Victoria’s Secret Angels Exercise Secrets Revealed!

Victoria’s Secret models are gorgeous and those Angels certainly have bodies most women out there would kill for. The worst part is, some of them are mothers of at least 1 or 2 children on there, which makes watching them strut out onto the runway fit as a young woman just entering her 20s all the more painful. Those sculpted physiques, of course, do not come without a whole lot of work and despite what people may think, models have to work just as hard to keep their jobs (if not harder) as the rest of us. We may not be able to gain those Angel mile long legs, but we certainly can ensure we make our own bodies just as toned as those lovely ladies’. Here are some fitness and exercise tips from the Victoria’s Secret Angels on how they’ve been keeping toned, honed and painfully slender ahead of each Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Victoria's Secret Angels Exercise Secrets Revealed!

Erin Heatherton Exercise Routine: Ballet Beautiful

Erin Heatherton indulges in Ballet Beautiful, a form of dance that makes learning elegant moves fun while she works at mastering each technique. Considering grace has not been one of her childhood strong points, taking these types of ballet classes gives her the opportunity to keep her spirit youthful, improve posture, and inspire a wide array of movements she never thought she was capable of pulling off. With that body of hers though, we can easily imagine her working her core to the max!

Victoria's Secret Angels Exercise Routines: Erin Heatherton

Doutzen Kroes Exercise Routine: Healthy Mixes

Doutzen Kroes knows what she’s doing when it comes to heavy exercise and her impeccably toned body attests to her not leaving a single muscle without proper honing. Those strong long legs of hers alongside that smooth little 2-pack are enough to prove that she not only runs outside (preferring along the Hudson River in NYC), but also does a lot of boxing, jump rope training, tough workouts and a large amount of cardio. According to her, they not only make her look good, these exercises ensure she feels really good too.

Victoria's Secret Angels Exercise Routines: Doutzen Kroes

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Candice Swanepoel Exercise Routine: Year-Round Exercise

Candice Swanepoel is lovely to behold, a true Angel in more ways than one. For her, it seems that she doesn’t let a single day go by where she doesn’t work on keeping her gorgeous body fit, with just enough muscle formed to look sumptuous without adding too much girth to the image presented. Since she loves to feel really strong and really needs to keep up the strength in her legs, the focus goes there, as well as on her bum that looks best when toned Angel style.

Victoria's Secret Angels Exercise Routines: Candice Swanepoel

Lindsay Ellingson Exercise Routine: Mary Helen

For Lindsay Ellingson, both Ballet Beautiful and working with Mary Helen are amazing at ensuring her exercise routine is just right for the amount she eats. She’s by far one of the most slender women working for Victoria’s Secret and you can bet that her focus is on looking her best in lingerie. This means tight glutes and strong core, problem areas that Mary Helen helps the model focus on throughout the year.

Victoria's Secret Angels Exercise Routines: Lindsay Ellingson

Josephine Skriver Exercise Routine: Boxing and Spinning

Talking about slender, Josephine Skriver looks like she could use a bit more meat on that body but her exercise routine seems to be nothing too special. Combining boxing, spinning and running is an easy feat for the model that has always seen exercise as a part of her identity more so than it being a heavy weight placed on her due to her career. Since she should be looking amazing all year round, Skriver ensures that she pushes a little harder before a show but keeps up the pace throughout the rest of the year.

Victoria's Secret Angels Exercise Routines: Josephine Skriver

Alessandra Ambrosio Exercise Routine: Brazil Butt Lift

Perhaps one of the most envied of the Angels, Alessandra Ambrosio may be one of the older models but she’s definitely also one of the hottest. The worst part, she’s also a mother while keeping up that amazing body. With Pilates and yoga part of her daily routine, an intense 10-day session of Brazil Butt Lift classes really takes a toll on her body, despite it having amazing effects. She’s in better shape now than she was 10 years ago but the years and motherhood must have affected her spine for she gets back pains from time to time.

Victoria's Secret Angels Exercise Routines: Alessandra Ambrosio

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Karlie Kloss Exercise Routine: Always on the Move

Extremely slender Karlie Kloss is a supermodel that’s coveted by many. She is an Angel at heart though and we love seeing her showing off Victoria’s Secret lingerie in magazines and live during shows. For her, she’s always on the move, thanking childhood classical ballet classes for her current grace, flexibility and ability to dance, while also spending her time running, swimming and cycling from place to place.

Victoria's Secret Angels Exercise Routines: Karlie Kloss

Behati Prinsloo Exercise Routine: Pilates

If you want to see extremely long, slender, toned and honed legs on the runway, look for Behati Prinsloo and her extremely thin exotic look. Swimming and Pilates are her go-to exercise methods that she simply loves while a special trainer makes sure to kick some butt whenever the model finds it necessary. Keeping busy is part of her personality so Prinsloo opts for a more active lifestyle practicing her swimming techniques while also ensuring every muscle in her body gets the exercise it needs with her Pilates.

Victoria's Secret Angels Exercise Routines: Behati Prinsloo

Cara Delevingne Exercise Routine: Yoga

A favourite in the fashion world, Cara Delevingne likes to use yoga to calm her nerves and shut off her brain, while she’d really love to get into the sport of boxing. The slender model is well known for her softly toned body, which may be the result of zipping through her days as quickly as possible. It may not be the best exercise, but those arms of hers most definitely get a workout as she also plays the drums. We’ll be waiting to see a whole lot more of Delevingne soon enough!

Victoria's Secret Angels Exercise Routines: Cara Delevingne

Toni Garrn Exercise Routine: Strict Regimes

Toni Garrn knows she needs to keep a close handle on things, which is why her exercise routines are strict as can be. Every day is exercise day and that just gets amped up before a show. Sugar and gluten get cut out of the diet even though the model is known for having an incredible sweet tooth. That only makes the regime harder to follow but the results pay off as needed, meaning the deprivation was certainly worth it in the end.

Victoria's Secret Angels Exercise Routines: Toni Garrn

Jasmine Tookes Exercise Routine: P90x and Squats

If Jasmine Tookes can look that good with the P90x program, so can all of us. It’s intensive without a doubt, but it’s also worth the pain and suffering when the results begin to show. Squats also ensure those legs are strong enough to conquer the runway in thin heels. She may be perpetually fit but it doesn’t hurt to ramp up the routine during the month before a show.

Victoria's Secret Angels Exercise Routines: Jasmine Tookes

Photos courtesy of Vogue, Zimbio

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