Spring 2015 Runway Inspired Holiday Party Outfit Ideas

There’s Christmas in 2 weeks and the New Year in 3, while the rest of the days will be riddled with parties galore, from office celebrations to at-home fun. It’s a full week of non-stop dancing, drinking, and singing, laughing and just plain enjoying the holidays. Since both Christmas and New Year fall in the middle of the week, we know that out of the 7 days in between, at least 5 will be spent under the influence, with work made near impossible with all the festivities happening. Of course, we’ll need everything from our holiday hair to our nails to our shoes and dresses picked out, with plenty of outfits to cover the full range of fun to be had. The recent fashion shows have obviously provided us with much in terms of inspiration and we look forward to actually donning our holiday party outfits inspired from the spring 2015 runway and hitting the town.

You may not want to be wearing more tinsel than the tree and glitz and glam are certainly in so don’t be afraid of shining bright with sequins, shimmering fabrics and spangles. The pieces seen on the runway are not going to be hitting stores until after the New Year but they do help you figure out which fashion styles are best to don as we greet the first of January in total glamour.

The Saint Laurent Glitzy Disco Look

We watched as the Saint Laurent runway featured metallic looks, complete with leopard prints, red leather belts and gilded roses. We are talking about a single look here too. With a high collar that has a gilded rose snapped to the middle, we can safely say that we are looking at 3 trends at this point alone. The golden sheen is, without a doubt, an awesome look to a holiday dress, while the floral designs are certainly in style. When the hem is shorter around the legs, particularly at mini or midi lengths, the high collar is almost always seen these days. Furthermore, this dress includes a leopard print, which is one of the animal prints that makes a constant comeback. The belted look has been in for a full season already and we can certainly expect it to continue into 2015. A contrasting leather belt in burgundy or deeper reds certainly adds to the charm, while a leather turban completes the look.

Spring 2015 Runway Inspired Holiday Party Outfit Ideas: Saint Laurent

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The Tom Ford Gilded Look

Metallic pieces continued with a focus on the gold as we watched Xiao Wen Ju walk down the Tom Ford runway with her sooty lids that definitely inspire us to bring the focus to our eyes when painting on our makeup, as well as her sexy body-con golden dress that brings Ancient Egypt to mind with its overall design. Golden platform heels are obviously added after showing off mile-long legs that peek out from under a glam Valkyrie frock, while a large statement necklace certainly screams out fabulous. The body-con is normally a favourite for the holiday season and now you know how to accessorize it. Keep it to the golden sheen as well, since that will bring out the holiday spirit like no other.

Spring 2015 Runway Inspired Holiday Party Outfit Ideas: Tom Ford

The Balenciaga Monochrome Black Look

Black is a signature for any holiday season. It blends in well with everything and you can dress it up with accessories as you wish. The focus is placed more on the face and the hair often enough but it seems this particular Balenciaga runway showed off the bare beauty of the woman, as per the expectations from the latest trends. Edgy soigne tops are in and we are looking at halters with sleeves of lace, while the neckline beading gives tinsel a new name. It’s a crop top for sure, but we know that with the right skirt and the right layering overall, this look can certainly become the most tantalizing design at the party. To bring the gaze to the outfit itself, leave the face bare, the hair straight in a center part and forego the need for accessories.

Spring 2015 Runway Inspired Holiday Party Outfit Ideas: Balenciaga

The Louis Vuitton Sequined Black Look

Who said that a party dress needs to be a single piece? Some signature labels on the runway including Louis Vuitton have decided to treat us to something a little different, layering a spangled short sleeved and high collared mini dress that is sky high in hemline with a form-fitting cozy knit sweater. Add gilded half-boots to the mix and a matching handbag and you know you have a lovely wintery, holiday outfit. You may want to go bare legged or pull on some translucent dark tights to complete the ensemble with class.

Spring 2015 Runway Inspired Holiday Party Outfit Ideas: Louis Vuitton

The Nina Ricci Lace-y Look

We’re talking plunging necklines that reach the top of the belly here with Nina Ricci. We are also talking about a halter style with gorgeous floral designs creating the plunge so that the skin shown is given a lovelier edge. We’re also talking about black fabrics with asymmetrical hems, slits that also include lace and a looser fitting design to the whole thing. It’s flattering beyond belief but we might want to see it on a bustier woman as the regular individual isn’t as flat-chested as the models portraying these pieces. You can definitely state that you’ll be one of the best dressed individuals at the parties though!

Spring 2015 Runway Inspired Holiday Party Outfit Ideas: Nina Ricci

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The Christopher Kane Marsala Look

Here’s where the Yuletide daredevils come in for the party season. The holidays would not be so awesome without some funkier designs and Kane‘s cut the bold cut-outs all figured out, especially when he couples satin with leather to create his masterpiece collection. They look pretty damned cool alright and the wearer of these partial lace, geometrical designed costumes is certainly going to be rocking the party. You don’t need to go with a single fabric. Mixing most any fabric with leather is in right now, so you can be trendy and fabulous at the same time. And when you pick Pantone’s color of 2015 ” marasala, your holiday party outfit is definitely going to win!

Spring 2015 Runway Inspired Holiday Party Outfit Ideas: Christopher Kane

The Joseph Altuzarra Sheer Black Look

You can look pretty sexy in a more humble offering as well. No need to go for the metallic or the shiny. The black, however, you can always turn to. Add some pearl beading to the dress and you have yourself contrasting colors that automatically draw the eyes. A midi hem can actually be just as sultry as a mini, with massive potential sex appeal if the layering’s been done right. In this particular Altuzarra design we see the shorter layer underneath the black lace that passes the knees, the shorter stain underneath skimming the middle of the thighs. Of course, when you have a lower hem, you can certainly afford to lower the neckline and outlining it with pearl beading certainly shows off the beauty at your bosom. This is a vivid reminder that a midi dress can be as flattering on the body as any other level of dress while also stirring the passions of those around.

Spring 2015 Runway Inspired Holiday Party Outfit Ideas: Altuzarra

Photos courtesy of Stylebistro

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