous trying the most imaginative and unexpected clothing combinations ever. She’s young, beautiful, successful and talented and she definitely has a lot to share with you on her blog, JouJouVilleroy!

Top 10 Fashion Bloggers of 2014: Eleonora Carisi from Jou Jou Villeroy

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