Fashion Girls’ Style Resolutions for 2015

With 2015 less than just a month away, it’s about time to be thinking about our New Year resolutions. They can range from losing a certain amount of weight to giving to charity, taking a new course or cleaning out the closet. When it comes to that last point, you will probably need a total overhaul as the spring fashions are entirely too dazzling and some of the older designs are off the runway. It’s a new dawn on the 1st of January so we should be ensuring we are in tune with the latest styles and fashion trends that have been appearing in representation of the coming seasons. Since spring and summer are often bundled together, it may be a good idea not only to rethink our wardrobe, but also our hair and makeup decisions.

So what are some things you should start with? Here we present fashion girls’ style resolutions for 2015 that real It girls might love to consider!

Fashion Girls' Style Resolutions for 2015

What’s Your Hue? One of the most important things is to ensure that you are choosing the right colors that match your personality, skin tone and style. Pick a shade that you find perfect for you and just stick with it. The fact is that it makes shopping all that much easier as you zip straight towards the colors you want. If your hue happens to be blue, you will be thrilled to know the runway is full of it, from Jonathan Saunders to Chloe. There’s a blue hue that will suit each and every one of us, so if that’s your color of choice for the year, you will be pleasantly surprised at your array of choices.

Crop Those Pants: You may have realized that there are some shorter pant hems appearing on the runways. The idea has been to flash those pretty ankles of yours while wearing sexy platforms or heels. Whether it’s a longer crop with Chanel or a shorter one with Isabel Marant, we are looking at ankle flashes with a bit of calf to go with it. Those culottes are in as well and looking pretty trendy for the spring. Just make sure to pair them with simple sweaters or tighter tops and let the waist be cinched in with the tighter top leading to large flared bottoms. Just make sure you aren’t wearing flats with this style as, unless you are 6-feet tall, you will be looking way too short for comfort. The pants have added girth this season and you should be careful that it’s not translated onto your own body.

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Update Your Denim: If you love your denim, you will jump for joy at the fact that full denim ensembles are totally in and your closet totally needs an update with some fashionable cuts and washes. There’s something about the Texas Tuxedo that’s been inspiring Fendi, Gucci and Stella McCartney these days and the double denim has been making a comeback, bringing southern delights to the sophisticated North. Fancy white dress shirts would look rather amazing with tailored Louis Vuitton jeans or the jewelled Dolce & Gabbana designs. No matter which is your style these days, don’t worry about doing too much denim this season. There’s no way you can really overdue it if you decide to stick to the runway trends. We will definitely be going for the denim on denim designs, whether through pairing boot cut tailor jeans with a white blouse and jean jacket or going for the jean shirt in a lighter or much darker wash than the jean pants at the bottom. Either way, we’re bound to look amazingly Southern.

Change up Those Heels: There’s something to be said about women who refuse to wear heels at all, opting instead for absolute flat designs. Then there’s the other extreme where you have women in 5-inch heels running about over hills and valleys, never falling into a pothole or getting stuck in the mud. Those are the most intriguing of all, as it seems that they are a whole new species unto themselves! You should not be defined by heel height though. On the contrary, this season it’s all about wearing whatever type of shoe you want, with whichever height of heel. You can even go for the glittery platforms that had been banished not too long ago! According to Saint Laurent’s Hedi Slimane, sparkling platform sandals are not only just fine but they are a coveted piece for the next few months. In essence, just wear whatever feels right for you and don’t fret about the shoes. Focus instead on your clothes for the next seasons.

2015 Fashion Resolutions for Stylish Women

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Pick up the Suede: Suede is in and hopefully it will be staying a while. There’s something really cool about the fabric that’s soft to the touch and gentle on the eyes. It’s got a rather spring and summer feel and looks great in the fall and winter as well. No matter if it’s a suede jacket or boots, pants or tops; it’s always coveted by the best of us. Skirts, shorts, shirts and jackets were all seen on the Gucci, Fendi, Derek Lam, Loewe, and Bottega Veneta runway shows, really inspiring us to match up the bold leathers with the velvet-esque softer styles in suede. You may not want to ruin the fabric by sleeping in it, but you certainly will want to be impressing the paparazzi with your stylish new ways throughout 2015. Suede is bound to become your best friend and come 2016, you will certainly not want to part with the deliciously gorgeous pieces.

Go Minimalistic: From your outfits to your makeup, minimalist looks are all in, combined with a touch of bold maximalist design. Now, that may sound utterly crazy, but where your outfit is maximalist in floral prints and Japanese integrations (of which there is much during the coming seasons), the makeup you wear will be non-existent, dewy and sporty, or centered on bold and thick lashes matched with light pink gloss or lip stains. Hair is to be worn either in ponytails with simple styling or left effortlessly natural in boho waves. You can easily go for a floral waistcoat with simple jeans, suede half boots with 2-inch heels, coupled with a bare face on which you have brushed through your lashes with 20 applications of mascara and left your hair wild and free from a center part. Now that’s a full incorporation of maximalist and minimalist mix in fashion style.

Photos courtesy of JouJouVilleroy, The Blonde Salad

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Written by Tamar Najarian
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