How to Find the Right Bangs for Your Face Shape

Every woman deserves the right to sport trendy hairstyles with bangs, but not every type of bang may suit her. Some lovely ladies can pull off the fringe without a hitch, having their eyes pop from underneath the cut, flattering their face and giving them a sexy, vibrant and certainly youthful look.

How to Find the Right Bangs for Your Face Shape

On the other hand, the rest of us have to deal with bangs looking out of place, not really matching our face and certainly not looking anything like the celebrity photo you used when asking the hairdresser to get you the right cut. You may even be put off by pictures of your childhood where those cute little bangs wreaked havoc on your life.

Since the desired effect is spectacular if the cut is done correctly, it may be worth a shot again, this time without impatiently waiting for them to grow out so you can actually tie your hair back sleekly instead. You will want these lovely bangs for their extra dimension added to the look, particularly with updos and certainly gathered hairstyles.

The shape of your face determines the type of bangs that suits you overall. One major rule to remember, however, is never to cut your own bangs, even if to trim the edges. Since most good hairdressers should give you free trims, you should be opting for professional cuts instead of your amateur version on your own self.

Here we present an in-detail guide on how to find the right bangs for your face shape that will emphasize your best assets, camouflaging any small flaws.

Bangs for Long Face Shape

Since bangs are known to decrease the length of your face, you will certainly want to adopt this hairstyle if your face is of a longer build. The higher forehead that’s a trademark with long faces is made to all but disappear under the fringe while width is added to the features.

Longer bangs are your best bet here, in a blunt cut that has the edges slightly softened for a trendier, more modern look. You can achieve this by using a big and round boar-bristle brush on damp hair, going side to side from the root to prevent cowlicks and ensure you’ve gotten all the waves out. Finish off with a flatiron to get a straighter look.

Bangs for Oval Face Shape

Angled, shorter bangs look best on an oval face structure, with the razored cut the most elegant among the styles. It is probably the perfect face that can sport all types of bangs, including a heavy cut with curves on the sides or a super-short edgy cut that’s barely past the hairline.

Airy, pin-straight bangs accentuate the prettiest parts of the face as well, with the edges hitting between the brow and the lashes. You can air-dry or blow dry shorter bangs going downwards so that the pieces don’t stick up.

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Bangs for Round Face Shape

If you want to add some angles to a rounder face, you might want to opt for a style where it’s shorter in the middle, giving length and having the face appear more oval instead.

You want to be showing more of your forehead so go for the airy, wispy look or even the asymmetric cut that diverts the eye away from the rounder features. You don’t want to make your face appear any rounder than it is so you may also want to go for a graphic, cured shape that flatters your bone structure.

Bangs for Heart-Shaped Face

Heart-shaped faces are gorgeous, ideal in Hollywood and look amazing with a straight cut blunt bang that reaches just below the brows and covers the forehead fully, thus adding certain softness to the chin area. This is necessary since your forehead is wider than your jawline.

Side-swept bangs are also ideal, particularly since they do the balancing act so well, as well as choppy styles that one can push to the side and add to the look thus. For a proper side-swept look, blow dry your hair going forward at first, lifting hair from the hairline for added volume, and then bend to the side with a big curling iron if you want a more professional look.

Face framing layers are also the route to take and will have you looking sweetly ladylike as you walk out of the salon.

How to Find the Right Bangs for Your Face Shape

Bangs for Square Face Shape

You aim to cut at the square dimensions of your face here, using a bang cut that softens the angular look and adds a touch of femininity to a sometimes more masculine jawline. Long, wispy angled bangs bring the eye away from the stronger set of the bones. You want to keep the eyes travelling on a horizontal path instead of a vertical, cutting the face in lines.

Blunt bangs should be avoided as they just serve to square off the face even more while the long wisps are the most flattering of the styles. You want to be showing off some of your forehead, while you can also pull off a full fringe so long as it is shortest in the middle and gradually gets longer to the sides.

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Bangs for Triangular Face Shape

Narrow foreheads and larger, squarer jaws are also seen on women, defining this as the triangular face. When it comes to bangs for triangular faces, however, it’s actually rather run to experiment with as most styles will end up looking just as good.

Blunt bangs or side-swept styles look amazing here and you should be capitalizing on the proportions of your features. Balancing acts here should be easy enough!

Heart-shaped bangs are probably your best bet, no matter what your head looks like, whether your face is oval, triangular or square and no matter how unflattering you think other looks may be. This one is a gorgeous fringe that is longer on the sides and subtly curves with the brows.

The brows don’t show, however, as it’s a bit longer, falling closer to the eyes. What you’re going for is an extremely shallow drawn heart, longer in the middle and shortest at the high brow arch.

How to Find the Right Bangs for Your Face Shape

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