#WePhotoshoppedWhat: When It Girls Photoshop

#WePhotoshoppedWhat is the ultimate hashtag on Instagram, checking out which you’re going to learn more about the “magic’ of Photoshop in the lives of famous people. We all know the power of Photoshop in perfecting one’s skin, removing red eyes or adding interesting filters and effects to the images. And we surely also know that celebrities, It girls and fashion bloggers Photoshop their bodies to look even more flawless and out-of-this-world. However, they do fail quite often going way too far and creating impossibly thin bodies that even look unflattering. While most of them deny the fact of having altered their images, there is also a fashion blogger who admits to Photoshopping her body to look picture-perfect and slimmer.

How Fashion Bloggers and It Girls Photoshop Instagram Photos

It’s hard to be a girl. It’s even harder to be an It girl, a famous fashion blogger, a model or a superstar, who is constantly scrutinized closely, her every look taken into consideration. What’s more? Her weight, height, fitness, skin tone, skin type, and everything else is put under a microscope and commented on among those who are both fans and competitors to each of these lovely gals. A zit on the face might throw off the look or perhaps a non-existent bottom looks less than flattering in a certain dress. It matters not; it will all be documented, taken a picture of and shared among the social networks that are now viewed as the best means for obtaining the latest in information on a given topic.

The best medium used is, of course, Instagram. Here, women who deem themselves fashion bloggers use the application as a platform from which to springboard into the fashion industry themselves. Here, models and designers and bloggers alike show off their latest wardrobe collections, their inspirations from the red carpet and, while at it, their flawless bodies. Except, it appears that so many are not so flawless after all. On the contrary, the straight lines of door frames and pavements suddenly seem to curve and legs take on unnatural forms in so many of these images that Instagram’s own Photoshop Police page known as @wephotoshoppedwhat loves to bring out and shame. The Instagram account takes images from fashion bloggers and celebrities, who obviously love to use Photoshop a little too much, making it quite clear that they are not really that thin, that clear-skinned, or anything else they seem to think they should be, in reality. There even exist dozens of skinny apps there, which they use to instantly resize their actual body measurements even though most of them already have perfect bodies.

Somebody seems to think her unnatural looking body is quite normal with all that altering, unaware of the curve in the wall’s line giving away her dirty little secret: that bottom just isn’t really that big. There may be something up with those legs as well. The skinny app really did fail here. Let’s just hope upcoming photos look a little less disturbing in head to body ratio.

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Honestly, when you are as thin as @smaroon_8 seems to be, why you would need to Photoshop in the little bit of curves one’s eye desperately seeks to confirm healthy humanity is beyond the mind’s comprehension. Add pixels to the mix and it’s beyond clear that this poor girl isn’t really as anorexic as she wants to look. Either that, or Casa de Campo La Romana is actually some sort of Minecraft creation full of digitalized pixels.

#WePhotoshoppedWhat: When It Girls Photoshop

It appears that she doesn’t stick only to pixilation either! Here we see a clearly deformed leg due to excessive Photoshopping despite the fact that those shoes are really actually quite lovely! We’re still debating on how much of the rest of those barely there body parts have been subjected to the skinny app. The backgrounds spill the beans‚Äö√Ñ√∂‚àö√묨‚àÇ

#WePhotoshoppedWhat: When It Girls Photoshop

Julia Moshy also joins the ranks of Photoshoppers, though she takes to the shaming with humour it appears. Her distorted walls and skinnier shoulders are admitted to with a simple “haha whoa I’m bad at this’ comment. It sure is good to see fashion bloggers who accept their failings with the infamous program designed to entirely change the way a person or image looks overall.

#WePhotoshoppedWhat: When It Girls Photoshop

Some may actually have legs that are likely to bend like Chriselle Lim’s in this particular photo, but the Photoshop police have deemed it a distortion of the truth and have called the Founder and Creative Director of Chriselle INC to the podium by airing out her dirty laundry. Skinnier thighs lead to strangely bend legs if the skinny app isn’t used right. That outfit sure looks pretty, though! She makes for a great model, despite her Photoshop shortcomings.

#WePhotoshoppedWhat: When It Girls Photoshop

It appears there’s little good to be said about Emily Schuman, the owner of the “Cupcakes and Cashmere’ fashion blog. Besides being ridiculed by the Huffington Post in 2013, she has found herself appearing on the @wephotoshoppedwhat account’s nasty Hall of Shame for turning her thin body into a stick figure using digital altering. The railings really show off her attempts to change her body. She’s known for her food and her fashion sense, racking up a fortune through hundreds of thousands of followers checking on her every move. She’s made it big for herself, however, with a TV show and all to spread the cheer and love for cupcakes and fashion among women everywhere.

#WePhotoshoppedWhat: When It Girls Photoshop

Knowing the truth behind those “perfect’ bodies of It girls, do you still strive to look like them?

Photos courtesy of Instagram @wephotoshoppedwhat, Kayture

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