Precious Mascara Tricks for Flirty Lashes

Our eyes need and get a lot of loving when it comes to makeup application. It isn’t hard to do, particularly putting on mascara, which comprises of removing wand from tube, applying the gunk a few times to get the desired effect before nodding in the mirror satisfied and carrying on with the day. Yet the way we just swipe and go is missing a few things since we don’t end up with mile long Kim Kardashian lashes. Instead, we struggle to have it look pretty enough to be seen in public with. There are many tweak makeup artists do to their swipe and go technique that adds a dramatic difference to the look and gives one that lush and fluttery fringe with oh-so-flirty designs. Here are some mascara tips so you can get your own lashes to look like the professional made-up versions.

Precious Mascara Tricks for Flirty Lashes

1. Make sure you curl first: All artists speak of the same trick. When you curl your lashes before applying mascara, it is most impactful in getting you that long and gorgeous look. Gently bend the lash from the base using a curler, hold for a few seconds and then slowly walk it to the end of the lash, opening up the eyes quite nicely. If you don’t want to use a lash curler, you can always apply the mascara and push the lashes up and back while still wet. You can also apply primer before using the curler, as it will make sure the lashes don’t break and they curl more.

2. Clean the Mascara wand: If you want to avoid clumps and give your lashes a sleeker look, you might want to clean up the access mascara from the wand with a tissue. The wands are prone to grab too much of the product, meaning that unless you love the chunky lash look, you are going to be really frustrated with how the mascara looks when applied.

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3. Don’t forget to wiggle: Normally we just swipe upwards and that’s it, going from roots to ends. However, swiping it with a wiggle, particularly moreso at the base, can really have a dramatic effect on the eyes. When you get to the middle of the lash, blink. This forces the whole of the lash to be coated in the mascara. For a fuller, bolder look, start wiggling from the outer corners and move to the center of the eye. Then wiggle again and lift outward to lengthen the look, before holding the wand in a way that the tip brushes each lash individually, fanning them out. Once it has dried out, use the same technique again for a second coat to really get that professional celebrity look.

4. Use a zig, then a zag: Some artists opt to use multiple mascaras to get the perfect look, a cocktail served by makeup professionals. If you want to get the flat, full lashes, you need to apply the mascara in a zigzag motion from the root to the tip, keeping your hand diagonal as you pull outward from the outer corner of the eye. It’s flirty, lovely and a perfect Bambi look. That deer has had better lashes than all of us for years and it’s about time we beat him to it. Feline eyes find the most benefit out of this trick by having their gorgeous slant amplified. Three coats of mascara are necessary for this look to be perfect, including over the lower lashes where the tapered wand is held vertically and each lash individually coated.

5. Finish up with powder: After curling the lashes, it’s a good idea to brush them over with powder, giving it texture and a boost the way dry shampoo does for your hair. You will get a really rich lash line if you apply the mascara coats over this. You can also leave on the powder eyeshadow you applied to your lids, meaning that you don’t need any extra product. The extra shadow on the lashes acts as a volumizer with added texture for plumper, fuller lashes.

6. Don’t forget the roots: So many of us just apply the mascara to the tips but forget to get the roots, making it all look a little too weird. A fan brush comes in very handy here, as they will get the product onto the regions that the mascara wands make it hard to get to. You want a small stiff-bristled brush to get the job done, while also making sure you have covered those tiny, hard-to-see lashes that are near impossible to coat with a regular want. Use what’s left on your wand, swipe the brush over, and make sure it’s not too thick and go from there.

7. Add some shading: You can add more dimensions by using two different shades of mascara, with a deep black and chocolate brown. A more natural look has the lashes going for the darker combination of the two to just the brown at the ends. You can also use the darker shade all over the lashes and then highlight the ends with the lighter, while another clean brush is used to blend the two colors together. It creates an extra fullness to the eyes, while giving depth to the lashes themselves. You can play with colors as well, using a brown or black base and adding burgundy, forest green or purple highlights. It’s definitely an interesting Halloween look.

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8. Make it smooth: You can have defined voluminous lashes but it’s hard to get it done. Even the best artists have a difficulty with this trick. Use a clean mascara wand from an old tube cleared out of its contents to keep the voluminous look combed without clumping or making it look spidery dreadful. Apply a cot of mascara then use the clean spoolie over it to separate the lashes. Repeat until you are happy with the look, spinning the brush while combing through in order to get rid of the excess product. This actually gives us a false lash look without the application of glue and funny looking lashes that are not the perfect match with your own.

9. Use a metal lash comb: It’s actually a great way to achieve a professional look, the metal comb ensuring your lashes look thicker, longer and natural. They give the perfect natural fanned out design to it, particularly when used between coats, while the mascara is still wet. This gets rid of clumps, defining each lash perfectly.

10. Mix it up: Use two different mascara formulas, even if they are the same color. What you want to do is combine the look of volumizing mascara with that of a lengthening or thickening one. You can use the volumizer or the thickening version on the bottom lashes, adding to the natural look as we have too few strands on the lower lid. The type you use can be waterproof too as the brushes for these are great for separating the lashes. Use the lengthening mascara or one with an overcurl to add dramatic effect to the upper lashes, which you can then seal off with a waterproof version to keep it from smudging. Make the lashes in the center of the eye look longer and have the eye appear more open by adding more coats to this region and leaving the sides less attended to.

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