10 Must-Know Foundation Hacks for a Picture Perfect Face

Not all girls wear foundation but for those with a makeup artist’s love for turning the face into a canvas for fun, foundation application is an utmost necessity. It seems simple enough; add the base and build on top of it. But just like a home needs a steady foundation so it looks perfect when built up, your face requires the same attention to detail. To look flawless on top, you need a strong base to work with. Since you will need to know how to make this right, here are some foundation tips and hacks to consider when applying your makeup next.

10 Must-Know Foundation Hacks

1. Use your jawbone to test out 3 different shades: You need to find the perfect foundation shade and that can seriously become a trial. In order to be able to compare the shades easily against your skin and prevent it from being either too dark, too light, too pink or too orange, use your jawbone instead of the back of your hand. Chances are you have more of a tan on your arms, while your jawbone color is the same as the skin on the rest of the face. When you try the shades, chances are one will be nearly if not fully invisible on your skin. Go with that.

2. Two different shades are better than one: If you have a tendency to stay out in the sun, your skin might actually itself be of two different shades, darker when you are more exposed, such as when comparing the forehead to the jawbone. This means that using a single shade won’t really work as it may be too light or too dark in certain areas of the face. Instead, go for two shades that will best when worked in together.

3. Have some knowledge about your skin type: Each foundation is made to cater to a certain skin type as well as tone, meaning that guessing your way around it will probably not be your best bet. Instead, take a look at your face wash to decide the type of foundation you will need. If you use products for dry skin, go for a foundation with Shea butter that has an emollient, moisturizing base. Normal skin types can experiment with the foundations so you find the one that feels the best on your skin, while powder foundations or cream-to-powder versions are perfect for oilier skin. Aging mature faces should go for those that reduce the look of fine lines, while acne sensitive skin should have a foundation that minimizes pores and covers scars used, particularly if it’s silicon-free. If you know what your skin type is, you will have a much easier time in shopping for all the right products for your face.

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4. Know what type of brush to use: You’ll notice that to add foundation, you need a brush that will distribute the product evenly around your face. Not every area needs the same amount of coverage however and a rounded or domed foundation brush can come in very handy for filling in just enough and getting the perfect coverage around every area of your exquisite features.

5. Use a stippling technique: You should try applying the foundation in lighter, bouncing motions that give your face a less caked up look, using a brush made for stippling, particularly when using either liquids or cream versions of the product. This allows for a flawless finish, giving you a naturally photoshopped look. The brushes normally cost around $10 so it’s a good investment to make, especially since it can make a world of difference on your face.

6. Always have the brush swiping downward: Many skin care experts will tell you that you should be sweeping upward, but this is actually not always best for you skin. On the contrary, it’s best to keep your brushstrokes going downwards. This will prevent the product from filling into your pores and having them stand out. You will also make that peach fuzz more visible. Downward strokes give a smoother finish overall.

7. Start from the middle of the face: The most amount of redness you will find in your T-zone, meaning that’s where the coverage should be in highest concentration. Go for the nose, the center of your forehead, the apples of your cheeks and your chin, covering the 5 vital areas of the face that need it most.

8. Keep the powder only to the T-zone: Caked faces are a nightmare unto themselves, with you feeling like you have added a mask to your skin as opposed to amplifying your natural contours and colors. You want your face to look like there’s nothing on there insteaf. Powder is great in achieving the matte look but some of us have a tendency to add too much and that becomes overkill. Powder just along your T-zone instead, meaning you get all the oiliest spots without making your face look too done up. This also prevents the foundation from running, giving it space to breathe.

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9. Change your foundation with the seasons: There are three basic forms to foundations and these include liquids, creams and powders. Those with normal skin have the best choice out of them, as they need not account for oily or dry problems. Cream foundations can be used in the winter to prevent dryness, while powders should be used in the summer to get rid of that sheen of sweat. Either way, you will get your flawlessly natural look.

10. Remember that liquid foundation is actually 4-in-1: You might forget that a single foundation can work like multiple products, but you really shouldn’t as that means you have fewer products to buy overall. It can be used to make a tinted moisturizer by mixing 1 part foundation with 1-2 parts of you perfect moisturizer and using it to add a darker sheen to your face and neck. The gunk accumulating at the edge of your foundation bottle is actually struck gold as you can use it as your own customized concealer for free! A light, iridescent shade of eyeshadow added to liquid foundation makes for the perfect free highlighter that matches your skin tone perfectly. You can also make all the colors you use on your face pop, including your lipstick, by blotting out your natural pigments with the foundation, setting with translucent powder and adding those colourful features to your lips and eyelids for an extra oomph that lasts so much longer.

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