9 Tips for Getting a Flat Belly Without Exercising

It’s a dream for most of us women to be able to lose weight without exercising. It’s nearly impossible people say, and perhaps that is so if you are not careful with diet and your daily routines. Shedding those extra pounds sounds heavenly enough, though hard work added to our daily schedules in order to maintain the ideal body is just too much to handle and often falls low on our list of priorities. We know that dedicating 30 minutes a day to exercising is a feat and often we find ourselves lazy and just looking to lounge about in those spare few moments we have got. Time is treasured.

In order to get fit really, a gym seems to be necessary, but that requires at least 2 hours of your day, between getting there, exercising, showering, taking care of the nitty gritty and heading home. Sometimes it may even span to 3 hours, depending on how long we end up exercising for. Not to mention the hefty price paid in order to go use those gym facilities. It’s a bit of a joke really: We waste time driving to a place where we pay money to get on a stationary bike instead of just taking a real bike out in the first place, just paying for the piece of metal with wheels itself and getting to and from work with that. It is certainly healthier living overall and not as much of a laughable situation.

Getting a flat belly without exercising and dieting seems to be something real and not just a dream of a lazy girl. So for those of us who have neither the time nor the extra cash to spend on gyms and home equipment, these handy tips may just help in flattening out those tummies without the pain.

9 Tips for Getting a Flat Belly Without Exercising

1. Straighten Up: You may be surprised to know that simply perfecting your posture can help tone your core muscles, making your figure look better while working out the areas of your body that would other be folding over in flabs. If you need constant posture reminders, just put some notes in strategic places so that you have to straighten up your back to read them anyway.

2. Drink Up: You know this one like the back of your hand but it’s certainly worth repeating just in case you’ve forgotten. Don’t forget to keep drinking those fluids as it will ensure your body isn’t hoarding water due to your dehydration. About 4 pounds are carried around in excess around your midsection when you fail to drink enough water to replenish your system. Go for as much as your body can handle as opposed to counting the litres. So long as you’re hydrated, your weight will be regulated and your skin will love you for it.

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3. Bottoms Up: It may be a rather awkward subject to discuss, especially for women, but you really need to get yourself to the bathroom as much as possible, preferably at least once a day. Just set a specific time, whether early in the morning or later in the afternoon, but your body will get used to it and automatically dispense of the excess waste that could otherwise cause bloat-inducing constipation. Too often we dismiss the body’s signals and forget to go for days. This ends up hurting our systems even if at the moment we are hard-pressed to spend 10-15 minutes cleaning out our bowels. Just take a seat when you can and your body will thank you for it.

4. Eat Up: Just make sure you are mindful of not just what you are eating but how many times you are chewing. You may not need the age-old advised 32 chews per bite, but giving it at least 10 should prevent the build-up of gas and indigestion, as well as reducing the likelihood of you swallowing air that could lead to a potbelly in no time. We’re not telling you that you should diet, but just make sure that you are chewing each bite you take properly. The chewier the morsel, the more time should be spent breaking it down and making it easier for your stomach to digest.

5. “Pro’ it Up: You actually want some good bacteria ingested, which is why yoghurts are so good for you. Probiotics are perfect for breaking down foods in your stomach and reducing the chances of gastrointestinal problems that can keep you from having a flat belly. The excess gas is bothersome and probiotics help prevent that bloated feeling. You should either have a daily serving of yoghurt or take a 50 mg supplement of probiotics in order to keep the balance in your body. Your stomach and intestinal tract will certainly be thanking you profusely for this while the reduced indigestion problems mean less of a problem with protruding bellies.

6. Walk it Up: This may be harder to make yourself allocate time to but if there are certain things in the vicinity that intrigue you or if you love shopping and need to buy new things anyway, just mark a 30-minute segment of your day that you spend walking. You don’t need to jog, you don’t need to run, and you certainly don’t need a gym. Don’t count your steps and don’t count the calories lost. This isn’t a regime exercise, it’s merely a simple way to boost metabolism and wash out that embarrassing fat that’s been clinging to your midsection so tenaciously.

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7. Gum Give Up: Just as with the food needing multiple chews before you swallow to prevent air from being swallowed, gum should be left as a last resort when you need a quick breath refresher and have nothing else to turn to. You shouldn’t be chewing gum if you want to keep out the bloat and fit into those skinny jeans. Suck on a mint instead.

How to Get a Flat Belly Without Exercising and Dieting

8. Supplement it Up: There are certain supplements that are not just necessary for the body but help keep your belly flat as well. It may be prudent to add calcium D-glucarate and B-complex supplements to your typical vitamin count on a daily basis, particularly in order to reduce estrogen levels that end up retaining fat around the waist.

9. Finally Just Relax: This is probably your favourite tip on this list and it certainly helps. When you are feeling stressed, frazzled and just all over the place, the steroids and hormones your body produces affect your digestive system negatively and cause constipation. The production of cortisol also brings fat to your midsection in an attempt to protect the organs in a fight, which is certainly not something you wish for at the moment. For 20 minutes a day, do something that relieves the stress and minimize the tension in your life otherwise. You’ll be very happy with the final results.

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Written by Tamar Najarian
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