20 Pretty Holiday Hairstyles to Meet 2015 In Style

We have about 3 weeks left until New Year’s Eve rolls around and we stand with a glass of champagne in our perfectly manicured hands, swaying our hips in our flattering glittery dresses, and throwing our pretty heads backs in elated laughter. We will be decked out to the ninth, in full holiday spirit, hopeful that the new year will bring with it new opportunities, new joys, new loves, and new reasons to laugh in abundance. We will be making new resolutions for 2015, trying to stick to them but often failing. That night of all nights, there will be magic in the air as the ball drops and the fireworks go off, heralding the beginning of 2015, another beginning to new life.

Of course, throughout the day and the night, we will be looking positively stunning and our hair will need to match the rest of the glittering beauty on us. This is where this particular guide will come in handy, showing off celebrity holiday hairstyles to welcome 2015 in style that can really bring the oomph into your New Year’s look.

20 Pretty Holiday Hairstyles to Meet 2015 In Style

1. The Side Sweep

Sleek, side parted curls swept to the side is the classic Hollywood style that we see so many sporting on the Red Carpet. These days, it doesn’t appear as much as it used to but you know that you cannot go wrong by walking into a part with this look that even the lovely Emma Watson’s been wearing of late.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles to Meet 2015 In Style: Side-Swept Hair - Emma Watson

Of course, you can also forgo the curls and bring a straight side-parted side sweep over onto your shoulder, letting it hang low on your chest, while you work more at your eyes, bringing the focus onto your lashes and the smokey look you’ve achieved.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles to Meet 2015 In Style: Side-Swept Hair - Cara Delevingne

2. The Pompadour

This is a favourite of ours as it looks perfectly made up and done to the tee while also keeping a rather simplistic design about it. The very high hair at the crown means that you are looking sexy and edgy, at which point you can spice up the look by adding a statement necklace that brings the eyes to above the shoulders, focusing on the face and hair instead. Bring the focus to the eyes at that point by adding winged liner, thick lashes, perfectly grooming the brows and bring a touch of pink to the lips. This is a gorgeous look overall and the updo is certain to be one of the best among your party.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles to Meet 2015 In Style: Pompadour - Kirstie Madonado

3. The Messy Updo

Messy updos are fun, create drama in their own way and look perfectly undone. If you have the rest of your look pulled together without a single thread out of place, this actually adds some character. Add neutral-toned makeup and winged liner to your eyes and you are ready to rock the night away with the Jingle Bell Rock.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles to Meet 2015 In Style: Messy Updo - Suki Waterhouse

4. The Long Wavy Cut

There’s something rather sweet about wearing your hair in a long wavy cut, center or slightly off-center parted, with warmer toned makeup to enhance the look. Nude lip gloss, metallic shadows and lots of mascara keep to the trends, lighten up the face and bring out your beauty, just as it appears on Gigi Hadid during the American Music Awards.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles to Meet 2015 In Style: Long Wavy Hair - Gigi Hadid

5. The Medium Wavy Cut

You can always pull a Lucy Hale and wear your hair in a medium wavy cut, opting for the deeper side part instead of the center part, and leaving it nicely textured so that while the hair looks great, it’s not your main focus. Bring the gaze down to the face instead with dark red lipstick adding a hint of goth to the look, while your eyes should follow the trends and have metallic shadow framing the thick and bold lashes you are sporting. It’s a simple look for the most part, with the hair the easiest to manage, but it’s no less lovely; if it can be worn to the American Music Awards, it certainly can be the highlight of your party look.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles to Meet 2015 In Style: Medium Wavy Hair - Lucy Hale

6. The Short Wavy Cut

The long and medium length wavy cuts certainly have their charm, but the short wavy look somehow appears to be a messy updo in of itself, with the feathery tendrils framing your face and a deep side part adding to the volume at the crown. It’s an Ali Fedetowsky messy-glam look that we certainly would love to emulate and it is possibly one of the best holiday party hairstyles you can be wearing this year. Nicely stained pink lipstick sweetens up the look and gives one more of a Barbie style feminine vibrancy.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles to Meet 2015 In Style: Short Wavy Hair - Ali Fedotowsky

7. The Long Straight Cut

Go for the center part with the long, straight cut just as Kendall Jenner has done during American Music Awards, keeping it sleek and thrown to the back instead of allowing it to frame the shoulders or fall forward onto the chest. Keep to the latest in makeup trends by focusing your makeup on your lashes, adding coat after coat until it looks full, thick, bold and out of this world. Keep the rest of your face looking bare as well.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles to Meet 2015 In Style: Long Straight Hair - Kendall Jenner

8. The Pixie Cut

If you have your hair shorn into a pixie cut or thinking about possibly getting one, you know you’ll be looking amazing as you herald the new year this year. There is not too much you can do with the short hair itself, other than perhaps wear a clip, but it may be better to just make sure it’s smooth and straight and falling around your face in true pixie design. You want to be looking casual and cool and wearing the look to match your face shape so that you bring out your features in the best way possible.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles to Meet 2015 In Style: Pixie Hair - Dandra Choi

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9. The Loose Bun

Whether you call it a loose bun or a neat chignon, it matters not but this Victoria Beckham look is positively gorgeous. The side part to the hair, the low chignon and the texture all around, not to mention the flirty little tendrils framing the face, make this party hairstyle positively perfect for the holidays.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles to Meet 2015 In Style: Loose Bun - Victoria Beckham

10. The Ponytail

A ponytail can be dressed up or dressed down, but when you have it up in a high sleek style, possibly even with the base where the band would show wrapped with your hair to hide the intricacies of the design, you actually manage to pull off a pretty sophisticated holiday party look. Add some glittery jewelry, keep your skin looking dewy like Kate Beckinsale’s to bring out the glow, add bronze smokey eyes and give your cheeks a flushed pink hue for an overall amazing look. You can also go for the looser ponytail, with the shorter layers in front split in a center part so that they frame the face, while the rest is pulled back in this Angela Scanlon style.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles to Meet 2015 In Style: Ponytail - Kate Beckinsale

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles to Meet 2015 In Style: Ponytail - Angela Scanlon

11. The Loose Braid

A loose braid is actually a pretty sexily coiffed holiday hairstyle that you should be rocking this season. It was worn by Tanya Burr for the British Fashion Awards, so you shouldn’t worry about how unkempt the whole thing looks. On the contrary, the appearance that you jumped out of bed after wearing a braid while you slept, threw it to the side and ran out the door thing is actually quite captivating and when coupled with the right dress and the right makeup, with long bold lashes and a hint of pink on the lips, this is a very good look to sport.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles to Meet 2015 In Style: Loose Braid - Tanya Burr

12. The Braided Updo

You can wear your braided updo in multiple ways but one of the better designs is to have it with a braided crown, side-swept bangs and pretty curls framing the face in a total Jhene Aiko look. It is super romantic, highly appreciated and gives you a classic pretty that most other holiday party hairstyles do not afford you. Add a statement necklace, line your eyes in kohl and bring out the length of your lashes, while also adding extremely light pink gloss to your lips for more of an ethereal feel, and you will be the talk of the town on New Year’s Eve.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles to Meet 2015 In Style: Braided Updo - Jhene Aiko

13. The Hair Knot

Rihanna’s high bun can be dressed up or dressed down but when coupled with a glittering collar, nude and bronze toned makeup and extra-long lashes, we’re looking at a pretty sweet party look. If the famed superstar can wear this to the British Fashion Awards, you can certainly wear it to your New Year’s Eve party.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles to Meet 2015 In Style: Hair Knot - Rihanna

14. The Twisted Bun

There’s something extremely sophisticated about wearing your hair in a bun, particularly if you are adding a twist to it for extra appeal. It’s got classic elegance, it looks very much pulled together and it presents an inner beauty that speaks nobility instantly. Selena Gomez is not the only celebrity rocking this look, but she certainly knew it would grab attention during the American Music Awards. No matter what type of party you are attending, but particularly if heading to one in a classier setting, opt for this twisted bun design.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles to Meet 2015 In Style: Twisted Bun - Selena Gomez

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15. The Half Up Half Down

That half up half down look is simply one of the best holiday hairstyles you can rock. It’s simple to achieve, pulls the hair out of your face while you can choose to leave some strands falling in your eyes for effect, while the full length of the hair is shown off. Keep it textured, curled and falling over your shoulder and down your back and you have one look that will be the envy of all throughout the night. It is sweet, it is classic and it brings out the beauty of all your features. You can’t go wrong with this party look if you’re going for the feminine appeal.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles to Meet 2015 In Style: Half Up Half Down Hairstyle - Danica McKeller

16. The Long Partially Braided Hairdo

The long partially braided ‘do is actually rather gorgeous and certainly a style worth going for. You can greet the New Year with a Katy Tiz look, complete with a teased crown, partial braids on the sides and the rest of the mane left to hand long and straight down the back. Thick winged liner, long bold lashes and pretty light pink gloss on the lips bring out the glam of the look. That hair though is enough to draw attention on its own and leave the ears open to fun jewelled accessories.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles to Meet 2015 In Style: Long Partially Braided Hair - Katy Tiz

17. The Ombre Hair

You can always go for the typical Kardashian looks in terms of ombre hair either let down like Khloe’s or pulled into a casual updo like Kylie Jenner’s, add some matte lipstick and some false lashes, while giving the cheekbones the classic family contouring technique. Edgy ombre waves would look pretty awesome for your party actually!

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles to Meet 2015 In Style: Ombre Hair - Kylie Jenner

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles to Meet 2015 In Style: Ombre Hair - Khloe Kardashian

18. The Long Curls

If you have extreme curls, extreme volume and extreme length, flaunt it. Don’t even think twice about this. You want to bring out the amazing smoking guns here and your sexy long tight curls pulled into a deep side part will really bring out the personality in your style. It’s a super sassy look and with the massive volume the curls afford you, you cannot go wrong. Keep it slightly tamed with product, add brownish lipstick, add the bold mascara and metallic shadows and you are good to go!

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles to Meet 2015 In Style: Long Curly Hair - Zendaya Coleman

19. The Cornrows

It may not seem like the traditional way to wear your hair but who said you needed to look like everyone else on New Year’s Eve? On the contrary, you are your own person, making your own resolution and cornrows might just be one of the most perfect holiday party hairstyles to express that individuality. You need not have it look thuggish or dirty either. On the contrary, wear the hair at your crown in cornrows and then taper off into a sleep ponytail. You’ll be adding character to the traditional style while also looking dressed up to the tee. Go with the Christina Milian style and add subtle pink lipstick to bold, long lashes and a bare face otherwise. Your beauty should show in a subtle manner, highlighting your youth, no matter your actual age.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles to Meet 2015 In Style: Cornrows - Christina Milian

20. The Center Part

There’s something oddly too perfect about the center parted hair, especially when it’s long and wavy like Naomi Campbell’s red carpet look. Add smokey eyes to the mix and lengthen those lashes to give the face a bit more of an exotic feel. You don’t need to only wear it long either. The Kate Mara look is positively stunning with her short bob worn tousled and center parted, while she’s kept to the spring style of dewy skin, has her eyes lined in kohl and left the rest of her face looking bare or with nude colors.

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles to Meet 2015 In Style: Center Part Hair - Naomi Campbell

Pretty Holiday Hairstyles to Meet 2015 In Style: Center Part Hair - Kate Mara

Photos courtesy of Stylebistro, Vogue UK

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