10 Casual At-Home Hairstyles from Celebs

When we’re at home we want to just put on those sweatpants, chill without any makeup on and just pull that hair out of our faces as we work or relax after a long day. Come the weekend, we really don’t want to be combing through those tresses or doing anything elaborate, instead preferring to pile that mane up high and out of the way. Ponytails do not mark your limits either. There are so many things that you could be doing with your hair that scream laid-back home fun with the family. Checking out how the celebrities do it all, here are some easy and stylish at-home hairstyles that will make you the trendy girl even in sweatpants!

Girly Pigtail Braids

Alexa Chung’s got one thing down right and that’s the easy pigtails at the sides of the faces that look both charming and sincerely sweet. Plus, it keeps the hair out of the face, doesn’t bother you when you lean against something because of it its protrusion from the back as a ponytail would do and the braided version of the pigtail keeps the main tame and a thinner strand as opposed to having too much hair sitting at your neck.

Casual At-Home Hairstyles from Celebs: Alexa Chung

Relaxed and Loose Pigtails

For those of us that really cannot get those braids right, just putting our hair in cute, childish pigtails like Suki Waterhouse may be a good idea. It’s the trademark of laid-back, complete with the I-refuse-to-do-any-work-today attitude. Pretty bangs make the look appear to be even more adorable than it already is, while adding a touch of maturity to the otherwise young hairstyle.

Casual At-Home Hairstyles from Celebs: Suki Waterhouse

Slick it Back

Doutzen Kroes knows what she’s doing when she slicks her hair back from her hairline with wax or gel, keeping the stray strands from falling into her eyes. It’s an easy trick that looks great, still looks elegant, but has you enjoying your day off without worrying about what on earth to style your hair with. It’s easy, breezy and quite beautiful, making sure you can be the next cover girl.

Casual At-Home Hairstyles from Celebs: Doutzen Kroes

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The Versatile Sock Bun

The go-to easy hairstyle that piles hair up high on your head, ensures elegance and comfort in one and still looks laid-back when dressed down is the sock bun. So easy to make ” you literally need a sock cut out at both ends that you start weaving hair over and folding upwards towards your scalp ” this bun is perfect for all types of uses and Rihanna’s not the only celebrity to know it. It’s also a teacher’s best friend to look professional in a few seconds’ effort on your tresses.

Casual At-Home Hairstyles from Celebs: Rihanna

Tousled Volume

Honestly, just don’t brush your hair; shake it out, run your fingers through, smooth it out a little so it’s not looking too crazy but get that amazing just-out-of-bed tousled look Jennifer Aniston often rocks without a hassle. It’s easy to do and a bit of dry shampoo for texture might do the trick. It’s one of the greatest at-home hairstyles that can be worn out as well. At home, just get out of bed and enjoy a good lounge-time in front of the television set.

Casual At-Home Hairstyles from Celebs: Jennifer Aniston

Double Braided Updo

If you want to go for something a little more on the elaborate side, a double braided bun might be your go-to style. It’s a bit more complex, requiring you to do a Dutch or French braid on each side of your head before creating a bun out of the excess hair at the nape of your neck, but it’s a great way to keep hair out of your face and look presentable should you have unexpected guests coming over‚Äö√Ñ√∂‚àö√묨‚àÇ like you in-laws?

Casual At-Home Hairstyles from Celebs: Olivia Palermo

Textured High Ponytails

A mid-length ponytail is certainly not as comfortable when leaning back against those soft pillows and getting ready to watch a great romantic comedy. A high ponytail, on the other hand, certainly helps alleviate some of the stress from your scalp, while also keeping away from the parts of the head that would be placed against the pillows. It’s a great way to manage your mane while also looking pretty decent. You can even go for the 1970s fountain style ponytail piled atop your head.

Casual At-Home Hairstyles from Celebs: Blake Lively

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Messy Top Knot

Jessica Hart looks stunning no matter how she wears her hair and a messy top knot is no less ravishing on her than a fully made-up ‘do. This is perfect for a quick tie back when we are about to get some chores done in the house or when the heat and friction from our long locks frustrates us to no end and we quickly pull those heavy strands up and away from our faces. Easy to recreate, a messy top knot is a great way to happily go about your day.

Casual At-Home Hairstyles from Celebs: Jessica Hart

Half Up Hair

If you want to keep the length of your hair shown off to the world, even if that world consists of yourself and your mirror at the moment, you can always pull the strands falling at the sides of your face back into a half up, half down design that clips the worst of the mane back. You can also tie it there, or get super funky with it and braid it all the way through. Bella Thorne shows just how pretty this demure, sweet and feminine look can be especially when incorporating some small loose braids.

Casual At-Home Hairstyles from Celebs: Bella Thorne

Fun High Bun

You are more of a rocker chick and you love giving your hair textured fun designs. You also just want it all out of your face and preferably piled on top of your head. Honestly, take the Gwen Stefani route and create a fun bun, twisting hair up to the top and tying it with an elastic band in a very messy but funky style!

Casual At-Home Hairstyles from Celebs: Gwen Stefani

Photos courtesy of Stylebistro, Refinery29

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