What Style Is Considered Trendy and Posh Now?

We are constantly looking for posh new trends on the runways, trying to emulate those amazing looks seen throughout the Fashion Week. We’ve seen everything from not-so-natural blondes to spray-on denims, draped scarves and graffiti covered castles throughout the season and we are ready to reveal the coolest posh fashion trends for 2015. With the hipster hitting the streets, the term “posh’ has taken on new meaning and now has wide mass appeal due to its seemingly fun new face. Lovely 20-somethings with British humour and a wealth of instinctive style have taken social media outlets like Instagram by storm and they are nothing short of raw, self-deprecating cover girls with great looks and even better fashion sense. So what is posh now and what style is considered trendy in the modern world?

What Style Is Considered Trendy and Posh Now?

“Posh is more relevant now,” says Sophie Goodwin, Tatler’s style editor. “You used to have to be super-groomed and monied. Now it’s about anti-polish.” This means that no matter what your station in life, each and every woman is given the chance to be posh these days, as well as to become an entrepreneur with a fashion business plan. We’re seeing these women bring tomboy reality to the red carpet in dashing design ” in Cara Delevingne’s case ” and boarding school styling tricks in shimmering mini dresses, parkas or knits, kilts and ornate heirloom chandelier earrings are all the rage these days. So how would we classify the trends that are “in’ right now and considered the perfect go-to posh styles?

The Tomboy Look

There’s something distinctively captivating about Cara Delevingne, a supermodel that has risen to stardom but sports nothing but her classic tomboy style when off the runway, including on the red carpet. She’s seen appearing with ultimate posh style heroine Kate Moss wearing a sweet slashed-neck suit with nothing underneath, complete with fitted pants and red-laces sneakers. Her hair is either scraped back or falling in boho waves around her gorgeous features, while her tastefully done makeup brings some femininity to the look. There’s something undeniably sexy about the look and we cannot get enough of it.

What Style Is Considered Trendy and Posh Now: Tomboy Style

Mix and Unmatch

If anyone told us that you can match a trench coat with a knit sweater and blue plaid knee length boarding schoolgirl skirt and baseball cap a few months ago, most people would have stared in shock and laughed at the thought. However, we have models in the “posh’ class really looking unmatched by mixing up mostly neutral and less vibrant colors with a startling hue, combining school, sport, casual and fun in one spectacular look. It’s such a street-meets-sleek look that we have to try it out for ourselves now! Dressing for college classes just got a whole lot easier since we don’t need to worry overmuch about staying on top of the season’s trends this way.

What Style Is Considered Trendy and Posh Now: Mix and Unmatch

Grunge Glam

Chanel’s campaign brought a rather interesting fashion trend to light, placing peroxide and grunge glam in the limelight of haute couture. Leather button down miniskirts, tweed crop jackets, fishnet stockings, heavy pearl jewelry and unkempt, side-swept hair with visible dark roots on platinum blonde hair makes for a rather peculiar but interesting ensemble, completed with the darker polish on those dainty nails. It’s a darker but certainly rather elegant look that tantalises the mind to no end.

What Style Is Considered Trendy and Posh Now: Grunge Glam Style


You need not be the center of attention at the party you attend in order to be posh these days. Instead, pastel colors, discreet dressing and classy elegance from the height of the dress’ hem to the black pumps on your feet are in, and Prada’s certainly showing off the trend. There’s something to be said about this Victorian-meets-modern day look actress Gala Gordon is sporting and we certainly will be adding these trends to our own daily wardrobe.

What Style Is Considered Trendy and Posh Now: Understated Style

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The British Look

The posh girls are in town and looking quite British with their hats and coats in neutral beiges and hair cut at blunt angles. Minimal makeup, gorgeous bangs, center parts and decidedly British attitudes are what make the trio of models look positively divine these days. Jourdan Dunn, Edie Campbell and Cara Delevingne most certainly demonstrate the power of a homegrown British look to the masses.

What Style Is Considered Trendy and Posh Now: British Style

Sporty Chic Styles

Cara Delevingne’s got the sporty chic look pinned down perfectly as she shows off what a tomboy on the runway can look like flouting the dress code. Crisp white pieces with white sporty shoes are perfectly fab, while deep center-parted hair finishes off the look. This isn’t such a tomboy look but it certainly is absolutely perfect.

What Style Is Considered Trendy and Posh Now: Sporty Chic Style

Freshest of Faces

It’s hard to imagine what so many models look like under all that makeup but it appears the latest runways are full of fresh bare faces with barely a hint of highlighter or mascara present. The biggest trend of the year stretching into the spring and summer seasons is the simple look, with freshly washed or second-day textured boho wavy hair left uncombed framing a face where the natural features are present and on display for the world to admire without a hint of a mask to hide behind.

What Style Is Considered Trendy and Posh Now: Fresh Face

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Short Blunt Chops

It may be oh so ’60s but the short blunt chops are in and we just might want to try out the futuristic pixie look. It may be totally vintage with the straight edges, perfect bangs and pretty auburn hues, but we can definitely imagine the future trends to be coming back to this particular short hairstyle when not focusing on the soft and natural long waves to bring out the fresh, beachy looks in all of us. This blunt style is either a love it or hate it design that will certainly take the fashion world by storm.

What Style Is Considered Trendy and Posh Now: Short Blunt Haircuts

Streamlined Leather

Leather’s back in fashion and we see it everywhere. The posh girls of the runways, including Clara Paget, rock the red carpet with stunning designs in streamlined leathers and minimal makeup. Hair is left naturally wavy, while little bits of chunkier accent accessories are won with the lovely looks. We love the leathers, particularly when we are wearing high collared, midi length dresses to our holiday parties.

What Style Is Considered Trendy and Posh Now: Leather

Down and Dirty

There’s something super sexy about a posh girl willing to get down and dirty and an off-duty Cressida Bonas certainly shows off her leggy beauty with knee-high rain boots, flashy layered tops and mini jean shorts. Her biggest asset is her perfect face however and leaving it bare to the world is what all the posh girls are doing these days. The natural look without makeup is trending and you should take advantage to let your skin truly breathe the fresh air as opposed to clogging up those pores with unnecessary products. Be ready to get down and dirty while letting your inner radiance glow!

What Style Is Considered Trendy and Posh Now: Down and Dirty

Photos courtesy of Simona Mar, Vogue

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