Sixties Twiggy Lashes Are Trendy In Spring 2015 Too

We have the ’70s trends coming in for the spring season of 2015, so it’s only fitting to also see some trends from the ’60s make their way to the forefront. We’ve been eyeing the runways with keen eyes and it’s not just the clothing and hair we’ve been looking for. How we paint our faces is just as important and just as much reason to watch every fashion show depicting the styles of the upcoming year. If you wanted to see doe-eyes beauty, you’ll be happy to know that the twiggy lashes of those ’60s hippies are running the show and boy do they look delightful. Where they were much more pronounced during the fall/winter season, they will be taking a more modern route without giving up on the sultry bold look entirely come warmer weathers. You might want to get your mascara ready because while the rest of the face is kept with minimal makeup, the lashes will surely be the highlighting factors, providing the right amount of contrast against pale skin.

Sixties Twiggy Lashes Are Trendy In Spring 2015 Too

For spring 2015, the lashes are bold, dramatic and positively luxurious in every shape and form, while taking on doll-like qualities. Not only do we have super lashes to work with, but also something that adds to the extreme look, a surprise to make the popping eyes perfectly irresistible. And we are more than happy to find the look of sixties Twiggy-inspired makeup among the best spring/ summer 2015 makeup trends!

Dotted Doll Lashes

The doll-like lashes look amazing in their bold statements but there’s a strange little twist to the image. Spring fashions have a slightly dark undertone and the eye makeup mirrors that sentiment by turning something pretty into more of a mystique. To achieve the style, paint the lids with really light hues of pink and blue before adding endless layers of mascara as you pinch the lashes at the ends to create star-like looks. As the spring 2015 show of Rochas taught us, two black dots now should be drawn under the lower lashes, at the ender of the lower lid, applied with an eye shadow brush with pigment. Brows should be brushed and filled in while lips should be blotted out and slightly stained with a hint of pink in the middle. It’s certainly not your typical style but you may be able to pull it off at a party or two! Probably not how you would be walking down the streets though. It may be a little too risqué.

Spring 2015 Sixties Twiggy Makeup Trend: Rochas

Chunky Black Mascara

This look brings out the eyes fully and concentrates on warming up those already seductive orbs of yours. You can be as unstructured and undone as you like in terms of hair and clothing, while your face will be sheer perfection without appearing too doll-like. Chunky black mascara is what you need and multiple applications until it looks quite lovely on the eyes, DSquared2 suggest us. The lids should be adorned with a copper base and a taupe gloss finish. Both top and bottom layers of lashes may need more coats once dry. 20 layers should be good enough. The cheekbones should be highlighted. Skip the contouring. Instead really show off your assets by adding light instead of shadows. Your lips should be given a natural hint of color, readying you for the loveliness of spring that is emulated in your style.

Spring 2015 Sixties Twiggy Makeup Trend: DSquared2

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Sultry Summer Lashes

With summery boho waves in seasonal style, sultry long lashes are what you’re aiming for once the weathers heat up and you think of hitting the outdoors. Lush lashes make for an expensive but elegant look, chic and gorgeous simultaneously. To achieve Emilio Pucci‘s look, start from the lower lashes, use black mascara and work your way from the inner to outer corners of the eye before running a waterline with a soft black pencil over it. Use brown on the upper lid crease to make a line before filling out the rest of the lid with taupe colored eye-gloss. Run the mascara over the upper lashes as well before curling and adding to the clumpy mascara look. Coral lipstick will look great with this summer style and bound to have you be the talk of the town the moment you step out your door. It’s got the goddess look about it and none would dare say otherwise.

Spring 2015 Sixties Twiggy Makeup Trend: Emilio Pucci

Beachy Chic

The ’60s beachy chic look is rather gorgeous in all facets, particularly as the California coast look brings many memories to mind. If you weren’t around during those days, you may have seen movies or old pictures that show off the sultry sweet Twiggy makeup. The graphic white liner is a great backdrop for the thick black lashes that fan out and bring out the incredible depth of one’s eyes. Both the top and bottom lids should be lined with creamy white gel shadow that are flicked out at the end for a white cat-eye ’60s feel overall look. If your natural lashes aren’t long and thick enough, add faux versions and let the rest of your face go bare, with just a tint of fresh pink lipstick to add to the overall appeal.

Spring 2015 Sixties Twiggy Makeup Trend: Nanette Lepore

Lush Lashes

The really long, super-duper doll lashes are in and have the ability to transform a simple beauty into an amazingly captivating figure. The best part is that you can use it during the day or night, as it is a style that is as perfectly versatile as it is amazingly gorgeous. Bronze eyeshadow and glossy pink lips are all you need to complement this thicker than thick coat of mascara. This Paul & Joe‘s look rather reminds us of the old days when we were young and had to be taught that mascara shouldn’t go on in so many layers. Now, we actually do want them to clump up a bit and we’re thinking lash brushes will come in handy.

Spring 2015 Sixties Twiggy Makeup Trend: Paul & Joe

’50s Lashes in Exaggeration

Remember the ’90s when it was cool to put on bright colors on your lids and it made you feel so much more fashionable as a teenager? Now it’s actually in style thanks to the show of Emanuel Ungaro and it’s emulating the exaggerated ’50s look with a bold new skin on bold and long lashes. Powdery aquas are your best bet, brushing up to your brow bone, while orange lips and really thick lashes scream your beauty loud and clear. This looks great on special occasions, particularly with either matching or contrasting colors. For example, a little black dress will look super with eyes pupping in ocean blue shadows. If you’re going for everyday use, however, go for wither the eyes or the lip color and both together would be too much.

Spring 2015 Sixties Twiggy Makeup Trend: Emanuel Ungaro

We also adore the cut-crease sixties makeup look of Orla Kiely and the pastel lilac colored lids spotted at Julien David, and in general there is nothing about the Twiggy makeup trend not to love this spring!

Photos courtesy of Stylebistro

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