10 Common Winter Beauty Problems and Their Fixes

There are common winter beauty problems that we all have to deal with as the temperatures drop, and even though winter means parties, Christmas presents and beautiful nature, we still have to look for ways of treating chapped lips, dull hair and itchy skin to make the holiday season really perfect. Your beauty routine and makeup products should be completely changed with the arrival of winter, if you want to feel and look as radiant as in summer. From hair static to dry hands, certain side affects of winter can bring discomfort to you, but here are 10 easy tips to fix winter beauty problems and overcome winter blues!

10 Common Winter Beauty Problems and Their Fixes

1. Winter Rash

The cold winter months tend to give rise to dry and flaking skin, which in its turn may cause an unpleasant winter rash. This all happens because the particles of dead skin block the pores preventing the skin from breathing. To overcome this situation you just need to regularly use peeling products, making sure you don’t overuse them. Make sure to pamper your skin with some moisturizer after the peeling procedure.

2. Dry, Peeling Skin

Both the harsh weather outside and the low humidity of heated homes deprive the skin of moisture, making it look and feel unpleasantly dry, which in its turn leads to peeling skin. It’s more than important to regularly use a skin moisturizer, paying attention to the formula and making sure it’s more emollient. Give preference to options that contain hyaluronic acid, ceramides and lipids, which help the skin maintain its moisture. Winter is the best time of the year to start exfoliating your skin a few times a week to get rid of the dead skin. Make sure to apply some natural body oils after the exfoliation to provide softness to the skin.

3. Red, Itchy Skin

You might be tired of looking “blushed’ all the time in winter and the itchy skin is really intolerable. The cold weather, the winter wind and the low humidity all lead to red and itchy skin in winter, which can be soothed with the help of such ingredients as green tea, licorice and chamomile. You can also use green-tinted primer and concealer to conceal the redness of the skin before you walk out the door.

4. Dry, Irritated Hands

Women’s hands should always be soft and well groomed, since they can make you look much older than you actually are, if your skin is dry and cracked. The rapid changes in temperature when you go in and out of heat, as well as the use of gloves can affect your hands really negatively. To combat the situation you should apply lotion every time after washing your hands. Also make sure to apply a heavy lotion or nourishing hand cream before going to bed in order to wake up to soft and beautiful hands.

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5. Pale and Dull Complexion

Dry and peeling skin leads to dull looking and pale complexion in winter, which will make you look tired and lifeless. To give life to your face, the easiest way is applying a pink or peach blush on your cheeks, as well as adding a bit of illuminating lotion to your foundation. Using highlighter along the nose and above the cheekbones can also make your complexion shine. Also opt for face creams based on tea tree oil or marine extracts, which tend soothe and protect the skin from chapping.

10 Common Winter Beauty Problems and Their Fixes

6. Chapped Lips

Chapped lips not only feel painful, but also look very unpleasant and can spoil your overall appearance in winter, even if you are wearing a perfect makeup accompanied with the most stylish hairstyle and outfit. The first step to preventing chapped lips is regularly using a powerful lip balm or Vaseline instead of a common lipstick. Make sure to pick lip balms containing such nourishing ingredients as shea butter, sunflower oil or castor seed oil. It’s also important to exfoliate the lips occasionally, using either a lip scrub or natural ingredients from the kitchen like sugar mixed with honey.

7. Red Nose

The cold weather and the icy winds often make your nose look red in winter, which you can easily conceal using a color correcting concealer on the red areas. Mixing a light sun protection with the oil-free moisturizer cream you are going to apply can also be a good trick.

8. Watery Eyes

Wearing a beautiful eye makeup with tons of mascara, eyeliner and eyeshadow can be quite intimidating in winter, when the cold weather makes your eyes get watery for no reason. To ensure the flawless look of your eye makeup, always start it with a good eye primer, which you should apply under the eyes as well for stay-put makeup. Having soothing eye drops in your bag is a good idea, if your eyes tend to get red and itchy.

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9. Hair Static

When your hair gets dry because of the lack of moisture and when you often wear a hat in winter, you tend to deal with irritating static hair. To get rid of this beauty problem, you need to wash your hair less frequently than in summer, at the same time keeping it well hydrated. Ditch hair products containing alcohol (like hair sprays and gels) and give preference to styling creams instead. You may also want to start using a brush with hair bristles with a wooden handle instead of the metal ones.

10. Dry and Lifeless Hair

Lifeless hair with a dry scalp is something very common in winter and you definitely need to fix this beauty problem, as you know how much healthy hair can change your look. To get rid of the dry scalp use a hydrating shampoo, at the same time treating it with a good conditioner by gently massaging it into the scalp. And of you want to instantly liven up your hair, apply a dry shampoo to the roots to give the effect of a beautiful blowout.

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