10 Trendy Braided Holiday Hairstyles

Just like holiday makeup and festive outfits, our hairstyles also need to be as special and show-stopping for the overall glamorous party look. The must trustworthy source of inspiration for pretty looks is surely provided by our favorite celebrities, supermodels and It girls, who frequently shine on the red carpet with their unfailing beauty. Embrace creative and trendy braided hairstyles for the holiday season, if you want to inject a trendy vibe to your appearance. From simple side braids to innovative ‘dos, here are 10 trendy braided holiday hairstyles you can copy from celebs!

10 Trendy Braided Holiday Hairstyles

1. Modern Schoolgirl Pigtail Braids

If looking youthful and fun is your aim, think schoolgirl pigtails that are having a big moment in the fashion world thanks to such It girls, as Alexa Chung. She has been spotted multiple times wearing childish pigtail braids that add a relaxed and girly vibe to her everyday and red carpet looks. Especially cute will be the outcome, when you tie off the ends of the braids with little bows. Leave off some face-framing flyaways and bangs and finish off your cute look with a delicate makeup placing the focus on the eyes. To get the look, simply part your hair off from the centerline and start braiding each section of the hair down to the ends. Full out pieces from the front and voila!

10 Trendy Braided Holiday Hairstyles: Alexa Chung Pigtail Braids

2. The Loose Mermaid Braid

If you have super-long hair and want to channel Ariel, go for the loose mermaid braid that Eva Longoria sported at the 67th Cannes Film Festival. The textured side part, the messy vibes of the lovely fishtail braid and the face-framing bangs make this look simply perfect for various parties. A nude makeup with perfectly sultry smokey eyes can take your princess-y look to a whole new level.

10 Trendy Braided Holiday Hairstyles: Eva Longoria Mermaid Braid

3. Textured Side Braid

Not everyone can boast great braiding skills to be able to sport one of those intricate braided hairdos for the holiday season. However, we all know that less is more and sometimes a simple textured side braid with messy finishes can look a whole lot more spectacular than a complex braided updo. Ana Beatriz Barros’ sizzling look can be a fabulous source of inspiration for you. Simply leave your hair natural and style a loose side braid, pull off the bangs for a more textured effect. Gold glitter makeup will put you in the festive mood instantly!

10 Trendy Braided Holiday Hairstyles: Ana Beatriz Barros Textured Side Braid

4. Center Fauxhawk Braid

Beauties with short hair can also pick a trendy braided holiday hairstyle and Hailey Baldwin’s dramatic look can be your perfect guide. This is a new rad way of wearing braids and it’s extremely easy to copy this style. You need to take a tiny section of hair from the front and start French braiding it back reaching the back of the crown. Fasten the braid with a transparent elastic band and gather the loose hair from both the sides into a loose low bun. Finishing off your look with a heavy application of metallic copper eyeshadow will only add to the edgy appeal of this look.

10 Trendy Braided Holiday Hairstyles: Hailey Baldwin Center Fauxhawk Braid

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5. Partially Braided Ponytail

This is one of the most creative ways of styling braided hairstyles for holiday, since it’s unique, easy and innovative. Amanda Seyfried looks dashing cool wearing this partially braided hairdo, which is harmoniously paired with pink lips and minimal makeup with a focus placed on the lashes. To emulate her hairstyle, French-braid each side of your side-parted hair making your way down to the nape of the neck. Make two knots at the base and create a low ponytail. A little bit of hairspray will ensure the long-lasting fresh look of your braided ‘do.

10 Trendy Braided Holiday Hairstyles: Amanda Seyfried Partially Braided Ponytail

6. Classic Braided Updo

A classic braided updo is one versatile look that can go from day to night, and from wedding to party. It’s sophisticated, elegant and timeless and will look especially beautiful in combination with a cocktail dress and vibrant makeup. Nina Agdal’s hair is completely bridesmaid-ready, especially with her neutral earth-toned makeup. You may start French braiding either your center-parted or side-sectioned hair, reaching the nape of the neck, where you can create a stylish low bun and that’s it!

10 Trendy Braided Holiday Hairstyles: Nina Agdal Braided Updu

7. Side-Swept Hair With Cornrow Braids

Edgy, cool and rebellious is this braided ‘do Cara Delevingne sported to the Elle Style Awards. It’s especially perfect for those self-confident and daring girls, who look for the most creative holiday hairstyles to stand out in the crowd. Best of all, this braided look can fit short, medium-length and super long hair. You need to blow-dry your hair and create soft waves with a flat iron. Sweep it all to the side and style one or two cornrow braids along the side of your head, adding a punk rock attitude to your evening look.

10 Trendy Braided Holiday Hairstyles: Cara Delevingne Side-Swept Hair With Cornrow Braids

8. Messy High Braid

A simple textured braid mixed with a sleek high ponytail can be the easiest way of elevating a regular ponytail. Besides, it looks so party-ready especially when paired with the right makeup accents and the most standout party dress. Everyone can style this look and all you need is gathering your hair high into a sleek ponytail, which you need to braid later on. You can gently pull out the loops of the braid to give a textured and messy effect to it.

10 Trendy Braided Holiday Hairstyles: Blake Lively Messy High Braided Ponytail

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9. Textured Side-Braided Updo

Textured braided updos look undeniably romantic and chic and can be sported to multiple events, including the holiday parties. Margot Robbie’s look is so pretty and despite the fact that this ‘do may seem a bit complicated, it’s quite easy to style. You need to French braid your hair loosely starting from the front of your head and making your way along the ear. Then style another French braid, which should be tighter and smaller going behind the main braid. Finally connect both the braids together at the back of your head and that’s it. A stylish ear cuff and glittery party makeup will perfect your festive look.

10 Trendy Braided Holiday Hairstyles: Margot Robbie Textured Side-Braided Updo

10. Bohemian Side Fishtail Braid

A loose bohemian side fishtail braid is among the easiest and coolest braided holiday hairstyles you can give a try. Behati Prinsloo looks like a real princess wearing this fishtail braid with messy finishes added to the crown. Her smokey eye makeup and the bare face complement this party look best of all. To emulate her bohemian hairdo, you need to style a thin braid across the top of the head, which needs to be joined with a loose side fishtail braid. Leave some flyaways and walk out the door to conquer any holiday party with your beauty!

10 Trendy Braided Holiday Hairstyles: Behati Prinsloo Bohemian Side Fishtail Braid

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