19 Unique Holiday Nail Art Designs

Holiday nail art designs can be the most imaginative ways of jazzing up your festive looks and putting the magic jingle-bells spin on your party outfits, especially when you really know how to skillfully mix and match nail polish colors. The best thing about winter nail designs is that you are absolutely free to bust out the funniest and coolest prints and patterns, as well as glitter and eye-feasting colors. From the traditional snowman and Santa-themed manicures to gingerbread and snowflakes inspired designs, flip through these 19 unique and lovely holiday nail art designs and copy the style that best matches your mood and festive look!

1. Santa With His Reindeer and Christmas Tree

The first thing that might come to your mind when thinking of Christmas nails is the popular Santa theme and the cutie reindeer accompanying him. They can look co funny and bright when drawn on a monochromatic background, preferably in lighter tones to symbolize snow. These little cuties create an entire winter story, while the correctly picked colors only enhance the beautiful look. This is one of the coolest Christmas nail designs we are all ready to rock throughout the holiday season!

19 Unique Holiday Nail Art Designs: Santa and Reindeer Nails

2. The Freezing Penguin

Embrace the holiday season picking the most traditional color combinations, such as red with black and white and mix some exciting textures with intricate prints for a creative take on your festive mani. These little freezing penguins bundled up in Santa’s red suit look undeniably cute, while the interesting white nail polish with little black particles is the right thing you need to tone down the intricate manicure at the same time preserving the uniqueness and the big dose of creativity of the overall look.

19 Unique Holiday Nail Art Designs: Freezing Penguin Nails

3. The Winter Bunny

If you are more into less colorful, yet equally interesting and frisky looks, pick different tones of blue and add a splash of white into the combo for the maximum beautiful wintry mani. A big bare tree covered with snow and matched with a bunny wrapped up in a warm scarf and a little snow-boy is the right recipe of the prettiest holiday nail look. Keep two of your nails more simplistic adding just tiny white “snowballs’ to the blue background.

19 Unique Holiday Nail Art Designs: Winter Bunny Nails

4. Here Comes Santa With the Presents!

A light purple color matched with white, reds and some more bursts of brights is the easiest way of adding interest and lots of personality to your monochrome looks. We can’t have enough of the Santa-themed nail art designs, so this exact look picturing Santa entering the house through the chimney is the ultimately detailed and inspirational holiday nail design we simply can’t help starting at. You may need thin brushes and advanced nail art skills to be able to copy this look, and if you still can’t reach perfection, ask your nail artist to do that for you!

19 Unique Holiday Nail Art Designs: Santa Nails

5. The Christmas Cat

Playful, girly and Christmas-y is this cat nail design in the simplest color combinations, including lots of white and touches of red and black. You can draw the same cat playing with Christmas presents and ornaments while having lots of fun on all your five fingertips. It’s a sleek and more toned down look, which is still extremely fun and detailed perfect for those special parties.

19 Unique Holiday Nail Art Designs: Christmas Cat Nails

6. The Big Cast of Christmas Characters

Let’s admit that the holiday season is the time of the year, when we are ready to try new trends and looks, which might not characterize our personal style. So if you have been reserved in your looks so far, go for this uber-cute and intricate New Year nail design featuring all the famous Christmas characters, from the snowman and the Snow Maiden to the gingerbread man we all adore so much. The beautiful mishmash of bright colors is the next guarantee of show-stopping looks at any party!

19 Unique Holiday Nail Art Designs: Christmas Nails

7. Gingerbread Nail Art

Gingerbread cookies are the most typical holiday treats that are not only delicious, but are also perfect decorations for your holiday table. So simple and timeless, these little cuties can also act as beautiful details for your holiday nail designs. Paint gingerbread men and a gingerbread house on your nails accompanied with simple dots and a candy and have the most delicious winter holiday ever!

19 Unique Holiday Nail Art Designs: Gingerbread Nails

8. The White Winter Beary Mani

No matter it usually snows in your city or not, you might love to add the wonderful wintry mood to your nails, using white for “painting’ lots of snow, as well as a cutie white bear mingling with a little penguin. This is such an uplifting nail design, which will instantly brighten up your festive look throughout the entire holiday season.

19 Unique Holiday Nail Art Designs: Winter Nails

9. Christmas Candle Nail Art

Seasonal motifs with a beautiful combination of colors are an easy way of getting into the holiday mood instantly. This is one of the most effortless holiday nail art designs you can emulate in no time. It might take you a little bit more time and effort to draw the candle, while the hearts, dots and stripes are a cakewalk even for the beginners.

19 Unique Holiday Nail Art Designs: Christmas Candle Nails

10. Vintage Holiday Nail Art

Vintage is the ultimate definition of a unique style in the modern world, and this can refer to your mani too. Ditch all those eye-popping bright colors and the intricate patterns, giving your preference to a nude nail polish color that will act as a background for a simplistic and stylish wintry nail design. Draw a snowman and snowflakes using a brown color and there you have a stylish vintage nail design for New Year!

19 Unique Holiday Nail Art Designs: Vintage Nails

11. Xmas Cat and Mouse Nail Design

Cartoonish characters always create unique nail designs and this is true about Xmas-themed looks as well. This black cat playing peek-a-boo and chasing the little mouse carrying its Christmas gift can be a fun idea to capture if you want to elevate your simplistic snow-themed holiday mani.

19 Unique Holiday Nail Art Designs: Christmas Nails

12. Santa-Themed Holiday Manicure

For a more simplistic and interesting reference of the popular Santa theme, no need to picture him on your nails. Just make the red of his famous suit the focus of your holiday manicure and go for some glitter and matching design patterns to complete the look.

19 Unique Holiday Nail Art Designs: Santa Nails

13. Snowmen Nail Art for Holiday

If you are so obsessed with the idea of making a snowman, yet there is no snow in your city, fetch your nail polishes and draw them on your fingertips! These oversized snowman patterns on your fingers will look especially beautiful when toned down with the help of more simplistic patterns featuring a white Christmas tree and snowballs.

19 Unique Holiday Nail Art Designs: Snowman Nails

14. Christmas Tree Nail Art

All those classy fashionisers, who are looking for less cartoonish and more sober holiday nail designs, can play in the zone of black and glittery gold, picturing an oversized snowflake on one finger followed by a big Christmas tree, chic Christmas tree ornaments and the message reading “Merry Christmas’! This nail design will match any style and color of festive outfit you choose, so it’s definitely going to appeal to you!

19 Unique Holiday Nail Art Designs: Christmas Tree Nails

15. Christmas Lights Nail Art

You can use those colorful and sparkling Christmas lights for embellishing not only your Christmas tree, but also your nails! In the latter case, you need rainbow nail polish colors to draw those beautiful lights on a simple white background for an eye-popping look.

19 Unique Holiday Nail Art Designs: Christmas Lights Nails

16. Snowflakes Nail Art

When you face a dilemma and have no idea which way to go, choose the most traditional and the classiest holiday nail designs, such as ones featuring snowflakes. Here you are free to show your creativity through the colors you choose, taking your outfit into consideration. In this case we have used blue as a beautiful background for those big white snowflakes.

19 Unique Holiday Nail Art Designs: Snowflakes Nails

17. Frozen Nail Art for Holiday

Fans of cute cartoon nail art designs can stick to their favorite theme for the holiday season too, picking the famous characters from “Frozen’ as a good way to make a statement and come up with imaginative looks. Choose the best background for that white snowman and add some snowflakes too for a higher impact!

19 Unique Holiday Nail Art Designs: Frozen Nails

18. The Wintry Bird

Any winter themed nail design can work for the holiday season too. So you are free to draw funny creatures on the background of snow, and this little wintry bird can also be a good option for your festive looks. You can feel the cold due to the cool blues used and the tiny beanies warming up the birdie.

19 Unique Holiday Nail Art Designs: Winter Nails

19. It’s Snowman Again

This snowman nail design is among the simplest and coolest looks any beginner can embrace! Apply a simple blue nail polish on your three fingertips drawing random patterns in white, and keep your thumb and ring finger for the snowmen. It’s effortless, fun and it can surely add so much personality to your winter holiday looks!

19 Unique Holiday Nail Art Designs: Snowman Nails

Our 19 holiday nail art designs target fashionisers of different tastes, ages and interests. Best of all both the beginners and those who have better nail application skills can find something catchy, cool and memorable for their festive looks among these unique manicure ideas!

Nails by Emma for Fashionisers.com

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