How to Use Hair Chalk

As far as there exist revolutionary hair crayons and you know how to use hair chalks for creating mesmerizing mermaid-style tie-dye hair effects, there is absolutely no need to use dyes for changing your hair color every now and then, especially when you’re not sure you are going to like the result after the entire coloring process. The modern beauty industry offers a variety of products and means for emphasizing your individuality and creativity and hair chalking is the way of getting multi-colored hair tips without any commitment.

How to Use Hair Chalk

The biggest benefit of hair crayons is that the paint easily washes off the locks very quickly and you’ll have the chance to create fresh and unique appearances every time using different color combinations. Best of all, it’s super easy to chalk dye your own hair at home having the same flawless result that you could get at a salon. Here is an easy hair chalk tutorial, as well as useful tips for choosing the best hair chalks for you!

How to Choose the Best Hair Chalks

You surely need to consider your hair color and type when choosing the best hair chalks for you, since certain types of hair chalks might dry up your hair or simply not stand out on your natural hair tone. All types of hair chalk colors work amazingly on blonde hair, while those with a darker hair tone are advised to give preference to brighter colors so that the coloring would really stand out.

There are two common types of hair chalks ” hair chalk sticks that are small dry sticks in different colors available for sale individually or coming in sets, and hair chalk tints, which look like mini eyeshadow palettes. Hair chalk tints are usually slightly more expensive than the chalk sticks.

When choosing a hair chalk, make sure to avoid sidewalk chalks, which are unusually too dusty, and oil-based pastel tones, which tend to stain your clothes.

Keep in mind that hair chalks aren’t the best options for dyeing large proportions of hair, as it may took really long and the result might not be as perfect as in case of using a hair dye. So they are the ideal means for creating the tie-dye effect on your natural or colored hair.

How to Chalk Your Hair

The chalking procedure differs depending on what type of hair chalk you use. However, there are common rules you need to stick to in all the cases.

• Wrap a towel or some cloth around you so that your clothes won’t get stained.

• Fetch a bowl of water and a clean paintbrush, just in case you need them. You don’t need to use lots of water, since the less you use it, the more vibrant color you’ll get.

• If you have blonde hair, no need to moisten your hair at all, since it will stain.

• As for dark hair, you need to slightly moisten it before the hair chalking procedure.

• Make sure to wear rubber gloves.

• If the pigment falls on the strand of hair you didn’t want to color, then quickly wash it off with water.

• The darker hair and the lighter skin tone you have, the more contrasting and the brighter hair chalk colors you need to give preference to. Blue, red and bright green tones are the most suitable ones for brunettes.

• Light pastel colors are the best for blondes. Still, hair chalking involves experimenting and trying new effects. You can use multiple colors to create the stylish ombre effect.

• As for the best styles you can sport when having mermaid hair, think casual street style, grunge and boho. In the former two cases you can wear ripped jeans, stylish T-shirts, plaid shirts, while crochet dresses, maxi skirts and tunics with floral and ethnic prints styled with jewelry with natural stones and fringes are best for the latter case.

How to Apply Hair Chalk

And this is the step-by-step hair chalk tutorial for everyone!

Step 1: Prime the strand of the hair you want to chalk with a little hair chalk and water. You need to dip a piece of chalk in lukewarm water, then moisten the paintbrush touching the wet chalk with it to soak up water and color and start painting the strand of the hair. Otherwise you can simply apply a little amount of water on that strand of hair without using the paintbrush or the color.

Step 2: Twist that strand of the hair and rub the chalk into and around it. The more you go over the area, the more intense color you’ll get. If you want to use multiple colors at a time, start with the lightest shade, since if you start with the darkest one it will smudge all over your gloves later on staining the lighter colored portions of the hair.

Step 3: Wait for the hair to air dry. Then, run the flat iron over each colored strand in order to fix the color. You can style your hair the way you want, having fun with braids, beachy waves or lovely buns. However, keep in mind that brushing too much will remove the color from your hair.

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How Long Does the Hair Chalk Dye Last?

It all depends on how much you care for your tie-dye hair. Usually, the hair color lasts a few days until the next time you wash your hair.

Before shampooing your hair, try to brush out as much of the color as possible in order to wash it all off more easily. Despite having intense colors, hair chalk sticks usually fade off quickly.

So if you are getting ready for a particular event, you need to chalk it up in the morning to have a more flawless hair color that same day. Also keep in mind that hair chalks tend to stain bed linen, so it’s a good idea to wash off your hair before going to bed.

Besides, keeping the chalk color on your hair for a longer period of time will cause harm to your strands, drying them up.

After using hair chalks, your hair requires special care, especially if you have blonde hair. Using a gentle shampoo and conditioner for dry hair when washing your strands is a must. In addition, you can use ready-made or natural hair masks to revitalize your locks.

Hair crayons are amazing for quick makeovers for special parties and events, including your birthday, prom party or just when you want to look special and different. So chalk it up, as it’s easy and fun with a super cool result!

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Step-By-Step Guide on How to Color Hair at Home

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