10 Winter Wardrobe Essentials for It Girls

Having these 10 winter wardrobe essentials you may realize that acquiring new clothing pieces and accessories for building unique It-girl-worthy looks in winter is not an urgent problem. A complete winter wardrobe can consist of just 10 basic fashion staples, most of which you already might have in your closet. So with the arrival of the cold months, instead of complaining that you have nothing to wear, try to revise the basics and mix and match them with the correct complementing details creating unique looks that show off your personal style and creativity. Acquiring these 10 winter wardrobe essentials for real It girls, you’ll be able to build the basis of a myriad of stylish winter looks that are timeless and versatile.

10 Winter Wardrobe Essentials for It Girls

1. Little Black Dress With Long Sleeves

A cool style starts with a little black dress regardless of the season and your personal style. If in summer it may feature a backless design, a deep V-neck and short sleeves, than in winter we prefer one that provides more coverage. In this case, the color of the dress plays a minor role and it’s the interesting design, cuts and details that make a statement. Long sleeves are preferable for winter, and as for the shape and the details used, you can pick a dress that best matches your personality. Think outstanding materials like leather, velvet or lace and pay attention to such details, as the hem, the collar and the form, going for the option that emphasizes your best assets. There are endless ways of wearing a little black dress in winter, so trust your inner stylist and pick the most creative complementing details and outerwear options for it.

2. The Perfect Coat

A stylish outerwear is the first thing we all hurry to invest in as the cold months arrive, and while trends come and go a classic coat is always there to bundle you up in style. Whether you love long or oversized coats, monochrome or checkered options, capes, pea coats or ones with military influences, go for the best options that flatter your figure and put the focus on your personal style. A statement-making coat can be the core of almost all your winter looks, and the way you style it can certainly help you create various styles and moods. Once you know how to choose a coat for your body shape, you’ll have absolutely no problems in matching it with the best footwear, scarves, hats and outfits.

10 Winter Wardrobe Essentials for Women

3. Jeans, Jeans, Jeans!

Do we have to repeat that jeans should always be there in your wardrobe? If in summer it’s all about the perfect pair of denim shorts, we love the winter months for it lets us wear our favorite jeans without sweating. Skinny, high-waisted, bell-bottom or vintage, jeans are really timeless and we can hardly imagine the fashion world without them. It’s their practicality, versatility and ultimate wearability that makes us adore jeans. Well, and of course we all know how to wear jeans, since they have no basic rules and you can be as creative and innovative as you can!

4. Leather Pants

If you belong to that small group of fashionisers, who hate jeans and are looking for stylish alternatives, think leather pants! They are edgy, sexy and cool and can be mixed and matched with various tops for creating one-of-a-kind looks. Pay attention to the color and the form of the leather pants you choose, picking the best options for your own body shape. Like jeans, leather pants are also timeless fashion staples that can instantly elevate your simplistic winter looks.

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5. Chunky Knit Sweater

Winter is the one unique time of the year, when we finally can don our favorite chunky knit sweaters, looking and feeling so cozy and comfy. They are warm, stylish and so easy to wear that we simply can’t stop loving them. Available in a big range of forms, styles, colors and patterns, knit sweaters make great pairs with jeans, leather pants, skirts and winter shorts, so make sure you acquire at least one basic design for you!

6. Ankle Boots

We can never underestimate the power of a stylish pair of boots, which can spice up even the dullest winter looks. If over-the-knee designs might not suit everyone, one basic and universally flattering style of winter footwear is the ankle boots. They can elongate the legs of petite women and when it comes to the possible stylish combinations created with them, you have endless options to choose from. Ankle boots look cool with any types of pants, skirts, dresses and coats, so why not get a pair?

7. A Knit Sweaterdress

Just like the knit sweaters, knit sweaterdresses are also among the best winter wardrobe essentials that every woman needs to get. There are days when you are not into layering and mix and matching tops and bottoms, so slipping into a relaxed knit sweaterdress is the first thing you’ll want to do. Wear it with ankle or knee-high boots, pick a scarf to add lots of personality to your look and don’t forget the coat when you walk out the door!

10 Winter Wardrobe Must-Haves for Women

8. A Bright, Printed Scarf

Whether you choose a classic leopard printed scarf or one adorned with abstract motifs, you definitely need this stylish accessory for styling your winter looks. It’ll keep your neck warm, while brightening up even the most boring looks and taking your styling skills to a whole new level.

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9. The Perfect Hat

Your head definitely needs a hat to feel warm in winter, that’s a given. Choosing the best winter hat for your face shape and hair color, you are sure to have one statement accessory that will add so much attitude to your day-to-day looks. From beanies and fur hats to cute trooper hats, pick one design that speaks for your unique style.

10. A Leather Bag

You surely need a stylish arm candy that will not only carry your beauty bag, mobile phone and other important belongings, but will also act as a great complementing detail for your winter outfits. Whether oversized or mini, a leather handbag is a wardrobe basic you need to have, if you want to build up unique outfits for the chilly months.

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