10 Gorgeous Holiday Party Hairstyles for Every Taste

Need some inspiration for chic holiday hair that will take you from day to night? This holiday season forget about the traditional updos and intricate looks and instead try to stand out with your effortless chic look that takes so little time to achieve. These 10 gorgeous holiday party hairstyles are perfect for fashionisers with different tastes and preferences and you’re sure to be able to DIY any of them. From loose hair adorned with party-ready hair accessories and fab braids to innovative ways of styling updos and ballerina buns, see below the most stylish holiday party hairstyles you’d definitely like to embrace!

1. Half Up Half Down Hairstyle With a Bow

Chanel’s pre-fall 2015 collection brought not only refined clothing pieces and accessories, but also endless inspiration in terms of party hairstyles and makeup. Inspired from the 19th century Empress of Austria ” Elisabeth, this look is cute and girly and is so easy to achieve. Just blow-dry the top and front of the hair, use some styling mousse to take the hair back from the face and turn to the hair iron to give a little movement to your natural locks. Pull strands from the front hair back and fasten it there with some hair accessory, be that a bejeweled barrette or a lovely bow.

10 Gorgeous Holiday Party Hairstyles: Half-Up Hair With a Bow

2. Bohemian Twisted Half Updo

Whether you have long or medium-length tresses, this is one great way to style them adding a bohemian and party twist to your appearance. Start by curling your hair with a flat iron and when done tease the crown a little, making sure to spray the area for a good fix. Take a small section of hair from the side and twist it towards the back of your head, securing the hair piece in place with bobby pins. Take some hair framing the other side of your face and twist it until you meet the other twisted hair section. Overlap it a little and secure it in place with bobby pins. You can pull out the bangs for a more effortless and bohemian chic effect. Last but not least add a bejeweled accessory to the side of your head to get your ‘do festive ready.

10 Gorgeous Holiday Party Hairstyles: Bohemian Twisted Half Updo

3. Glam Loose Waves

If you want to sport a glam-meets-effortless look, letting your hair loose and curled is the best way. Tease it a bit more for extra texture and take your bangs, securing it on the side with a bobby pin. Neutral makeup with a bright accent on the lips is the best look to go with this hairdo.

10 Gorgeous Holiday Party Hairstyles: Loose Waves

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4. Classy Wrapped Chignon

If you are the classy type of a girl, you just can’t go wrong with an elegant wrapped chignon. It may look a bit complicated at first sight, yet it’s really so easy to style on your own. If you have curly hair straighten it and separate it into three vertical sections. Brush the middle section of the hair back and secure it at the base of your neck with a small hair-tie, leaving a tiny loop in the hair, which you need to lump up and shove a little from the inside to give texture to it. Next, fan out the sides of this hair loop and secure each end of it on the scalp with bobby pins. Separate the side sections of the hair into two halves, comb through the front of the left section and wrap it around the hair loop clockwise, at the end securing it in place. Do the same with the front right section, this time going counterclockwise. Repeat the same thing with the back left and back right sections and pin them all into the bun. Apply some hair spray for a better hold and you are done!

10 Gorgeous Holiday Party Hairstyles: Wrapped Chignon

5. Vintage Side Roll

You may like to be a vintage beauty during this holiday season, channeling your inner glamorous Hollywood babe and looking really dramatic. Start by creating effortless waves using a flat iron. Side section your hair in line with the arch of your left brow and take some hair from the right part, slightly curling it with a large-barrel curling iron. Hold that section of the curled hair to the right of the part, take a rattail comb and wrap the hair around its stem. Take the comb off the roll and secure it in place with bobby pins, making sure it’s tight enough to stay in place all day long. Apply some hair spray and there you go!

10 Gorgeous Holiday Party Hairstyles: Vintage Side Roll

6. Minimalist Crisscross Ponytail

Style a basic low ponytail with a textured effect, adding a modern and creative spin to it by going for the crossover technique. All you need to do is gather your natural hair into a low ponytail leaving a small section of hair out from each side of your head. Take a tiny section from the top of the loose hair from the left, cross it over to the right of the head and secure it in place above the ponytail with a bobby pin. Now, take the top section of the loose hair from the right and do the same with this one, crossing it over the left one and securing it in place with a bobby pin. Do the same with the remaining bottom layers of each side and pin the hanging tails of the crossover pieces under the ponytail, and if those tails are longer, than wrap them around the elastic of your ponytail.

10 Gorgeous Holiday Party Hairstyles: Crisscross Ponytail

7. Chunky Side French Braid

Braids are always great options to consider for special occasions, since they look so intricate and special. To embrace this chunky side French braid, all you need is straighten your hair, if it’s curly, then side section it, pull all the hair to the side and start French braiding your hair right from the bangs, incorporating hair from the side. Continue plaiting until you reach the end of the tail, secure it with an elastic band, and start gently pulling the loops of the braid to give a textured effect to it.

10 Gorgeous Holiday Party Hairstyles: Side French Braid

8. Romantic Hair Flower

If you are looking for a creative and modern alternative to loose and half-up hairstyles, then this is the right option to give a try. Create soft curls with your hair and side section it. Take a section of hair from one side of your head and create a simple three-strand braid with it. Now, roll the braid around itself going clockwise. Gently pull out some braid loops to create the effect of the flower petals and secure the roll in place with bobby pins. You can leave the tail of the braid hanging loosely at the bottom and that’s it!

10 Gorgeous Holiday Party Hairstyles: Hair Flower

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9. High Curly Bun

Give an effortless and elegant spin to the classic ballerina bun by keeping it textured and curly. You just need to curl your hair using hot rollers. Then take the rollers out and apply some hairspray to the locks for a better hold. Pull your hair back as if creating a ponytail, taking one or two hair pieces and twisting them clockwise or counterclockwise. Keep your way towards the outside of your head, the same way twisting the hair pieces as you pull them back. Secure the hair with an elastic band once it’s in your fits. Start taking some two curls of hair from the loose part of the “ponytail’ and loop them up around your fingers. Do this with the rest of your curls, securing them all to the head in a random circle. Spread the hair loops for an added volume, apply some hair spray and voila!

10 Gorgeous Holiday Party Hairstyles: High Curly Bun

10. Braided Updo

To create an easy, yet glamorous braided updo, you don’t need to turn to heat styling. Just keep your hair natural, comb it and start taking small sections of hair from your left side and secure them with small elastic bands. Split the first tiny tail into halves, place the second tail through the middle and secure it there with a clear elastic. Do the same with the third section, adding the first section to it. You need to continue this braiding technique until you reach the other side of the head. You’ll get an interesting braid that you need to secure with a clear elastic band. Gently pull out the sections of the braid from both the sides to make it look bulky. Now, wrap the tail underneath the horizontal braid and secure it there with bobby pins. Some hair spray will ensure the flawless look of your braided updo for the entire night!

10 Gorgeous Holiday Party Hairstyles: Braided Updo

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