Alexander Wang Pre-Fall 2015 Collection

Alexander Wang joins the ranks of top fashion designers bringing out the pre-fall 2015 fashion collections. We know that though there will be any denim included this time around, his latest work has been in combining the cool factor of vintage men’s style cuts with modern technological experimentation, made for women. The 30-year-old American designer has certainly roused some negative remarks of late due to this venture into the denim world, which is probably the result of ads that sell a naked female body with crumpled jeans down to her shins instead of the product itself. The Alexander Wang pre-fall 2015 collection, however, certainly woos us well enough to forget that bit of scandal and focus on the beauty of Alexander Wang designs.

Alexander Wang Pre-Fall 2015 Collection

The Alexander Wang pre-fall 2015 collection is certainly customer focused, with great attention paid to details in terms of creating styles influence by boxy, utilitarian shaped menswear, loungewear and uniforms. He’s created designs that are polished, elegant, but also quirky in their chicness. It may not be revolutionary, but Wang always has a unique touch in everything he brings to light. He does seem rather obsessed with the fishnet look though!

We’re not really sure what to think about the look featuring a sleeveless earth-tones coat, but it certainly peaks the curiosity to see a woman dressed in fishnet inspired clothing, a dress that reaches the knees in theory but the silhouette of legs can be seen from.

A fishnet top in red, pink and place, more like a fitted cardigan, really adds character to the wide leg high waist gray plaid pants spotted next. The child low heels break the look so that the top looks grunge while the bottom looks retro chic. The model’s pin-straight hair can be worn in other ways as well, in order to give a softer edge to the otherwise hard look.

We can definitely see how Alexander Wang decided to utilize the menswear inspirations with a loose-fitting outfit complete with belted lapelled shirt folded up at the arms like a layman from decades back, a wide leg grey plaid pair of pants, comfortable white shoes and a large thinner bag that’s more like a satchel in design. It’s a combination of job uniforms in one, set in the modern world. The colors are pretty dull though, so you may want to use accessories to liven things up.

The leather coat was certainly inspired by a bathrobe, complete with a tie belt and triple pockets. Fishnet stockings, brown suede shoes and a snakeskin black leather purse give the sophisticated look the dark edge Wang’s going for. Perhaps there’s something even a little Asian about it all, but it’s hard to tell. Samurais do spring to mind, though!

Alexander Wang Pre-Fall 2015 Collection

Perhaps fishnets and nightgowns and bathrobes have been the designer’s biggest inspiration for the Alexander Wang pre-fall 2015 collection. That lingerie-style cocktail dress in body-moulding satin with triple straps and a sexy attitude certainly reminds us of something we would wear to bed. The midi length follows the year’s biggest styles, while the nude shoes are an interesting addition and bring the focus up to the dress. Hard to deny that the contours of this garment bring out the statuesque look of the female figure though!

Perhaps a little more on the modern chic side, as well as its rather brighter nature compared with the rest of Wang’s designs, a zipped high collared midi dress with its scrunches and interesting lines is actually a rather lovely piece, complimented by the cashmere jacket in similar caramel-beige hue, and completed with beige fishnet stockings and matching low heeled shoes. The layered haircut with its bangs and natural waves brings a more casual air to the otherwise chic look.

That leather-y look may not be a little black dress, but it certainly is black and full of character. The zipped top with its scrunched up fabric and mid sleeves is nicely fitted while the high waist, midi length leather skirt has a slight wave to its hem. The lined fishnet stocking add some sexy to the otherwise professionally stylish look, while the suede half boots and leather handbag complete the ensemble rather nicely. This is certainly a favourite out of the whole Alexander Wang pre-fall 2015 collection.

Alexander Wang Pre-Fall 2015 Collection

2015’s asymmetrical skirt trend makes for a rather interesting look when coupled with a black and white striped button down shirt, fishnet stockings and a suede pair of brown half boots. The skirt itself looks like and army uniform cut and styled and wrapped around the body before being pinned in place. This makes for an intriguing design and certainly utilizes the uniform theme that’s become inspiration for the line.

While the rest of the Alexander Wang pre-fall 2015 collection is rather dim in color, there are a few pieces that really pop out because they are so very different from the rest. The white gown has no fishnets, no leathers and no high collars. Instead, this cocktail dress is the perfect combination of chic and suave, bringing the focus to the waist with its diagonally bunched up fabric, while the bosom is revealed through a black mesh slip underneath the white long-sleeved, full-length dress. It is a gorgeous piece and truly screams red carpet for Alexander Wang.

Alexander Wang Pre-Fall 2015 Collection

Photos courtesy of Vogue UK

Written by Tamar Najarian
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