Long VS Oversized Coats: The Hottest Outerwear Trends for Winter

We all strive to look posh and cool while staying warm in the cold months, so checking out the recent fashion trends and trying to pick pieces that flatter our figures and emphasize our strong personalities is what we ” the fashionable people normally do. Outerwear plays the most crucial role in making us comfy and cozy in winter, so no matter what you wear underneath your coat should be statement-making! The new season brings long and oversized coats as the most stylish alternatives of outerwear for those, who try to be in the spotlight constantly with their great taste and it’s you to decide whether to go long or bulky to look cool this season. We want to compare both the models today to make it clear for you which style will be the ideal fit for your personality!

Long VS Oversized Coats: The Hottest Outerwear Trends for Winter

Winter 2014-2015 Long Coats

Unlike any other style, long coats instantly add that charming royal grace and elegance to the wearer’s look becoming the focal points of any look while overshadowing shoes, accessories and other details. That can be a Victorian style long coat, which speaks about your romantic and rebellious nature, a simplistic and minimalist design that puts the stress on your professional or something extra-classy and feminine that adds the right amount of elegance to your overall appearance. Whatever style of long coats you go for, you can be sure to be showing off your bold and strong character with the help of it. Some outstanding designs of long coats for fall/ winter 2014-2015 season were showcased at Lanvin, Blumarine and Ralph Lauren.

Winter 2014-2015 Trendy Long Coats

For some styling a long coat is the hardest task ever, as whatever you wear and whatever accessories you choose, they hardly get noticed, since your coat takes the center stage. Actually, long coats can be ideal substitutes for those summer maxi dresses and skirts, so if you are one of those fans of these pieces you’re quite likely to love long coats too. The most important thing is to choose the most matching footwear options for your long coats, which are advised to be high narrow boots or elegant heeled shoes. If you opt for the latter, you are free to wear any types of pants, either tailored or denim, only make sure to pick long coats that hit your mid-calf in that case.

How to Wear a Long Coat

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Winter 2014-2015 Oversized Coats

If effortless chic is your style you are sure to adore the trend of oversized coats, which became so hot a few years ago when many designers picked the iconic cocoon coat style ” wide in the middle part and narrowed on the bottom ” and decided to give their unique style approaches to it. For the new season oversized is not only the cocoon style coat, but also many other models, including coat-jackets, ones featuring the quilted fabric and the cape coat, which by the way is the protagonist of the season. Celine, Christian Dior, Stella McCartney and Akris are some of the fashion houses, which have paid tribute to the oversized coats in their cold season collections.

Winter 2014-2015 Trendy Oversized Coats

Like the long coats, the oversized options may also appear a bit capricious in terms of styling, however, there exists only one rule you need to follow for successful outcomes: pick narrow and sleek bottoms, which will create a beautiful contrast with the oversized texture of such coats, while bulky bottoms are likely to make you look big and lost in those clothes. You can choose skinny jeans accompanied with pointy-toe shoes or pencil skirts matched with boots, for instance. You can experiment with flared pants (desirably flared from the knees) only if you are wearing oversized coats reaching the hips. Wearing mini skirts with oversized coats is another great idea you can consider.

How to Wear an Oversized Coat

Whether long or oversized, everybody needs a stylish coat for the cold months. So just consider your personal likings and pick the styles in which you look and feel the best and you’ll always look impeccable!

Photos courtesy of Stylebistro, Kayture, Negin Mirsalehi

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